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  1. I'd like that. I'm one of those players who never uses part-clipping, but sometimes it would be very useful to do so. I wonder how easy it is to code? You could just add it to the settings, toggle on/off.
  2. I will wait for KSP 4. I remember from Civilization that #4 is the best.
  3. I know. But there are a couple of reasons why I go into Sandbox anyway: Mistakes are easy to make, and it wouldn't be the first time that I overwrite an important save. (I play KSP after a busy day, when I am already tired). I usually need (quick)saves while in cheat-mode, like when testing an Eve landing and return - you really want to save after landing successfully. At least in older versions of KSP, loading saves would become slower and slower as you get more save files. I try to not have an endless number of save files. I admit that it's just a matter of pr
  4. That alone is reason to go there. It was also my #1 choice for this thread. Jool-rise on Laythe.
  5. No, there isn't any simulator. In career/science mode, you gotta save-cheat-reload. It would be a nice addition: A simulation center. In order to avoid overwriting important saves, I prefer to open a new sandbox game, design my craft and cheat a whole lot, then copy the craft into the career game folder. My Sandbox is then the "simulation".
  6. Isn't that just the French spelling for it? Don't the French play Kerbale Espace Programme?
  7. I very much support! This seems easy to implement and a big improvement for the player who lost his Kerbal in the 100+ seat space-station.
  8. Nice flags! They look a bit like mine. I always use this one (with some black top and bottom cut off). I made it myself in GIMP with a little cutting and pasting and some editing. Sol Omnibus Lucet means The Sun shines on everyone (and between the lines, you can read that the Sun makes no distinction).
  9. Note that you can fast-forward (time warp) a few days (e.g. 4-6 days) to get a complete new set of contract proposals. Typically, if you are waiting for a transfer window to another planet, you can do a lot of such time warps. I usually create multi-contract missions to the other planets. Only the special missions (e.g. Eve landing, Jool-5) are without contract. Those are difficult enough without having to do something special.
  10. I am pretty certain that it was the most basic rocket ever: Mk1 pod, Flea SRB, possibly with basic winglets. I think I started in career-mode. Mind you, I had watched KSP videos by jacksepticeye so I at least knew how to slap things together in the VAB.
  11. Good point. I did try something similar already. I used an engine plate instead of a fairing, but still added the nosecone. I guess it's nearly the same effect. I removed it for two main reasons: I cannot run it with only 2 engines because I hate puny long ascents where the SSTO barely makes it into orbit. Given the rest of the geometry of the ship, the next step up is 4 engines. That meant I have 4 liquid fuel tanks because I need to radially attach the engines, which is a lot for a ship this size on Laythe. Despite the high drag, it still achieved 1450 m/s in Kerbin's atmosphere on a
  12. Building and testing the various stages of the Jool-5! This is the Laythe stage. The command pod and science stuff are supposed to visit all 5 moons, and once back at mothership it will connect to the next stage is waiting (probably the bottom section of the Tylo lander). The back of the plane also must have a flat (high drag) end with a docking port because it will be stacked on top of that same Tylo lander. I wish I can say that I deliberately made this look a bit like an X-wing, rather than having to admit that I just slapped on more wings randomly because I want it to take off at
  13. Let's put this into a simple checklist: Build the "payload". What needs to get to Jool? (If you want to keep it simple, make it a probe with a strong antenna, like the Communotron 88-88). A good probe has a few basics: electricity generation and batteries, a reaction wheel, a probe core and an antenna. Start adding rockets to the payload, in multiple stages. You need lots of "dV". If you are inexperienced, go nuts. 10000 dV should definitely get you there (first part of that is used to get into Kerbin orbit). And if your payload is not too big, then the rocket will not be insane ei
  14. This thread became a brainstorm of what we want from 1.11. Let me join in. I hope they will just fill in some gaps in the basic stock parts: Larger landing legs (no objections if they accidentally look like the Falcon 9 legs, but other designs also fine). Wider range of decoupler sizes (smaller and larger) Better RCS for large ships, either (or both): 3.75m reaction wheels (because Kerbals launch huge ships, and I cannot support 1000 parts to put RCS thrusters everywhere) Larger Vernor engines, or an easy way to couple other engines (e.g. Terriers) to RCS c
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