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  1. I actually think KSP launched while in alpha since they were still adding features (in a half-way manner) even for 1.00, doesn't really change much, in both cases is pretty clear release was as rushed as a EA or Activision game
  2. Ohohohoho i won't be so sure. As much as the FAQ claims it has speeded up the process and we have be always at war with Eurasia, i find it pretty clear the real decision to force the U5 upgrade into 1.0.3 (which was original supose to be bug and memory leaks fixing) and the delays on it is because of this in the first place.
  3. Just like Squad will never do an april fool joke in march?
  4. Ok i will explain a little detail to you and hopefully to Kasper, since you both seem to have a colored high horse so up your read end you can't see it Now, what day it is? PROTIP: Is not April 1 april fool jokes are on APRIL 1, NOT TWO WEEKS EARLY, MESS UP AND THEN TRYING TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL ABOUT BEING A "EARLY" "APRIL" "FOOL" "JOKE" You dumbass
  5. Probably because people with critical thinking abilities know april fools jokes are suppose to happen april 1 Not March 20 Maybe you should be telling Squad about critical thinking, because they cleary have no idea what it means
  6. But i AM requiered to pay to get mods from the official forums because the threads are older that three months And not actually a cheap price, actually having to pay a similar price as KSP without disccount Youtubes get money from youtube mods can put donation buttons in their threads And i rather pay EA that people like you, at least they actually make games
  7. Exactly, i don't know why he loves and pushes it so much, hell even the organization is a mess, i don't know how people can use so much. It doesn't help the voting system can easily be used for mobs to censor criticism they don't like, unless you are some kind of "Elite" user and the community takes everything you say as a Holy word Wait, what do you mean you aren't talking about reddit?
  8. Is also in the official Facebook, but so far as i know, nada on the forums
  9. Can you point me where is Squad asking this: Or is the Daily kerbal not intended for the forum users either?
  10. I am not misrepresenting anything, i am talking from experience. I know people have been asking for better tutorials for years, even before career and it was like the input entered right through Max ear and left Maps other ear. But we are talking about a Producer who thinks Girlbals are more important that finishing IVAs Then Reddit ask for the same thing AND BAM PRIORITY. One thing is doing AMAs, other is asking for input that impacts the game in reddit only and acting like is a small deal when the fallout hits you. Actions speak louder than words, if you don't want the forums to believe that then better start working.
  11. So short version: If you want your input to be read/listen, post it in Reddit.
  12. What other interpretation? They literally said "we asked reddit, and this is what the community decided" Newflash, reddit is not the whole KSP community. Squad also has done surveys here in the past about the community and merchandising. So its not reddit's voting system either. The whole point of the forums AND devnotes should be the fanbase having a "archive" where they can see and read the ingame info. NOT having to go around fishing in multiple sites like Squad is playing favorites or trying to hide something.
  13. Read the devnotes, Squad left it very clear: You are not a redditor then you are not part of the comunity.
  14. With Harv edit about using the old stock planes designed for the old broken aerodynamics as a "control", i fear the changes are going to be fairly minimal and stupid designs like a cube will still be able to fly as good (or even better) that aerodynamic planes And what do you have against the V-173?
  15. While the old parts have a nostalgic charm, i am not sure if the will be up to the today expected quality from the game, but opinions i do think Squad picked the worst way to make the whole progression in general, upgrading buildings is totally unattached to the techtree, and upgrading individuality while it helps "customize the experience" it can create situations when you have a Tier3 next to a Tier 1 building with all the aestetic class it comes with. I think a better solution would be Tier 1->small part of the techtree with T1 parts->T2->it upgrades the whole KSC and T1 parts to T2->T2 tree->T3 upgrade for KSC/Parts->Final part of the techtree, but again, opinions also my "favorite" parts of the new buildings is Tier 2, particulary the tracking station (which has absolute NOTHING to do with the other parts of the tier and is a Tier 3 touched up "in building") and the mindblowing number of doors per building (do they really need up to 6 doors per side?)
