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  1. Simply beautiful. This is starting to look like a real space game now. Keep up the awesome work.
  2. Scrolling PAW is interesting, certainly will help with command parts. Might want to do something with the altimeter button, possibly take some suggestions, and show a revised version as another KSP Loading. Skybox looks great, too bad I won't be able to appreciate it too much in orbit as my acrophobia kicks in when I'm in space. Overall, keep up the awesome work.
  3. As long as the precious cargo survived, mission was a success in my book. Edit: also, you have SAS on, and I assume that means reaction torque is holding you up.
  4. Very nice, I'm sure this will be legitimately loved by the community. Also, nice flying skill in the video.
  5. Munar Launch Site: great idea in theory, probably won't be so great in execution. I'm for more options, but also I'm for being able to disable said options. For Career Mode, as a bare-bones minimum requirement, it should require the completion of the Tech Tree; I'd say there should be one or two more Tech Nodes costing ridiculous amounts of Science Points to unlock the site. So far I like the idea of scanning the Mun as one requirement for unlocking, but the scanning side of the game has to be adressed before that's viable; no scanning in background, no persistence of maps generated by scanning. Same for surface bases in general; we need more parts for making bases, and more reasons to make surface bases on other celestial bodies.
  6. It may be big, but it may help to keep things organized in one place.
  7. These nosecones look very nice. One concern I have is the already mentioned ability to distinguish the parts in the catalog. I would also like to very calmly and slowly put out the request of a fuel filled version, since it is plenty large enough for fuel.
  8. My favorite moment in KSP was when I discovered two Jumbo 64s on top of a Twin Boar could take 25 tons of whatever you want to orbit in one stage. It's that good. Please don't jinx it. I fear they will find a reason to change it now, especially with the revamps in progress.
  9. I'm running a monitor not at all meant for high definition applications, but I don't really have any problem finding planets/moons in the sky if I take more than a few seconds to look. The only time I have issues finding anything is if I'm in a weirdly inclined orbit and my acrophobia kicks in. It helps if you can find the planet/moon in map view and then try to match the angles in flight view.
  10. Excellent conclusion to this volume, complete with a happy wedding; I even teared up a little. Completely 100% agree. Just need to say it once to make me happy. With this end, comes a new beginning. As always, I will wait patiently for the beginning of the next volume.
  11. Saw this on my news feeds this morning.
  12. Looks good to me. I'll be more inclined to use it now. Also first. And my first first post.
  13. I'd like to see one, a Saturn-like world with prominent rings. One moon could be based on Titan. Another moon could be made to be incredibly difficult to land onto without crashing/poofing on the surface.