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  1. Congratulations for your mod!
  2. OK good luck
  3. @ModerndayLink Please, update your mod to 1.3.0 because it does not work
  4. @Gaarst Can you add my mod (@GenesisPlayz) in the category Planet Pack mods please''Outerspace'' KSP Planet Pack
  5. Hello, my name is @SamBelanger i am the new (third) developer of the mod and amused with this mod
  6. Good news, I have created a site for my mod OptionalAtmosphere!!
  7. I have helped with the next update of mod
  8. NOPE @DeltaVerb
  9. ... @TrololololMan64
  10. XD
  11. @SamBelanger X99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999...
  12. Yessss @DeltaDizzy