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  1. Wasn't there another mod like this that had a cheat function that let you refill tanks and stuff? Does anyone remember what that mod was, or was that this mod?
  2. It's definitely broken. I followed @hab136's instructions to a T, but it continues to insist that the fuel line path is obstructed. What makes me certain that it's not working properly is that it draws a red line to show where the problem is, and I can connect those points like there's no problem. I'm an ugly idiot. I just had to keep tweaking the design. Sorry for the needless bump.
  3. Sorry to bug you, but I feel as though I''m not understanding this. I followed the instructions in the OP, but no gamedata folder is generated at the end. What's further confusing is that in your July 14th post, you don't mention the gamedata folder either. I guess my question is, what am I supposed to do after I generate a galaxy? Look at a pretty text file and html file?
  4. Every single image file in kerbalism is refusing to load, so every place related to the mod where an image should be is blank. Is anyone else having this issue?
  5. Oh, my bad! I should post this in that thread instead. I'm running the latest version of the game and mod.
  6. Every single image file in kerbalism is refusing to load, so every place related to the mod where an image should be is blank. Is anyone else having this issue?
  7. Please don't go too hard on me if I shouldn't be posting here anymore, I figured that the reason I was ignored in the main OP was because I didn't post in this thread, which is the one that the OP mentions as the other place to post bug reports. I hope this isn't considered necroing in this case. Posting my original comment below. --------------------- I'm having a very frustrating issue where, even though I've opened every hatch and even have unused docking ports, my kerbals cannot move through the station freely at all. I've included a screenshot so that you can see for yourself.
  8. EDIT: Didn't spot the link to the development thread in the OP until now. My apologies.
  9. Anyone have a copy of the previous version of the mod? CKAN updated a bunch of my mods and now it crashes during initial loading. I'm trying to downgrade those mods so that I can play again.
  10. So, good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I know what's causing the crashes. The bad news is, if I'm right, my save file is corrupt. I tried loading my sandbox save and it worked perfectly without any mods removed yet. Assuming that this is the cause of the issue, is there anything to be done? I do have a ton of named quicksaves. EDIT: Solved it. I loaded into my sandbox save and then loaded my newest quicksave in my normal game. It worked. I wonder how the save got corrupted though? EDIT 2: So the problem is actually not entirely fixed, unfortunately.
  11. Forcing dx11 was one of my attempts to make it stop crashing, so that isn't it, though I'll still remove it. I'll try your other suggestions.
  12. I'm sorry for being annoying. I was under the impression that the output log was put in the crash log folder, which didn't generate. I didn't think it would be in a random folder called KSP_x64_Data. http://www.mediafire.com/file/tq2wqice3aeibv2/output_log.7z
  13. I was playing the game just fine when, after I left the VAB, it suddenly started endlessly loading. After a while, I force quit the game and reopened it. I first noticed something was wrong when it loaded the game seemingly before the loading bar was even done, stopping at roughly 80% or so after loading the mobile processing lab. It still got into the main menu just fine, but then then once I loaded my save, it crashed the instant it loaded the space center. The most frustrating part out of all of this is that it's not generating a crash log folder. All I can do is give you all my mod list, w
  14. This was asked before a year ago but never answered, so I figure I might try my luck and ask too. Would you consider adding Kerbalism support? Being able to monitor radiation and life support statistics would be amazing.
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