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  1. The Klaw works fine for this purpose as long as you can make room for it on your rover.
  2. I've seen this too, around all of the buildings. I think its simply a difference in detail between the building grounds and the surrounding landscape. The texture of the area around KSC seems blown up compared to the texture of the lawns of the buildings. Since I'm at work I can't provide screenshots, but I can tomorrow when I have time to load up KSP.
  3. Now just need to see this on a air boat like on the Bayou.
  4. Every time I read that I hear Dr. Farnsworth's voice.
  5. The whole mouse on a tilt would throw me off very easily as my movements with a mouse can be very jittery. I love the idea of a joystick on the side though, I could find a use for it in games as well as Blender. $260 for a game mouse is very difficult to justify when my Razer Naga Chroma was a pain to buy at $70. Overall good idea, maybe could just trim some extra features for a larger gamer market.
  6. Leave it to you to build cars Kerbals can be proud of. Great work once again.
  7. Dude. I gotta make one of those now.
  8. Just for the airliner cockpit alone, this is fantastic.
  9. This is a great mod idea.
  10. I try to aim for SSTO for my vertical launches, it's a nice challenge even for early career when only part count is a limiting factor. Usually I'll just barely make it, but if I fudge the launch and I don't quite make orbit I'll end up staging above the atmosphere.
  11. @erasmusguy: I agree, it does look better that way. @Azimech: a jet would give this truck some spunk, just would need one of your boost flap setups.
  12. Very clean design. Maybe those solar panels over the front wheels can point upwards for sunlight?
  13. Mine isn't appropriate for the forums....
  14. Yesterday I was hoping for this. Pays to be up early sometimes. As for moving this thread, I'm sure a moderator will be happy to if you ping one.
  15. I think you just know what parts the players want, even before the players do.