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  1. If I made a silly mistake (e.g. fire 200 m/s in retrograde instead of prograde, or press the space bar a little too enthusiastically) then I will use an old save game and try again. If I realize that there is a (major) design flaw in the rocket design then I will revert back and either fix is or start over with a new design. I will only attempt rescue missions if I accomplished something big enough and get stuck near the end (e.g. Duna or Dres landing and return to LKO, and now I forgot the parachutes). Then I will launch a quick fix.
  2. When your mothership isn't supposed to survive re-entry, but you have too many Kerbals on board and have to try it anyway: Notice the heatshield below the Mk2 lander can. I sent a big ship to Moho - lander and mothership (i.e. Apollo style). Landed. Got back. Mothership was not rated for re-entry, but somehow a 6th Kerbal had snuck into the ship so I had to give it a go or organize a rescue mission (boring!). Those wolfhounds should only survive a 6 m/s impact, but somehow did not break as it hit the ground at about 15 m/s. Oh well. Not gonna reload and retry. All hail the Kra
  3. When your boosters are so big you use Fleas as sepatrons. Six Kerbals are on their way to Moho (I hope), with room for 11 (but it's criminal to fill the ship to capacity - Kerbals need a little room to move around!). The ship uses only chemical engines (no nukes or ion)... so it's a little big. Next stop: Minmus for some refueling. The Minmus Valdez (i.e. the tanker) is already in orbit.
  4. An Elcano is a land-based round-trip of a planet or moon - a circumnavigation. Because you stay on the surface, there is no time-warping (perhaps 2x or 3x physics engine if you are brave or foolish, but certainly no 5x, 10x or 50x warp). So, it's lots of hours of driving or sailing.
  5. I think the point of the OP is that the mod thread (especially popular ones) are often very polluted with praises/requests/bug reports/complaints/off topic talks, and in between the lines the OP seems concerned that the modders have a full-time job responding to all the posts in their thread, and/or it becomes difficult for others to find the relevant technical posts in between the chitchat. The OP seems to suggest that we split at least some of the praises into a sticky.
  6. Lots of discussions on what KSP2 needs to have, but there seems to be consensus that it will get space stations. That triggers me to think that we may be allowed to build large structures in space (or on other planets/moons). How do you guys think that the developers will keep the frame-rate sane? My computer grinds to a painful halt when I put more than 500-600 parts into a structure/ship. I've once launched 1000 parts, but the framerate was 1 frame per minute, and time went more than 10x slower than real-time. Will KSP allow the merging of parts into some super-part? Will KS
  7. I built a Minmus base. All stock. Big unit on the left is the Minmus Valdez. It can disconnect and get into Minmus orbit to refuel my next overdimensioned mission. What I like most about the base is that it has no wheels and no engines. It's all built up from parts that I flew in separately, and connected using the little rovers that are scattered around the base.
  8. There are two that come to mind that I want to work on soon: See the Mohole with a crewed mission Visit Eve with more than one Kerbal (I'm thinking of a crewed mission to Eve of 3 or 5). Major milestones that I haven't hit, and may never try: Grand tour Elcano on any other body than the two I already did... Elcano's are heroic, but take awfully long.
  9. I sent a luxury cruiseliner to Dres, while ruining the finances of my career game out of love for Dres. Full report here: Pics or it didn't happen: I already wear the badge with pride, having earned it a few years ago with this mission. So, this is really just because Dres needs love.
  10. Welcome to Mission Control. Please make a selection. Searching through some archives, an intern at the Dres Tourist Board made a startling discovery. The market for luxury cruises to Dres is ripe for the picking. The Dres Tourist Board needs luxury ships to visit Dres, and they needed it yesterday. And that's why they need our help. We decided to go to Dres before the Tier 3 science upgrades, not because it's hard, but because we didn't have the cash to upgrade the R&D center. Playing career at difficulty level "moderate". Figure 1, Dres. Beautiful. Having 13 kerba
  11. Weird. The pictures showed first time I posted, but also didn't show the next day when I had a quick look. Tried Imgur this time. Hopefully better.
  12. Here is my attempt. It has 48 passengers (3 x 16), and 4 x 820 + 2 x 8 = 3296 solid fuel. Score: 48000/3296 = 14.56 I am pretty sure this can be improved, because it gained too much altitude and speed, but for now this is my submission! I may try another time with the smaller passenger cabins.
  13. I hope that KSP stays close to its roots: A real space simulator with a bit of (quite original) humor as a flavor. Whatever new features they add should come second to those roots.
  14. Because Dres needs more love, I planted this Dres Resort on Dres' surface a good while ago (Dres Awareness Challenge, which is still going strong!). It did not have a huge variation in colored lights, but it made it up in sheer quantity. I do have to admit that this is a mission from 2016, so I don't think this should qualify for any prize. But it was a cool mission, so I thought I'd spam it here. As part of the same fleet (launched during the same transfer window), I also launched a communication satellite. And a space station / ship with 8 landing pods and many light
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