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  1. What is your favorite mods?

  2. What is your favorite mods?

  3. [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    Thank you very much for the information
  4. @Gaarst UPDATE! (OptionalAtmospheres)
  5. [1.3] Community Resource Pack

    I think it is missing something
  6. Who knows mods to improve or adds atmospheres? :/

    1. StupidAndy


      FAR, well obviously

      Improved Atmospheres, I think that's the name

    2. SamBelanger
    3. StupidAndy


      that's all I know, also planet mods add atmospheres...and planets

  7. I have a question, can your mod work if we adds the RA and OA mods in the GameData folder?
  8. What is your favorite mods?

    My favorite mods is OuterSpace, OptionalAtmospheres, Realistic Atmospheres and More...