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  1. @Avera9eJoe Yup, thanx, that did help! Of course I like darkness, but well, pitch black was a bit too much for me. Any idea on why the catastrophic perfs issues on Duna? For info I'm runnin on a GTX 1080 OC version with 11gigs of ram and on a skylake I7 9980 coupled with 32 gigs of corsair predator @ 3200mhz, so running high frames shouldn't be a problem...
  2. Thank you so much for this! On Mun and Minmus I have no problem, high framerate. Though I just went to Duna with the mod freshly installed, I think I dropped to 3 frames a second. Is it me or is there a problem there? EDIT Oh, and also, night is really REALLY night... Like darkness. Is it me or wanted?
  3. Ooook..... The way I read it is... Totally wrong.... For me "=>" stands for "to" so I read it as "Dirt to gypsum" as the drills talk about separating... Gonna give a shot at this when I get home. Thanks for your answer!
  4. Hello! First off, thank you for these great mods! I've been playing KSP for quite a while now, so I needed a new goal, something to do, so MKS and LS seemed the way to go... I have been reading the entire wiki, been looking on the web etc etc, I still don't get it.... I tried to remake the Ranger exemple craft available on the wiki: I succesfully landed it and deployed in on Minmus for a test on a 6%+ gypsum environement. It is deployed, after much much effort and hate to place the FlexOTube to MKS Ranger Anchor Hub as it always turns wrong, but now what? I don't get what
  5. Oh yes it is.... Same experience here... I lost several ships also. The worse is you have a flying mission, go back to base for some reason and just can't go back to your ship, as doing this inevitably explodes it...
  6. Thank you for the answer! Yeah, I know it's the basic limitations of KSP that are engaged here. I tend to solve temporarily the lots of parts by having my kerbals dismentle the once landed useless stuff and recycle them. The wobbling is the terrible part, as as soon as the station gets bigger I can fear the apocalypse and loss of everything as parts gets propulsed even into orbit... I saw that UKS has a welding system on their ports, is that something that would "fix" the wobbling part? I also saw another mod that let's you place concrete plates on ground, to have a perfect even gr
  7. Hi! I'm having problem when my bases get bigger. They start wobbling and ultimately explode. Also, lots parts from lots of different transports make it very laggy. Is there a way to weld the ports together as in Kolonization mod? Or a way to turn off the physics or dunno what? When on my base, it constantly thinks it's flying then not then again...
  8. Thank you for your answer, and sorry, but I read the entire topic of only 9 pages.... I thought deleting the ksp files is for fixing Kerbin being overlayed in the main menu which is a problem I never had... Anyway, yes, getting rid of them two did correct the overlay in game
  9. Hi! I don't get what i'm doing wrong. I don't see colors I know (deuthan here) but still, I'm pretty sure my grid doesn't show anything... Been scanning Duna for hours, and that's what I see all around the planet. What do I do wrong?
  10. Good, now I know it's scatterer at least, no more installing and unsinstalling all my mods one by one. I have this since a year, no fix planned?
  11. A very well known problem of what mod? I have read about changing the view, but it doesn't change anything for me. The bug appears randomly, and usually doesn't go away that easily...
  12. Hi there! Thank you so much for this wonderfull mod. Been using it now since quite a while.... I have this problem also since over a year, and I thought, hey, I'm surely not the only one. This problem appears on many of my computers, not only one configuration does it. I'm not really sure it is scatterer that does it, so if it doesn't please apologies me. The water level, usually when returning to KSC, is too high. Or technically not even the water level, but somehow the world ball must shrink in diameter.... And sometimes it's worse, sometimes there's no building visible at all...
  13. [Uses Necromancer Revive Skill level 15 *65 mana* and revives this topic] Just my 50 cents, this topics deserves to be seen. Been playing a while now, and moving the nodes on the orbitswhen planing transfers, or playing with the cursors is hell atm, especially when fine tuning and not seeing yours mouse is just touching that other cursor on the node...
  14. What else than thank you shall I say. I somehow got it that it was a parenting problem, didn't notice the root function...
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