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  1. Ok, sounds good. One last question, if I may. Where do I find this ROSTER node? The persistent file? (Really appreciate your help, btw).
  2. Well, I looked at the actual engines on the AN-124 and -225 along with the C-5, used a procedural tank set to the diameter values and overlaid them on the engines. So the scale does seem right after all. But for some reason, the real world counterparts actually seem better sized. The values I got when I used Proc Parts seem to be off by just about 0.1m. So all in all, yeah I think it's all good.
  3. So... in terms of functionality in RO, all is well. Engines to run on Kerosene and produce thrust, alright, and there are even upgrades available. Honestly, everything works except... the scale/size. The engines are tiny (sized for stock). Should they not resize??
  4. Great! Do I somehow have to re-hire and re-name the crew first? Or will copying over the roster node take care of all of this at once?
  5. Quick question, is it somehow possible to port or copy/paste the roster history in a 1.6.1 career save to a 1.8.1 career save? If so, how? Much appreciated! CM
  6. Well, it does in fact work! That they're not integrated with RP-1 doesn't bother me so much. Regarding that patch that removes (soft remove) the engines configured by AJE, where... are they?
  7. Hello, Since AJE works in RO/RP-1, is this one good to go for this as well? Thanks, CM
  8. Sweet! Thank you all for your work! Question: when a new version comes out like this, is it better to update via CKAN or manually, or does it not really matter? Thanks, CM
  9. I'm actually sort of struggling with proper installation of this mod. Though I've installed hundreds of mods over the years, I'm not completely sure what the folder structure for this one should be. I'd appreciate some help in clarifying what goes where (think the issue is with the following instructions: Craft files go into your saves/xxxx/Ships/VAB Subassemblies go into your saves/xxxx/Subassemblies folder. ) . Thanks.
  10. Hope you're doing well. But... was that previous comment for real? Just wondering if there's a compatible version of this mod for 1.8.1. Best regards, and thanks. CM
  11. Ok, this is odd cause I looked again and again through those nodes and could not find anything... I must have done something wrong in the install, but I really don't know what. Here's the link to my logs, if this helps at all: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fkrbiavx1c3g8u0/AABvgUGRlOCNWEzt5vZUNJ_4a?dl=0
  12. Thanks for the work on the new release and the hard work. I've been experienced an annoying issue, though (not sure if it's RO related, but I think it is). Fuel value in tanks upon craft loading in the VAB do not hold their values. E.g.: if a tank has a starting value of 86% use and I move it up to 97% (so full capacity depending on tank type), loading the craft file back again will cause it to go back to its default value of 86%. Similarly, if I drop a tank's value down from 86 to 50%, again, it will default back to its 86% value. Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fkrbiavx1c3g8u0/AABvgUG
  13. Ah ok. So does that have anything to do with my not seeing any of the later launch pads at all?? Would you need any logs to help? Thanks, CM
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