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  1. I accepted a rescue mission for a kerbal in orbit of Minmus and I'm getting penalties for him being out of snacks whilst on my way there. Is there a way to have the pod that they are in to spawn with snacks? Also I added his name to the does not consume snacks list and still lost rep and funds, maybe I did this wrong?
  2. Ogre1983

    Electrocutor's Thread

    @Electrocutor you also had the patch for dX11 here which I am still using so the thumbnails show in the VAB, is this no longer needed? Also the config you have posted is not the stock one I was using, are you still working on a re-do of it because I remember it being on pass 0. Thanks
  3. I had the same strange sun problem but it was only when I was at a craft that contained parts from station expansion redux which hasn't been updated to 1.4.2 yet so I figured I'd wait it out. Also TRR has not been updated but I found a post in the forum for TRR where someone found the updated shaders needed for 1.4 for windows and I downloaded that and installed it but the problem that fixed was the pink kerbal visor on eva. Another thing is I force direct X 11 by creating a desktop shortcut to KSP_64 then you right click the shortcut and add a space then -force-d3d11 at the end of the target line. This also creates a shader problem in 1.4 which is fixed by installing textures unlimited by shadowmage and a patch called directX 11/12 fixes from electrocutor's thread.
  4. Ogre1983

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    haha sorry, when I wrote that I was still learning... I thought that any mod would have to be updated any time ksp is. I know now that if it's parts it usually works fine.
  5. Absolutely amazing work, If I could only have I part pack it would be SSTU. When you save as a sub-assembly it keeps all the color and metal settings witch is awesome too. Thanks... and I thought I spent most of the game engineering before this
  6. You guys are awesome thought I'd share I was so excited to download, that while my game was re-loading I went to make a cup of coffee and hit the pour button and when I came back I found I forgot to put a cup under.... hahaha so now thats cleaned up Imma go color my spaceship.
  7. @Jimbodiah how do you load in presets? I have been messing with the sliders and can't seem to get a metal look or textures. Thanks
  8. Makes me think of the Dropship from Aliens 2.... Awesome! Can't wait
  9. Ogre1983

    [1.6.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    Thanks for all the awesome mods the solar panels that come in MOLE are sweet, I wish I could scale them for different space stations. The fairing texture on the Hemi Cuda engine is awesome, is there any way you could release a texture pack that worked with procedural parts? The ports for connecting the KAS from the buffalo to the base plate don't work with the new beta of KAS. I figured it out finally lol, but the wiki and videos I found, I followed and was just completely lost for a minute. Also the buffalo starter kit craft file has no equipment on it and so that took me a minute to figure out too.
  10. The latest version release on Github is for Nasa Countdown
  11. I can't re-create the issue I was having, I was messing around with things. Its working fine now I really like it, I can see the numbers I need clearly without changing my view. Thanks for the fast response too
  12. Ogre1983

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    Could you update this to work with 1.3.1 please
  13. Ogre1983

    64 bit ksp wont launch

    Thanks @sal_vager I was able to launch into the game with this and there were no graphical anomalies. Previously 32 bit would launch but I would have strange things happen at KSC such as all the grass turning black. I had read somewhere that Unity needed to put out an update to fix bugs. I believe its something to do with how unity is accessing my graphics driver because Stellaris ran flawlessly out of the box.
  14. I have searched for the last few days through other forums for a solution to ksp64 wont launch but ksp32 will. Linux Mint 17.3 64bit AMD R9 280X - 15.302 Crimson driver 8GB RAM AMD 6300FX Player.log