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  1. If I remember correctly, the Kraken that created Thompberry's current form programmed the Kraken signature evil streak into him, which he tussled with in the following chapters. He was shaken loose from that programming by the twins on the return from Duna, since he never truly wanted to hurt them or their mother Jandolin.

    Mod already exists, so I'm not worried. Parts
  3. That was short, but it was sweet enough to get the point across. Now I can hardly wait (though I will do so patiently ) for the reactions from the crew.
  4. I like the mood of where this is going. Still patiently and eagerly waiting for what's next for Emiko Station.
  5. Currently RCS Build Aid might be your best bet. It doesn't extend the Center of Thrust marker, but it does visualize the torque that your engines will induce.
  6. After letting the story stew in my head for a bit, I have some thoughts as to why Emiko and Chibi share as much DNA as they do. When Emiko first went to Earth, her DNA was edited to make her more human. Someone (the ETs, I think) had to have a template ready to go and knew Emiko's transition would go smoothly, aside from green skin and her new speech patterns. To allow Chibi to become kerbal, it was a matter of mixing Emiko's DNA with Chibi's and applying lessons learned from Emiko's transition. Chibi so far seems to have no side effects from her transition, but maybe in time they'll appear?
  7. Just spent the past month on and off reading the thread from page 1 to here. I haven't been this excited to read forum pages in a long time. Normally I can see plot twists happening from kilometers away, but here it's always a pleasant surprise. Thompberry had me concerned for pretty much this whole time since he became a brain pod thingy. Maybe it's just me assuming the worst of people, but despite his heroics and his control of the evil "files" in his system, I wonder if he would turn again on our beloved crew given the chance. Chapter 90 ("Kalifornia") eased those fears of mine just a tad, but we shall see what happens there. Overall, a truly epic saga. I hope it continues for a very long time before the much-dreaded "The Saga of Emiko Station has ended".
  8. Flat Kerbin

    I see octagonal stop signs here in California. What about making a cuboid planet? It'll have flat faces, and the vertices can be the mountain tops above atmosphere (atmocube?). Being at the center of a face can make you feel like you're in the center of a canyon, I would imagine.
  9. @Critter79606 My apologies for misunderstanding initially. I'm glad you found a solution. I need to study on the new syntax for future patches.
  10. We may have to get @Ven here for some input on this, since your issue involves his mod.
  11. @Skalou well, I'll say it works for now, and I can work with anyone that wants to make patches that will influence mine. I do want your hatch mod to continue looking awesome.
  12. @Skalou the only time there would be some kind of fail is if these patches were installed without the base Indicator Lights mod (like you did for testing), when the patch would then try to move non-existent stuff. As long as these patches are installed with the base IL mod they'll work (no Kraken summoning ).
  13. @Skalou, @Critter79606, just did some testing of my patches and I have syntax that works on my system: I tried using :AFTER[IndicatorLights&PartOverhauls] but the patch wouldn't work at all and left no obvious errors. The syntax in the spoiler seems to work as expected for me, but can you try this out and see if it works for you (if you have not already done so by now)?