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  1. I really should not read the reviews before seeing this kind if stuff. Now I feel even more hype. I gotta relax a bit and go see this movie.
  2. Great work is usually fashionably late. Take your time, make it great. I know I'll be getting shivers when I see it.
  3. I held hope that this would happen. I'll try to wait patiently for a little longer now that it's happening.
  4. So Kerbals should act like Minecraft Villagers? Not that it's a terrible idea, but I'd like to see a little more intelligence than that from Kerbals. Or, just take them outside and rip off their helmets.
  5. Here's to hoping for a nice birthday present for me in April.
  6. To be fair, gotta have something marketable before they can market it. If the code isn't there yet, then it takes away from the devs' time to set up something presentable out of the mush. Patience is difficult for many, myself included, but we really should make some kind of effort to be patient while we wait.
  7. Based on what I know about the game so far (I guarantee it's less than most), if they do anything with the fuels, I believe they may simply add a new exotic type of fuel for the interstellar engines. It keeps the simplicity of KSP1 but accounts for the new engine type. I do agree that a touch more realism in the fuels would be nice, but I don't see the need to complicate the game further and I feel slightly confident the devs may agree.
  8. Im a paranoid pilot, and I've had too many bad lithobrakings after stuff happened on reentry. I'm hoping the OP may find this useful, at least until they diagnose why they reliably blow up at 1500m.
  9. I second individual planetary soundtracks. For planets with moons, each soundtrack can vary a bit from a common melody depending on the moon being orbited. As an example, around Kerbin the music could be generally calm and tranquil, but around Mun the same melody could shift tones to something like calm anticipation or pondering with a little more bass than Kerbin's melody; Minmus can get a more fun, winter wonderland-like version of Kerbin's melody. Jool would basically get quite the soundtrack in itself with each moon getting its own variant of a melody suitable for the jolly green giant and its moons. I'm not musically inclined, I just know how things sound to me; I hope this makes sense.
  10. There should be a slider to change the full deployment altitude, and the default is 1000m. Maybe increase this to 1500, like I do. Or try an additional chute?
  11. I like this April Fools texture. As mentioned,if it were to be used for real, it would look better in its green pallete. Don't talk about food, I haven't had lunch yet.
  12. Love this idea. If it is never planned for stock KSP2, I would hope that it eventually becomes a mod. Of course, I would have massive acrophobia once I see myself in orbit in VR.
  13. I need this for my car. Would be better than the squishy poop emoji I currently have back there.
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