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  1. I'll keep checking for updates or similar contract packs compatible with 1.10.1. Thanks for the info though! It will save me any more time fiddling with it for now.
  2. I'm trying this mod and kerbin side for the first time ever (1k+hours in). Kerbin side appears to work fine and the KS GAP missions show up, but every mission has pre requisites that are unmet, specifically the requirement that the starting base "not exist" https://ibb.co/Sr3xMRk I have tried on different saves, one with all bases open and one with all bases closed (and hidden) and nothing seems to satisfy the pre requirements. Is this an incompatibility problem with 1.10 or am I just missing something? My pilots are excited to get started!
  3. Same wheel issues as above. Will deploy but will only roll or steer when stowed. You guys ever figure this one out? P.S. Thanks for all your incredible work, Linuxgurugamer!
  4. Love this mod! (And while I'm at it, gotta say I love watching you fly your crazy contraptions and your wonderful enthusiasm for this game. All the reputation rewards to you, Jatwaa!) I also use Ship Effects and Chatterer. The issue I'm having is the persistent wind noise from chatterer, even when submerged. Chatterer does have a slider to adjust the wind noise (although for me, even at the lowest setting I can still seem to hear it) but I'm wondering if it could be possible to have the wind sound automatically muted each time you go underwater. Or possibly replaced with more underw
  5. I have a less-than-rudimentary understanding of how mods work and coding and whatnot, so in laymans terms: after installing CRFP the CC "edit tank" option no longer showed up for me in the VAB. Uninstalling CRFP made it show up again. All my saved vessels that had tanks previously edited with CC still had all their respective resources, but no longer had the "edit tank" CC GUI button in the VAB
  6. Brilliant! So many possibilities, my head asplode. Just incredible! Unfortunately, however, it seems to conflict with the Configurable Containers mod and I don't think I can survive without the ability to cram all my various resources into one tank! Any insights?
  7. Is there a way to mute the wind sounds when you dive underwater? Another mod maybe? Working on submersible craft and the underwater wind sound kind of ruins it for me. Sorry if this was addressed earlier, I couldn't find any info earlier in this thread about it.
  8. I ❤ this mod! I also love lights, which I've stopped putting on my vessels because of the light radius spheres that show up in vessel view. They tend to totally obscure the view of my ship and it ends up looking like a bunch of grapes. Is there a way to turn the light radius feature off? Thanks for an awesome mod! This and RPM have added so much to the whole Kerbal experience for me. I only recently added them and I can honestly say after 4 years of playing it's like a brand new game again.
  9. Yaaay! Thank you!! Ballpark time-frame ?
  10. I'm to the point where I may be considering looking into a class action lawsuit just to get a refund. I'm sure once their bank accounts are threatened they will begin to take this issue seriously.
  11. I've had limited success with this method. It worked for about 8 - 10 hours until I inadvertently backed up a corrupted game which also got auto uploaded and over-wrote the earlier, working save in the cloud. It would seem that there is no way to determine whether any given instance of the game is corrupted or not before backing it up. I was hopeful that this would be an acceptable work around, but it is just adding more frustration and making me hate a game that I truly love.
  12. A game that you can play but can't save and have to start over from the very beginning 100% of the time is not a full-priced game, it's a demo.
  13. I have had very limited success with this method. I have an instance of my game saved in the cloud and on USB. (The USB save is a later version of the cloud version) The USB save file, without fail, gives the corruption error message at the load screen and I can play for hours sometimes with the cloud save, but the first time I try to back up the file (which require that you close the game, copy, and then restart) it corrupts. It just feels like way too much time to have to spend saving my awesomely powerful yet elegant rocket designs from consistent, imminent doom. It's too heart-breakin
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