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  1. Umm. Where do you live? I wish it was tomorrow, but for most of us 'Muricans there's still two days to go.
  2. Yep! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/content/335-KSP-1-0-preview-videos - - - Updated - - - Wait, what? What do you mean by this?
  3. Can we give this whole thing a break? I mean, seriously: SQUAD: Builds game with alien creatures called Kerbals "They look kinda male. We should have some female ones." SQUAD: Adds female Kerbals "Not equal enough. Add more."
  4. It sounds like that's for extracting ore in thick atmospheres like Jool's or Eve's, and the water scanner is for oceans... but as far as I know, it's all one resource called "Ore", just different sources of it.
  5. This. We've seen from the videos that they decouple REALLY fast. It took slowing down, pausing, and CSI photo-enhancing just to see the confetti fairings. Does it really matter that much?
  6. Oh my god, I just noticed from the cinematic trailer: launchpad smoke isn't just on the launchpad, it's everywhere! This is amazing! Actual launch effects!
  7. HOLY #@%#&%%[email protected]#%& COW! LAUNCHPAD SMOKE! I don't care about any other features. This is the best thing ever. Right here!
  8. Wait. What!? This can't be true, he must have just been on vacation. Please tell me this isn't true...
  9. Can confirm, am victim of database error. AMA! Wait, wrong website. But yeah, this happened to me too...
  10. Yes yes yes. Come on guys, just one moving hinge... just one little part, it doesn't have to be fancy or anything... squad pls
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the forum titles are getting longer? Check the last two posts, there's definitely progression... ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
  12. 20:03 and they haven't put up a countdown post ENGAGE PROTESTS! SCANDAL IMMINENT
  13. He said they're working hard to make it "perfect". Sounds like it's already finished, they're just wrapping up as many bugs as they can now.
  14. Ah, you see, the Hype has negative mass. </logic>
  15. HypeTrain, of course. My current theory is that we only reach lightspeed at the exact moment of release. Then we go from lightspeed to zero speed in one second. Should be fun!
  16. So, on April Fools', was everybody an AI for a day?
  17. The 0.24 hypetrain was the first one I ever saw (since I got KSP at 0.23.5). It was glorious. Now all the others disappoint me - - - Updated - - - Most of it is probably minor stuff, but I'm sure it's a long list anyways. 1.0 is a big update. And to answer your question, I think SQUAD usually releases changelogs, but I'm unsure if they do the whole thing or just major features...
  18. This isn't a 'Murica thing. It's three days for us too
  19. Wait, so, will there be a SQUADCAST tonight?
  20. My favorite thing about the Kerbin system is that I can fly pretty planes without getting off my butt and taking the time to actually leave the Kerbin system the end
  21. There are tons of scripts. There's one called KasperVld, one called Red Iron Crown, one called Supernovy... I think there used to be one called Rowsdower?
  22. Just wanted to remind you guys that SQUAD has confirmed, there's a difficulty setting for re-entry heat... so you can turn it off if you don't want it I'm definitely giving it a shot though.
  23. I left KSP open overnight a couple of times. Several weeks later: "Have I really been playing this much!?"
  24. Man, this is amazing. But why do they have a Saturn V sitting around? You'd think they launched all of them... ?
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