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  1. I have a suggestion for planets: Vulcan, Romulus and maybe other planets from Star trek, hopefully orbiting around kerbol or another star called sun or maaaaaaaaybe sol. I would just like to have them ingame because I am a huge Star Trek fan I really dont know how to do texturing and stuff but I would love to help you gettiong Ideas for the design and help you develop it.
  2. Well, then you have the extra 5k points and sent a few kerbals up to Krbin but others could easily get more by normally sending kerbals to ruther locations and with me tweaking the 5k to 1k No, the kerbals NEED to be alone, not in any form of command pod or External Seat. And all the kerbals need to be in their situation at the same time. Thats what makes it more challenging to get more points.
  3. How to win: You need to earn points and the one with the most points is then obviously in the first place. What to do: You need to fly kerbals into different situations. For example you have 5 kerbals and you put one onto the ground then you put 2 in low and high kerbin orbit and then you somehow manage to have the other 2 in both the lower and the higher atmosphere with a vtol or a suborbital trajectory. You get 10 points for each kerbal. This is just the base value. It gets multiplied by the scientific multiplicator of the situation. For example: If you have one kerbal in a low Eve orbit you get 10x Points. For another kerbal in the same situation you get 5 points base and for additional kerbals after that just 1 point. You also get another x2 multiplier if your kerbal is in atmosphere. Then the total points of a kerbal who has landed on a celestial body gets multiplied by the gravity(measured in g) of the corresponding planet/moon x10. Optional tasks: If you dont use any mods that show useful information(e.g. Kerbal Engineer Redux, MechJeb2, etc.) then you get 10 extra points You get a x2 multiplier if you do your launch with an ssto(could be a rocket, could be a plane) You get an extra 1000 points if you do the mission only in IVA(except ofc when you park your kerbals on and around a celestial body, then you need to go eva) and if you deposit atleast 5 kerbals outside of the kerbal system The rules: No cheating 100% stock Everything must be done in 1 launch Size doesen't matter No bugusing/exploits Please tell me if you find anything thats unbalanced I didn't test this, I jut wrote it down. I myself don't want to participate in this challenge right now because -funny enough- momentarily I don't play KSP actively Sources: Kerbal Space Station Tracking Station, http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Main_Page The Leaderboad 1. - 2. - 3. -
  4. Ok i will look into this.
  5. Well my ship is fakin big and only the part that is delivered to eve weighs A LOT. Currently im not playing ksp actively anymore but it won't take long until I will do again. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will definatly use them for my future ships but my eve vessel now works with 3 mil credits worth of B9 thrust. I will just go with it and use you FANTASTIC Ideas later in other vessels. Btw i don't really know the mechanics and the how to behind gravity assists Would be nice if someone COULD ...MAYBE...,POTENTIALLY...explain it
  6. So guys, basicly I just put 4 of those B9 booster on it and it works but in the beginning it has such a terrible TWR :c I will try SpaceY. And I have DMagic Orbital Science, Station Science, KSP-I Extended. I think thats it regarding science mods. I may have more but im not sure right now.
  7. Again, I can't load my saves but now it's different. It worked before and now suddenly, when I quit to main menu(I edited my savefile before to test a craft I didn't have the money for) I wanted to load it again, because I edited the save again. Then when I tried pressing Resume Saved it doesent do anything, just the animation. When I restart the game it works once but doesent show any saves. If I try it again it wont open the menu. The console shows this error: [Exception]: ArgumentException: The requested value 'Abailable' was not found. Right now while writing this, the first time I saw this error, I immdediatly knew what was the problem Well, i didnt write Available for Jebediahs state but instead Abailable. I think that somehow made the save file unreadable and so loveed up the game completely. I still wanna post this so people who have this error can google and find this post. EDIT: It doesen't work... I will just try restarting the game and hope it works... EDIT: I think it will work but no matter how often I pressed theResume Saved button, it only showed the error once. I think it affets the game permanently until you restart it, I hope atleast. EDIT: Works...PHEEEEWWWW
  8. First of: I am right now trying to use 4 of these huge B9 Aerospace engines. These produce 66.530 kN but still it only accelerates at 10,71/ms² O_O Dry mass is 275.400 kg. Btw, with the B9 thrusters and fuel it weighs fricking 6246,82 tons... THATS OVER 6 MILLION KILOGRAMS!!!!!
  9. Are there any general tips or methods on how to launch REALLY HEAVY STUFF into orbit. I'm talking about 1 Million kg.(It's going to go to EVE and then to Gilly and land there. Then back home, but it has tons of science equipment from mods and it has a science lab and 2 command pods so thats why its so heavy.)
  10. Well luckily it got gradualy better and now it's totally gone So my mods can stay <3
  11. I got sudden stuttering in ksp at vab and sph( ) but i never had it before. I klnow its from unity garbage colector but can i fix it? Someone said somehting about fixing it:
  12. So basicly I got my ksp working again, i was able to load and play saves again. Because i uninstalled B9 and my station had B9 it was removed so i loaded an old quicksave. Since i loaded the old quicksave, no matter what I do, I can't press any buttons. I start in the ksc and i can't go to any building except the administration and the astronaut complex and maybe one more but vab and sph etc. doesent work. I press the button, it makes the animation and thats it. Here is the quicksave I have loaded(I would really like to continue my game at this point),(I used dropbox because it was too big for pastebin, it didn't respond): https://www.dropbox.com/s/pywim4s7ao0c84x/quicksave.sfs?dl=0 EDIT: I started a new save anyway because I wanted too and there it works just fine but I would stilll like a solution :c
  13. First thing I did when it worked again: INSTALLING MORE MODS!!!! ULULULULULLULU!!!!!
  14. K, thanks. I will try it out right now. PS:I didn't try what you said because i have a little suspicion that its Kerbal Kommander. PSS: Yes,it was Kerbal Kommander. Btw it's an AWESOME MOD!!!!