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Found 16 results

  1. Im not sure why but whenever i select a parachute (only certain ones) it crashes the game. It might be something to do with one of my parachute mods like RealChute Parachute Systems but im not sure.
  2. Greetings While designing my latest craft, I was trying to work out what parachute setup will be required but I soon discovered that there seems to be a relative lack of information on this topic that can be easily found with the majority of information being vague rules of thumb for Kerbin sea level or an admonition for a simple "guess and check" approach. My hope is to find some more general purpose formula I can use to calculate the required parachute area for a given desired terminal velocity, vehicle mass and atmospheric density so that I can perform these calculations for other bodies or more exotic environments and manoeuvres (and perhaps find a way to work out the usefulness of a drogue chute in certain circumstances) without going through the laborious task of using cheats to test an as yet incomplete design, a prospect I am somewhat averse to, particularly in my career game. So far, the following forum/reddit posts and subsequent discussion have provided some information as to calculations but unfortunately they don't seem to provide any hard numbers with regard to the relationship between parachute spread in symmetry grouped radial chutes and their effectiveness. - https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/156287-boring-maths-on-parachutes-in-12/ - https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalAcademy/comments/7cfwab/parachute_calculations/ As I lack the needed understanding of the physics or the ability to figure out how to work out the game's calculations to figure out the formulae to perform the necessary calculations (Spread angle effect and parachute calculation). I thereby make this request for assistance in finding said information. I apologise if this is in the wrong forum as I felt it could fit into either gameplay questions or general discussion AviosAdku --- EDIT --- While performing some quick tests with RCS Build aid (thank you @luizsilveira for the suggestion of the mod), I can confirm that the spread angle is actually a factor for all parachutes and can affect individual parachutes as well as symmetry grouped ones. However I was unable to determine the exact effect of the spread angle which seemed to tail off with the higher symmetry levels (in testing with Mk2-R Radial Mount Parachutes, the cutoff where further angle had no effect was around 8 degrees with 6x symmetry and a 577t mass but around 6 degrees for 8x symmetry with the same mass). Thank you so far
  3. Every time I try to add a parachute to a spacecraft I have no option to deploy it or set altitude parameters, I only have the ability to change the name tag . The deploy and altitude parameter functions have always worked in the past but suddenly this seems to happen. In the recent time I have installed a few mods such as kOS, Procedural Parts and Module Manager, but because of this error I am now forced to do propulsive landings. I just wanted to know if anyone else has/had this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks!
  4. Hi! First thanks to SQUAD for continuing and the new update 1.4. But is there a way to remove parachutes from a kerbal on entering EVA? A parachute on as backpack while doing EVA in orbit or on the mun looks quite silly.
  5. Does anyone know how to work out the safe opening conditions for parachutes? I found this interesting post from @Gaarston calculating terminal velocity with chutes but can't find anything on the safe limits. Presumably the safe limit is based on a maximum force, which will come from drag, so as the Cd and Area will be fixed for a given parachute type it'll be directly proportional to Dynamic pressure, Q. However I can't find any info on it. Using kOS to track Q of a fairly speedy capsule (3 mk1 capsules and a Stayputnik) as it re-entered, I found the Q peaked at about 36kPa when I stopped getting flame effects, it then dropped to about 14kPa, with the radial chutes turning white at around 18kPa, then Q started to rise again with the chutes turning orange at 31kPA and red at 35kPa. I've not entirely got my head around Q having 2 peaks though, I was expecting it to build to a peak and then drop off as it's directly proportional to drag, I guess there's some mach effects there increasing the effective area. The info on the radial chutes in the VAB says they have a tolerance of 4000kPa, which presumably isn't dynamic pressure as that would equate to about 2500m/s at sea level. I'm not even sure that could be a maximum dynamic pressure they can withstand when stowed as they'd presumably overheat and explode well before that. I did find an entry of "Breaking Force = 100" in the radial parachutes cfg file, but no idea what that could be as they're taking way more force than 100N, and I'd need to have a bit of a wade through the topic linked above to try and work out what the Cd and Area are to be able to calculate an actual force at my experimentally derived dynamic pressure to see if it's linked to that, but 100kN sounds too low to me. I might try sticking an accelerometer on a capsule to measure the force when the chute deploys to see if it relates to 100 anything. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. You know how engines have nodes on top for attaching to fuel tanks, and nodes on the bottom with shrouds for attaching decouplers? I think we need that for parachutes but the node on top has the shroud instead of the bottom! Also, there's probably a mod for this, but it should be stock
  7. Hi all, i decided to add some new mods to KSP the yesterday day (I last played before that on Monday). Since then the parachutes haven't been working (un-clickable, dont show in staging, do not deploy, however i can still put them onto the craft in the VAB/SPH) I have since uninstalled the mods and they still do not work, however the staging and setting of the parachutes are now settable and they still deploy, the drag mechanic does not seem to work on them however, drag works correctly on the rest of the craft. My previous (and now current again) mod status is: -FAR -MechJeb2 -KAC -Nodesplitter using ModuleManager.2.6.25 I installed the following (after which the parachutes no longer worked) -Planetshine -DockingPort alignment indicator -Stock Visual Enhancements -Environment Visual enhancements -Re-entry particle effect Using Module manager 2.7.5 i have a folder in my GameData which is ModularFlightIntegrator i do not recall downloading this (it is not in my KSP downloads folder which i download all the .zip files to) i assume it is stock from squad but unsure Yes i have checked to make sure these mods are up to date and compatible (should not matter if i uninstall though?) I play 64bit btw if you need some more info to help me out, just say so and i'll be happy to supply it Thanks in advance! Kerbinkind
  8. Hi Everyone I just updated KSP to 1.2 , loaded the game and built a new craft and I cant find any parachutes anywhere, the parts are missing !, I have varified the installation files through STEAM and it says a file is missing and it will update it, but it never dose. Also during loading of the game I get the following message as modual manager patches begin to load. 1 Error related to Game Data/communitytechtree/tree/community tech tree.cfg Im guessing its mod related but not really sure how to fix with out a total reinstall of KSP. Any suggestions ?
