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  1. Oh how early I would've lost my summer job upgrading high security rigs if I'd been serious
  2. I know this isn't a "requirement" report but if you need a data point, my 2016 Razer Blade runs SVE High Res along with Planet/Windowshine, Distant Object on Full graphics settings around 60 fps. I also run half of the roverdude suite and KW, MRS, SXT, SpaceY and Procedurals. The Blade's pretty sweet if you can put up with the daily bluescreens and 3.5 hour battery life....
  3. more of an oxymoron but that's neither here nor there
  4. Thank god... I'd forgotten how... Kerbal... the stock rigidity is
  5. I also think (as a former CKAN user) that it's played at least a moderate roll in exposing the layman to some of the more interesting niche mods and combinations (RO, SETI, ETT, etc.) Not that large userbase is the be all and end all for modders but I think that it's had a roll in enriching the community in a certain way, even if some may not want to admit it. Although I don't mod myself or use CKAN anymore so what do I know?
  6. Sure and I don't fault you for that you've done so much for the community. I just saying that functionally it's the same whether it's for past work or future work or whatever. I paid $23 to Squad for KSP however many years ago expecting updates, even if I was technically paying them for past work. It's probably a moot discussion and a whole other can of worms...
  7. While I generally agree with you (not that my opinion REALLY matters, i don't mod), I think the dynamic does change a little bit when people start accepting patreon/paypal/bitcoin from the community. No problem with that, especially as they've continued to be optional. However that does mean that a modder is at least somewhat beholden to their donors (everyone's favorite phrase these days). People are going to say no it doesn't because they're still offered for free and it keeps the mod going for future users etc etc etc. I get all that. Just a thought
  8. @taniwha EL is still listed as compatible on CKAN. Definitely an issue on that end (as it always is), but just wanted to let you know