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  1. Weird. The pictures showed first time I posted, but also didn't show the next day when I had a quick look. Tried Imgur this time. Hopefully better.
  2. Here is my attempt. It has 48 passengers (3 x 16), and 4 x 820 + 2 x 8 = 3296 solid fuel. Score: 48000/3296 = 14.56 I am pretty sure this can be improved, because it gained too much altitude and speed, but for now this is my submission! I may try another time with the smaller passenger cabins.
  3. I hope that KSP stays close to its roots: A real space simulator with a bit of (quite original) humor as a flavor. Whatever new features they add should come second to those roots.
  4. Because Dres needs more love, I planted this Dres Resort on Dres' surface a good while ago (Dres Awareness Challenge, which is still going strong!). It did not have a huge variation in colored lights, but it made it up in sheer quantity. I do have to admit that this is a mission from 2016, so I don't think this should qualify for any prize. But it was a cool mission, so I thought I'd spam it here. As part of the same fleet (launched during the same transfer window), I also launched a communication satellite. And a space station / ship with 8 landing pods and many lights.
  5. Facilities I would like to have: Extra Runway As mentioned above, just for fun. Craft test facility (e.g. wind tunnel or "modeling facility") In addition to the extra runway, I would also love to have a facility to test crafts. Some called it a windtunnel (an earlier post by @BadOaks ), but I would also be happy if it was the Kerbal Aerodynamics Modelling Program (KAMP). I use the cheat a lot to get my craft into a particular orbit (e.g. Eve) to get its characteristics right before building a giant launcher and fly the mission. I use a Sandbox game for tests, and then copy the craft file into my Career game. I'd like to do that inside the Career game without cheating.
  6. But they do belong in a forum where the players discuss some modifications to the game.
  7. No I am not sure. But I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption that once you got one runway figured out, you can add a second one much easier.
  8. You make a valid point, and I agree that from a purely functional point of view, the east-west runway is all you need to get things into orbit. But... Moar Runways! It would look cool. It would allow for new challenges in this forum. It would hardly slow the game down. It wouldn't be difficult to program for Squad if you just add the extra runway(s) without any options of where to launch from. It would be as easy as adding some easter eggs somewhere.
  9. Without using Valentina's jetpack, I got her to go 2829.2 m/s, on a chemical rocket. I wish I could say that this can be optimized further, but getting a Kerbal into orbit with a limit of 3 tons is actually already quite the challenge for me. I really enjoyed it!
  10. If you use it to all the time, for everything: Yes, it's bad. You should learn how to get a simple rocket into orbit. Learning stuff about rockets and orbits is really a part of the game. If you use it to optimize an Eve lander, and you are tired of launching every new iteration, then getting an encounter with Eve, getting into a stable orbit, etc... then I would totally recommend to just get a Sandbox game, cheat the lander into Eve orbit until it works (which may be 20 iterations later), and then going for it for real in the career game (with a launch from the KSC and the whole transfer to Eve etc.).
  11. I managed to get 6856.9 m/s. Compliments on a fun challenge! I could probably optimize another 100 m/s out of this, but for now I would like to enter this. More info in the spoiler.
  12. I rescued my poor Kerbals. I'd call this schoolbook rescue. Better not go full throttle though, even on those tiny engines. Mission was a complete success. All targets achieved. Only mission control kept piling new missions into this one flight until it ran out of dV.
  13. I play this game since 2016. And I still forget my parachutes sometimes. This is an early career return craft from the Mun, where the word "return" is used rather carelessly. Jeb is somehow still excited...
  14. Use Kerbnet, and create waypoints. These show in map-view. It's much quicker than planting flags anyway.