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  1. @hikoriyami Hello it appears that when I loaded up my KSP my first communication satellite started orbiting Alpha Centauri A then The Bary Center then orbiting Elcano causing its apoapsis to become 332k and periapsis 6k. This has been happening with other mods and it appears to be the same bug with other Planet packs that reparent Kerbin So it might just be Kopernicus. But just want to fill you in about this
  2. Yeah like 3 main ones but just like 2 or 3 random ones probably would be good and because I use this for everything Edit: I also believe that Copernicus has the same description as Newton
  3. Hey I would like to know if you could add remote tech ground stations all around Elcano instead of just the KSC being the only ground station (If theres a mod other then Kerbol Origins that does that let me know) because I think that would be better and more realistic (In a race that has conquered rockets basically) then just one ground station.
  4. Tbh im not playing KSP Kopernicus until this is sorted out so no KSP 5 me
  5. Yeah and it happend a couple times so I have to use the tweakscale with KSPI so it never happens because that one seems to be less glitchy then the normal one, and is Kopernicus updated?
  6. That was the worst glitch I figured it out though but then again the glitch with tweakscale is pretty bad aswell (Parachutes cant slow down crafts) and also all the tweakscale parts get untweaked and you have to reinstall KSP to fix it and remove tweakscale and still do this day I dont understand that glitch
  7. Fourth here, and also I recommend when its updated Kill Ashleys Kerbol Plus remake I think it would do excellently in the KSP NH Modded series (Especially since ya know it will PROBABLY have atleast a 76% chance of working with NH since Kerbol Plus Remake is MADE by Kill Ashley but ya know :P) And also I would really like to see someone play this. A lot of people I have seen haven't been out to even to the next planet from Sonnah yet I have only seen someone go to Ernus
  8. Man I'm gonna have a couple of star/planet packs now including this one with a couple others Edit: after launching KSP with the mods it appears that all the planets from Kerbol Origins have only completely white textures including the rings of Sarvin.
  9. Awww I hope it still has an atmosphere like in 1.0.5 because I always thought It was kinda cool to have a moon near by which you can land on via parachutes :l
  10. Yess! I cant wait for NH to be 1.1 I have been waiting for ever to go back to Serran cause it was always so cool and kind of easy but hard to get too, I might make a base on Serran one day even