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  1. I ❤ this mod! I also love lights, which I've stopped putting on my vessels because of the light radius spheres that show up in vessel view. They tend to totally obscure the view of my ship and it ends up looking like a bunch of grapes. Is there a way to turn the light radius feature off? Thanks for an awesome mod! This and RPM have added so much to the whole Kerbal experience for me. I only recently added them and I can honestly say after 4 years of playing it's like a brand new game again.
  2. Yaaay! Thank you!! Ballpark time-frame ?
  3. I'm to the point where I may be considering looking into a class action lawsuit just to get a refund. I'm sure once their bank accounts are threatened they will begin to take this issue seriously.
  4. I've had limited success with this method. It worked for about 8 - 10 hours until I inadvertently backed up a corrupted game which also got auto uploaded and over-wrote the earlier, working save in the cloud. It would seem that there is no way to determine whether any given instance of the game is corrupted or not before backing it up. I was hopeful that this would be an acceptable work around, but it is just adding more frustration and making me hate a game that I truly love.
  5. A game that you can play but can't save and have to start over from the very beginning 100% of the time is not a full-priced game, it's a demo.
  6. I have had very limited success with this method. I have an instance of my game saved in the cloud and on USB. (The USB save is a later version of the cloud version) The USB save file, without fail, gives the corruption error message at the load screen and I can play for hours sometimes with the cloud save, but the first time I try to back up the file (which require that you close the game, copy, and then restart) it corrupts. It just feels like way too much time to have to spend saving my awesomely powerful yet elegant rocket designs from consistent, imminent doom. It's too heart-breaking! I love this game but honestly, attempting to work around this bug is making me hate it. So before that happens I'm just going to have to put it down until the update.
  7. I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I got some feedback from Sony about this. Read it here. Evidently you can create a copy of your save files to an external USB device, or to the cloud if you're a PS Plus member. Of course, this doesn't resolve the issue, but maybe it's a temporary fix until the update comes out. Does anyone know if this works?