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  1. I mean ... IN GAME XD for the clouds, look at this... Look the clouds of kerbin , it's the default config for EVE and it's exactly what i mean by procedural cloud.
  2. TEASER : Oh the Blalo giant impact ... Are you sure that's not the ruins of an ancient city ? I started to write the scenario... the modlist is pretty complete and : i have a question ... how to make the UI disappear ? i'll use the super guidance mod but not all the time. For the vessels , i have a low , mid and high tech scout but i'm always working on insterstellar carriers (KSPI - weakfield plasma is not the most ... economic furthermore, i reserved the alcubierre for the high tech only) i'have idea for some cargo planes (I must include the Pelican from Halo). But , as i sa
  3. The idea was to modify it in order ton use only one warp engine with a huge vessel
  4. XD EDIT : Crashed again , send me a picture when you landed (no hyperedit) So alt+f4 because rage... For the videos, this will be a narative let's play , in french , so work it ! PS: i know much women that do architecture studies ...
  5. Damn ! *New attempt initialized, but before, music time !*
  6. What , have you made a thin like the sun : (I mean terrain texture below the surface and an extended hyperdense atmosphere )? EDIT: I said 5 minutes mission @JadeOfMaar But i counted 5 days to The All.
  7. I collide with the creator , and i never saw it , i just warped out and boom !
  8. Hey , i finally understood what' the problem was : "If it doesn't warp, add more warp drive" (1 Heavy was too weak for the vessel ... 4 *10 meters ring was better) EDIT : So i have a question: can we modify the exotic matter to mass ratio required for warp or is it fixed ?
  9. Finally, i repaired my warp drive : http://pasteboard.co/p4RF32lng.png (:[email protected]#' img beacon) EDIT: WHUT ??????? Why my beautiful warp ship has crashed into the creator ?
  10. If you have rasterprop monitor installed, remove it , @StarCrusher96 :
  11. Sorry , but even in a fresh install it doesn't work , still help me without logs ?
  12. Hey FreeThinker, I don't know if you saw it but i posted the data about my issue.
  13. 5 minute mission* For now I have some issue with my warp drive and the chief mecanician #FreeThinker ignored me
  14. Ow Exams , sorry , so study hard and may the force be with you , me too i should study for my eval tomorrow (Physics:electrokinetic, filters, transfer functions and resonant circuits ==> a lot of complexes numbers and graphs to trace)
  15. For now, this is a bunch of ideas, and remember, no clouds , no video (really i think i'll wait 'til the 0.5 because 0.45 is a temporary release and ... will break the save.
  16. Oh these magnificent creations Venus/Mars-like orbiting an aborted star (Really , i've in head to make a series of videos with your mod , and i'm in stand by because i wait the next release ... and the clouds, particulary the clouds THE CLOUDS AAAAAHHHH).
  17. As promised, i'm back with your DATA ! This is the list of mods (those that avc can check but normally they are no missing): and the screenshots: In VAB http://pasteboard.co/or5CQJQEn.png OOPS I FORGOT to stick reactor and generator (fixed in the next screenshot) And in orbit : http://pasteboard.co/orcSIKtfk.png
  18. For this bug , you must uninstall rasterprop monitor , @StarCrusher96 you should view this issue of kss with raster and CRP when they're combined
  19. No sorry , i' hven't the time to play and i spend the few to fix some problems with my game... But it seem
  20. Okay i'll provide you for tomorrow. So , do you want logs or anythings ? For info , the "bug" occur even in a clean install and i run 1.11.19 in ksp 1.2.2
  21. Let's go for test ! EDIT : Tested , and isn't working , with antimatter, stellarator , tokamak, pepple, gas core and A LOT OF RADIATORS
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