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  1. Ok, this is odd cause I looked again and again through those nodes and could not find anything... I must have done something wrong in the install, but I really don't know what. Here's the link to my logs, if this helps at all:
  2. Thanks for the work on the new release and the hard work. I've been experienced an annoying issue, though (not sure if it's RO related, but I think it is). Fuel value in tanks upon craft loading in the VAB do not hold their values. E.g.: if a tank has a starting value of 86% use and I move it up to 97% (so full capacity depending on tank type), loading the craft file back again will cause it to go back to its default value of 86%. Similarly, if I drop a tank's value down from 86 to 50%, again, it will default back to its 86% value. Logs: KSP 1.6.1, RP-1... Thanks,
  3. Ah ok. So does that have anything to do with my not seeing any of the later launch pads at all?? Would you need any logs to help? Thanks, CM
  4. Hey, I think I've done something wrong in the installation (and I suspect it may have to do with this). I can't seem to find any of the Saturn towers anywhere... I'm not sure I understand what is meant by these two installation steps. KSP 1.6.1, RP-1 and all that.
  5. I seem to be getting quite a lot stutter in the VAB and it seems to be a PP issue from what I can ascertain. My crafts can have quite a lot of components made from PP as I like to model external pluming and the like for aesthetics. I'm not sure if the level of stuttering I'm getting is normal or if anything can be done. KSP 1.6.1 If needed, can supply logs and MM configs. Thanks,
  6. I'm assuming this DRE is to go with RF v. 12.8.1?
  7. Ok, well this is good to know! I'm on KSP 1.6.1, I'll download and use KJRN and will do my best to provide logs, feedback and whatever to help fix this (if anything needs fixing... ). Thanks,
  8. Cool. Good to know! What version of KJR Next to use (just to be sure)? I'm assuming v.4.0.15? Also, what's the difference between '''' and ''''?
  9. Thanks so much for this! Yeah... the thing about KJR Next is... I play RP-1 and apparently it doesn't play nice with RO (at the very least it is not supported)?
  10. I'm struggling to determine which KJR I should use for my RP-1 game (the IR thread led me to this version of KJR). Should I be using KJR - Next or KJR Continued?
  11. Cool to see you working on this! That having been said, what version then should I be using for KSP v. 1.6.1? Although, from what I can read on the post, the latest version seems to be good for 1.6.1 and later?? Also, regarding KJR, which should I use (playing RP-1 if this helps at all...) KJR - Next or KJR Continued?
  12. Good day, quick question regarding what version is best to use with KSP 1.6.1. I've currently got v.1.1.2 (Construction) and it seems to be working fine, but wondering if I should bump up to the latest one or will there be any compatibility issues? (RP-1).