  16. The execution problems don't stop just at how the assets were all over the place the rocket/plane parts also crash with the aestetic, is one thing having "primitive" rockets like goddard style and biplanes build in a farm, but the KSP part are Saturn V like, that isn't just stuff from a farm
  17. Nobody said red colored farms were invented by americans, just like the apple pie or the statue of liberty, all of them came from Europe but are now associated with America thanks to pop culture. And for your other post, yes, there are more countries with space programs, some of them do more than NASA does this days, but guess what, if you open KSP you will notice how heavily based is in NASA, not ESA, not CNSA, not CCCP/ROSCOSMOS, not JAXA. So apply yourself.
  18. I am not even going to repeat what others said about the quality of the models and textures. Weren't your guys claiming Kerbals were pretty good at engineering and building instead of being ORKZ WITHOUT WAAAAGH? Because i see this buildings and other than the bad quality of it, they just scream Ork/ghetto. They don't fit the game (ok i will give you the trailer park), IF the player started with old begining of the century rockets then yes, a barn/old factory would work fine, but we dont, as we can see with your techtree which has the player start with 60s level technology for rockets IS NOT EVEN A CLASSIC RED AMERICAN BARN WITH A TOWER SILO, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
  19. Is not that black and white. Some people are fine with better steering but not engines being more efficient because the kerbal has a medal for example. I will be honest, the core of the idea is decent, how your guys were planning in implement it wasn't Personally, instead of taking everything to Kerbonauts, why not dividing it between three kerbal groups? The K-Suits, who get experience as you finish contracts and get contract related (extra pay, more time to complete, bigger margen of error,etc) bonus The Engineers, who get experience for assembling and recovering the rocket, and obviously get the bonus to part efficiency (as opposed to your idea of Jeb hitting the pedal harder makes the rocket going magically faster) And the Kerbonauts themselves, who get bonus to other stuff like extra science per sample, less electricity cost/extra bonus for sending data, able to repair more types of parts (i can partially undertand addint steering here) And to expand it even more, contracts where companies ask you for your top K-Suit, engis or Kerbonauts for rewards, do you accept the B9 Aerospace request of your Engi team A? Or you decline in favor of that extra puff they give for your Mun mission? This solves the whole logic problem and expands that the KSP is more than just Jeb, Bob and Bill Arcade, the word is arcade, not "game", simulators are still games.
  20. Honestly, it sounds like is part of the "kerbals are able to fly your ships" but Squad for some reason only gods know why, decided to add the bonus first and then they will add the piloting "eventually" Is honestly the only way i can see it making some sort of sense, sort of
  21. Is funny because reworked aerodynamics is something i actually see be worth hype as much as Squad pushed for building destruction Well, more sad than funny honestly, with Rows comment is clear Squad takes priority over the game having explosions than actually fixing broken stuff Not to mention for a space game, Squad hasn't added anything pass Kerbin SoI in ages, even asteroid only cross Kerbin Soi!
  22. Honestly, it is a semi-nice feature, but is not that nice enough to put it in super-ohmygawdwhatcoulditbe-secret level, for all the pre-0.24 talk about not showing 0.24 due to fear of "overhype" and dissapointment, your guys REALLY REALLY REALLY deserve this thread, specially since the last time your guys hyped a secret feature was landing gear suspension, i mean, what is wrong with you hyping small features like that or this? Stuff looks off too, concrete burning? and the runway destruction models look specially bad, like easy "just make a model covering thr runway" bad, probably because thats what it is But i guess your guys really love that "KERBAL EXPLOSION SIMULATOR" part of the fanbase has attached to everything Also i am calling 20000000 pics of KSP recreation of 9/11 In before deleted/edited by mods
  23. Well, this Dev note seems like a improvement, you actually talk about what you are adding to the game and is long and detailed, more info in the nav ball and crew transfer are wellcome additions, hope we see more of this devnotes in the future And about the big thing, my money is in upgrading the Space Center buildings as you progress through the techtree using the administrative building
  24. Exactly my problem with them. One of the biggest problems with the planeparts is how they only fit themselves, people expected the artpass to fix the issue, but this makes you wonder if Squad knows why people were asking for the artpass in the first place. Personally, i say start from zero again with the MK3 parts, this ones are going to have the exact same problems as the old ones. I won't hold my breath on that one.