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  1. To tell you that I'm leaving KSP Forum

    I'm glad to have known you :)



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    2. The Minmus Derp
    3. Scaprod


      I use the power of Vlatic to cast you into orbit of "Kerbin"

    4. The Minmus Derp
  2. @HebaruSan Because I have delete Is now for plz
  3. Guys!

    Can I have the list of things that is to improving for DD? Plz :P

    (It is worth telling the truth please...)



    1. Galacticvoyager


      Improve the textures.

    2. Clonos


      And physics a bit.


      And the rings. Don't overuse them.


      And descriptions.

      Its alot, but its kinda neccesary i think



    3. SamBelanger
  4. DD v1.2 Release on 1th Jan 2018! :0.0:

    Because I'm spending time with my family :wink: