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  1. @StarCrusher96 @AceCrafted : Starcrusher, i think you've created some vocation ! I'll keep an eye on this mod, look promising. (always looking for new ways to torture my PC, Star citizen didn't made it so i count on the scale of your mod )
  2. I'm around 10 Go with all my mods ... maybe 1.5 Go with visual mods for KSS only ... never tried.
  3. "GPP" Wait what ? I can install both mods without problems ? (at this rythm, I'll need a bay of calculator to run my KSP)
  4. @Voodoo8648 @StarCrusher96 : Voodoo , I understand what you're asking for, but : 1) : You're NOT a contributor of the mod and StarCrusher not asked anyone for idea on game mechanics (mean career compatible). So you can submit an idea, but you're not guaranteed that it will be followed. And nobody is obligated to take count of you. 2)The fact of adding multiple star systems , even not finished is THE MAIN PURPOSE of the mod, so your idea of making a clearly finished SINGLE star system logically don't take any sense. So i'm sorry to be as harsh but this point needed to be clear. EDIT : didn't saw that the mod will be modular, but it change nothing... The only thing I can say , is that StarCrucher took this problem alone. It's just too big but for now, well executed.
  5. Hi , i'm back with some pics ... Really i don't know how you do for your trailers... Enjoy
  6. Yeah , i never seen any tank filled your antimatter ressource.
  7. Just , what about this issue with RPM and community ressource pack ?
  8. *Bug caught , starting disintegration !* *Bug successfully pulverized ! Reactivating dev process*
  9. Shkeiru


    Note that these colors are given for an 21% O 78% N atmo.
  10. I'll try to reproduce and feedback today. PS: have you pics of EVE ? FEEDBACK : I don't know ... the bug happen but nothing interesting in the output_log maybe the fact the kopernicus SetActiveStar switch kerbol ==>The All ==> Kerbol...
  11. Really, don't use windows soft. except if you haven't other options. OBS (opensource) is beautiful :
  12. I played with an old computer (6G- Intel , that luck XD) . So I really think that your computer can run all systems without trouble maybe you will can't run with graphics mod but it will be playable. Kopernicus is not the most RAM eater mod (be careful about parts mods). For info a had this mod list with my old computer: and it worked perfectly. .
  13. Really, this will be fun... EDIT, almost found a low tech carrier design but kerbalism doesn't like it... modifiying the config and cheating some part to make it more Sci-Fi. mid and hight tech will be a lot easier.
  14. So if you want, it's your mod after all , and i really don't want to pull you far from your original design but that was something great. Now I feel guilty, because of you ...
  15. I mean ... IN GAME XD for the clouds, look at this... Look the clouds of kerbin , it's the default config for EVE and it's exactly what i mean by procedural cloud.
  16. TEASER : Oh the Blalo giant impact ... Are you sure that's not the ruins of an ancient city ? I started to write the scenario... the modlist is pretty complete and : i have a question ... how to make the UI disappear ? i'll use the super guidance mod but not all the time. For the vessels , i have a low , mid and high tech scout but i'm always working on insterstellar carriers (KSPI - weakfield plasma is not the most ... economic furthermore, i reserved the alcubierre for the high tech only) i'have idea for some cargo planes (I must include the Pelican from Halo). But , as i said, your work better... i love high density clouds Titan-like atmo on planets ( i guess you will make config for scatterer) A last thing , don't ofrget to use the "kind of procedural clouds" from the default EVE mod ! it make a great render @Galileo Better than SVE (i combined the both mods , it work perfectly and it's perfect Thanke you !)