  9. Hi I am tired of putting 24 plus chutes on a lower stage booster to recover it. Does anyone know of MASSIVE ie LARGE lol radial mount chutes? It would be nice to just be able to have 1-3 larger radial chutes and not have to deal with the staging etc. TIA! Dave
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn't find it during a forum search. Are there any plans to equip Kerbals with parachutes, especially while in aircraft, to enable their survival when all goes wrong (very frequently)? Being a pilot myself I know the value of these little bundles of life saving material. Placing a chute on a Kerbal makes more sense than placing chutes on their aircraft as I see many do, to spare their cargo/Kerbal from a fiery end. The Game Colonel
  11. I'm sure this was reported because the career is unplayable from the start with it (or may be I'm doing something terribly wrong?) Conditions: Stock game, x64 / x32, Version 1.1 build 1290. The very start of career. Vessel: mk1 command module, Rt-5 flea, a pair of winglets, stock chute. What happened: First launch. At 9000m out of fuel. Going down. Deploying the chute. Still gaining speed with predeployed chute. At 4000m it deploys fully but I'm still don't deccelerate and crash into water at 230 m/s. Need to say that I've also reverted to launch a couple of times. Screenshot. Note the altitude and the speed. The chute was fully deployed at 4000m and NOT from reentry but from a full stop at ~9000m. May be I need more chutes? But there's nowhere to place them, unless I add a bunch of girders with chutes on them like apples on a tree. Also I've experienced another bug: after splashing into water I EVAd Jeb and made EVA report while on the ladder. Then I've got in the pod but the spacesuit remained on the ladder and I couldn't do EVA again because of "The hatch is obstructed". But that was on modded game and I couldn't reproduce that in stock because of the above.
  12. Hi Guys! I finally created a video to stop being a long-time-lurker and to show you something about the new heatshieldpart. I hope you enjoy my first try Would be nice if you take the time, watch it and give me some feedback so that I can improve next time. Have a nice evening (at least in my time-zone) and hopefully thanks for watching
  13. I am still pretty new to Career mode, and I am trying to build a rocket to ferry 4 tourists into a sub-orbital flight, and land it in the water. The issue I am having is that the section made to splash down comes in with great speed, and it cannot be saved with parachutes. This is what I got over all: And this is what I want to hit water, note that fuel tanks are empty in this pic, to show you a true center of mass: And here it is seconds before disaster, note that Jebediah is enjoying himself, while the passengers realize they should have donated the funds to charity (Orphans from Launch Failures being the largest on Kerbal right now) : OK, so a few things I noted while trying to fix it myself. 1) The craft DOES flip, and yes I understand that is a bad thing 2) The parachutes are at default settings. 3) My reentry orbit is kind of shallow, I point at 70 degrees after the SRB stage. However, when I went down to 65 or 60 degrees, I have the same issue, only my fuel can run out before I hit 70Km +. The reason why the word "Parachute" is in the title is because I read on the wiki that parachutes "should always be toggled for your craft (or something like that)" but I could find no rules regarding how to set them up. The only tutorial here was : but it only talks about parachute placement, not how to set them up specifically. As I advance along career mode, I will need to splash larger and heavier things, so I figure now would be the best time to ask around, see what tips I can get. One of the things that confuses me the most about this is the fact that a smaller 2x tourist set up seems to work just fine, slowing down very quickly when it gets into the thicker part of the atmosphere. And the only real difference between the 2 is one small fuel tank and one passenger section. Thanks for your time!
  14. Howdy all, Back playing KSP after a 3 or more year absence and relearning everything again, old age doesn't help either. I noticed that I do not have any parachutes for landing in my inventory and have been searching for 2 days now, but does anyone have or know of any of the mods that could supply me with landing parachutes? Oh, the time flies when you are messing around in KSP. Thanks. Stubby01
  15. Currently, parachutes always clip together when deployed. Is there a mod that fixes this, ideally without affecting functionality?
  16. I tried making a craft to land on duna. I put loads of regular parachutes (did not yet unlock drogue shoots in career mode) and small wings to help me steer and slow down. I've managed to get velocity below 300 m/s (i think as low as 240 m/s) but the parachute color in staging still didnt change from red, so when i deployed, the chutes broke. (1) Is it possible to land on Duna (without retrograde burn) w/o drogue chutes? Or am i experiencing a bug/incorrect physics and i should download a mod (real chutes, for instance)? (2) Does this make sense? The density is so low on Duna, could the atmosphere really break my chute off? (3) Does it have something to do with being below Mach 1? Duna's temperature is much lower than Kerbin, so Mach 1 is much slower. Is that it? What am i doing wrong? To clarify: my problem isnt that the parachutes dont slow me down enough and i crash, but rather, i cant slow down enough to be able to deploy them without them being destroyed instantly.
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