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  1. Greetings While designing my latest craft, I was trying to work out what parachute setup will be required but I soon discovered that there seems to be a relative lack of information on this topic that can be easily found with the majority of information being vague rules of thumb for Kerbin sea level or an admonition for a simple "guess and check" approach. My hope is to find some more general purpose formula I can use to calculate the required parachute area for a given desired terminal velocity, vehicle mass and atmospheric density so that I can perform these calculations for other bo
  2. Well, in addition to some casual flying in some planes I made in 1.9, I decided to take another crack at my old Flying House project from a couple of months back. After completely redoing the engine pod system (dropping the nacelle rotation functionality and attachment system) and adding some reaction wheels when I discovered that the Thrust Vector control provides zero yaw control, I finally managed to get a flying house that doesn't flip over and explode within the first 3 seconds, then I took it for a test flight hovering above the KSC. That said, while it didn't crash instan
  3. It depends on the definition The in game folder: empty That said I regularly empty it out, keeping the ones I find interesting/useful for remembering what happened on that mission before naming them and saving them to a separate folder. (in fact I just cleaned it out as I was reading this thread) That folder currently stands at 2.88GB and 3,104 files (although at least one of those is a brief text file, I don't know if there are any others) since version 0.20.2 AviosAdku
  4. Impressive Off the top of my head, I can think of one thing although it may be stretching definitions. A couple of years back, I designed and launched my first craft to be reused several times: a 2-Kerbal Mun lander with a detachable Munar Transfer module. The idea was that the craft would take on crew and fuel in LKO before departing to the Mun (or Minmus) for a mission before returning (no aerobraking) whereupon the crew would be retrieved and taken back to Kerbin. Unfortunately, the Deep Space Utility Module as I called it was rather lacking in Dv and in the end, I had to ditch it
  5. Wow... I've been puzzling over what to say for way too long but I'll say that this story's last few chapters did not disappoint, a rollercoaster that actually made me feel … quite a few things actually. That alone puts it up with those relatively few works I consider greats and I am deeply honoured by the mention in the end notes. Since I first started visiting these forums years ago, I've tended to gravitate toward the fanfiction section (a common trend with me), yes I visit other places but here is where I come back to (event though I actually look at very few) and in particular, t
  6. Ever since I read/listened to the Randall Munroe book How To, and in particular the section that mentioned the logistics of moving a house with jet engines, I've wanted to try it. Today I did. After 3 evenings of work (last week, yesterday and today), I finally finished the house in question and fitted some jet engine pods for VTOL. This has probably got to be one of the least airworthy things I have made that wasn't some ground test platform (and as a furnished aesthetic build, something outside my typical style). Once it was finished came the testing and refining …
  7. Well, one thing that inspired me just now was going through my old screenshots (not a bad idea in and of itself) and in particular the reminders of the time I made some multi-mission craft. To briefly explain, the AEV Shadrach was a 2-crew Mun lander that, when paired by a deep space propulsion module (swiftly replaced with a standardised tanker spacecraft) would fly to the Mun and to perform the landing mission I had at the time, return to LKO where the crew would return using a simple capsule type crew shuttle. When another Mun landing mission came along, it would receive a new tanker and
  8. Well, I was giggling like a maniac just looking at it. As to my dumb creations, it's hard to tell, I tend to be pretty conservative with my designs and even when I do something stupid like firing an SRB powered super sounding rocket straight up to hit the Mun, the craft itself wasn't exactly a "dumb" contraption. That said, depending on one's definition of "impractical", perhaps some of the drag racer type designs I made once may qualify. I don't have screenshots and my memory is a bit fuzzy but some of the designs I think consisted of a bank of enormous rocket motors and a small cre
  9. A bit like @scottadges and @razark, I have a bit of a proclivity toward keeping records of everything (including screenshot documentation of all flights). My thinking is so that I can keep track of the history of the save (and remember what number in a program I am up to) but I agree that the paperwork can take on a bit of a life of its own and wind up restrictive. With a system like this, it was hard for me to just take out a craft and fly for fun and I won't even start on the formalised programs with their budgets and Roleplay factions tracking I did in my last career game. This time I'm jus
  10. This was a hard choice and not just because I don't really have an absolute favourite anything in most cases. In the end it was a choice between Scott Manley and Stratzenblitz75 (Danny2462 and Hazard-ish also making the short list) and for completely different reasons. While I am subscribed to and watch Scott Manley far more, my interest is in the space news and science videos rather than KSP. On the other hand, the reason I enjoy Stratzenblitz's videos is 100% KSP related with the mind boggling creations on display (case in point: a SSTO VTOL Submarine) and excellent cinematography. Because o
  11. Impressive As someone who doesn't use parts mods as a general rule, these robotics parts seem particularly exciting for me and the path editior, from what it sounded like would overcome one of the biggest problems I encountered with the robotics mods the one time I tried using them. As for the experiment station, I (unsuprisingly) was drawn to the impact detection feature. One idea I recall a while back was to simulate this kind of experiment (no "actual" science return, just a mission idea). Although my idea involved a series of modules around the body in question and an asteroid as
  12. I did a few things, which could be summed up for the most part as "Trial and Error" While tweaking the design and coming up with some new variants, I flew some more missions with my workhorse Ekymia spacecraft. The first mission (a rescue/tourist mission) went great, the second (a test flight using remote guidance to carry 3 tourists) didn't end so well. As it turns out, tourists don't know how to operate the staging system. I think you can guess how this ended. In other endeavours, I tried to get my new Skyfire rocket plane flying. The plane was pretty decent, its booster
  13. Now that is something impressive, being able to fit a pre-existing name into the developing old Kerba conlang and it making perfect sense (if I understood the linguistics discussion correctly, seeing that makes me realise how little I understand this field). AviosAdku
  14. Impressive. I'm not exactly sure what else to say. I just used the transfer window planner for a quick "back of the envelope" calculation: it turns out that the Dv requirements aren't that far apart for Kerbin or Duna transfers (a few hundred m/s between optimal transfers). It's refreshing to see space fiction that actually gets it right, one of the great things about working with KSP I guess AviosAdku
  15. Okay, I've caught up again. It's been a while since I followed this but the recent few weeks/month/s have really been my return to KSP (although my forum conversation skills are as stilted as ever) and to leave out the first major piece of KSP fiction I followed? I don't know if I've ever said this but this story has actually been a notable influence on my writing style. I couldn't help but notice the reflective tone to the past few chapters, quite fitting with the conversation about the slower times on the forum (which come to think of it, I have noticed myself). Also, that mention
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