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  1. Log: IVA has not yet completed. All yellow ladders are climbable And... One step closer to Gravity! Or...
  2. I will add two compound modules into this mod soon, which are airbag+retro / buoy + retro. putting airbags and buoys together is not necessary because airbags contain the function of a buoy when landing on water. For now, you can change the size of the nodes in the cfg file to increased strength. Did you install Ven's Stock Part Revamp? I was not sure about if VSR added remap for new Mk2 Pod(looks like he is not updating?) so I canceled the compatibility for MK2 Pod temporary if VSR is installed. If you want to use it, please delete :NEEDS[!VenStockRevamp] from the first line of ComfortableLanding\Configs\StockPod.cfg
  3. Update V1.6 -Add config for Connected Living Space(thanks to @Gordon Dry) -Airbag/Buoy/Skirt can now preview the expanded status in VAB/SPH
  4. I plan to add more stand-alone parts in the near future, at that time I will also replace the models and textures of these parts. Thanks for your suggestion I don't recommend attaching more than one stand-alone part together, maybe you can try to change the size of the node?
  5. It should be easy to do and I will add it in the next version Can you provide some screenshots? So that I can try to fix it. You can basically download the latest version, and then replace the new DLL with the old one form V1.4.
  6. Log: I know its been a long time I didn't work on this mod, but recently I have time to continue making this mod. I am working on IVA of Tianhe now. I also made a lot of props, they may become a standalone prop package... After I finish Tianhe, the new version will be released. And I made this short movie to honor the first Chinese space station:
  7. Yes, I didn't actually set it up, for some reason, it didn't work very well. If you make it work please let me know, so I can add it to the next version of the update.
  8. For some permission problems, yes. You can move the game folder to other paths and use. I'm trying to solve this problem...
  9. Update V1.5: -Support KSP 1.4.x -Add support for the pod below: --Mk2 Command Pod (If DLC is installed) --Mk1-3 Command Pod -Add 1.875m and 5m size of all standalone parts(If TweakScale is not installed) -Remove a incorrect standalone part(Because ModuleManager will ignore /**/ in cfg) -Fix a bug about 0.625m Universal Buoy Module doesn't show in game ←Landing an Mk1-3 pod by a Mk16 Parachute and a Landing Skirt
  10. 1. Buy or download all the software you need to make a mod‘ 2. Try each function you can find once 3. Never open the software again 4. Done XD
  11. I've reproduced this bug on my computer, trying to fix it. ————————————Edit———————————— @Clockwork13 I've found the problem, for some reason(rights or readonly), GDS cannot change the folder name if the folder is under /steamapps path. To fix it, please move the game to another path that is not under /steamapps. It works for me, and this is why I didn't reproduce it earlier.
  12. Can you describe more detail about this error?
  13. Did you click the "set as default" button after you selected a GameData from the list?