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  1. K, that top one is ridiculous! That actually looks like desktop background downloadable goodness!
  2. Quick question: the AARS Fuel Port Type A/B, for those to function properly, do they have to be attached at the very surface (i.e.: where they attach when you initially install them) or will they work if you recess them, up to a certain point? Cool mod! Glad I found it! Cheers, CM
  3. Which mod am I supposed to use for KSP 1.2.2 with FAR installed?
  4. Ah, that's great! I do have TS and that was the first thing I went for, resizing the dish, but... the option to do it wasnt there... I dont know if it should be or not...
  5. I was just wondering, with respect to the circular radar dome for the Boeing E-3 Sentry, would it be possible to get one of a smaller size for something like an E2-Hawkeye? I was going to build one for my naval fleet, but the radar dome is just way to huge...
  6. Does it tweak AJE engine effects? Or does AJE even tweak engine exhaust effects at all?
  7. I see. Thanks for the info. Might be worthwhile to check. I've noticed that their flame effects also have nice reflections on crafts and seem to execute the dynamic ambient lighting stuff well. I dont know for a fact if they actually do, but I have noticed that they seem to. Might have to go back and do some testing to see. Anyways, I love this mod and I just thought it would be that much nicer with tweaked reheat flames. Cheers!
  8. How long were you letting it load for? Have you many others mods as well?? Are you using the full KSS pack? You should expect fairly long loading times, 10mins or so, give or take a few.
  9. Just got a question (this is really more out of curiosity than anything else), but would it be possible to: 1- have the flames of the afterburner resemble more like those of the missiles from BDArmory, they just seem much more accurate of how afterburners should look (but then again, I have no idea how these things are modeled in KSP/Unity)? 2- have the afterburner flames not be so visible in daylight and more so at night? Cheers,
  10. So, if I get this right, Remote Tech is the mod that dictates the rules to JX about power and range and all, when the two are mingled together, correct? And then something like OPM will boost RT which dictates the rules to JX.
  11. Garage components resizing, for example, would be great. Hab stuff, not so much, and I completely understand the rational. And you're right, Tweakscale does not (unfortunately) give you the choice of which dimension you want to resize.
  12. The plot thickens!
  13. Well, larger, yes. More space inside. Smaller?? Depends on the parts, imo.
  14. Quick question, why are none of the K&K items compatible with Tweakscale? Just curious...
  15. @Beale and whoever else thinks they have an answer Sooo... I'm in a bit of a pickle, Beale, and its all your fault! I apparently seem to have a fixation on using your parts to build... well... pretty damn much everything I do, apparently. So here's my situation: up to this point, I was on KSP 1.1.2 and now I'm upgrading (finally) to 1.2.2. So I downloaded the older and still compatible Tantares file ''Tantares Release 37.1'' and all is well, save the fact that I think you removed a few items from it at some point (Crater.Control, Fomalhaut.Science.A, Auva.LFO.A, Libra.LFO.B, ...)?? Anyways, that broke a few things, but nothing to scoff about. The issue is this, I was hoping to transition fully to the newest release of Tantares so that I can continue to stay up to date with KSP versions and due away with the old Tantares verion (even though it's still compatible) but as it turns out, that killed 79 of the 81 active flights I had and about 92% of all my builds were unavaible in the VAB/SPH. So, apparently, I use your stuff... like a lot... My concern is that unless I transition to the newest Tantares version, the ''Tantares Release 37.1'' I'm currently on in KSP 1.2.2 won't be compatible with subsequent KSP versions for too long and I'll be stuck or screwed. Besides rebuilding/hyper-editing everything back (which would be a pain to say the least), is there any way around this?? Cheers!