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  1. have you tried the chutes from vanguard?
  2. wouldnt the I think its the aquila multinode from tantares? could also cut the head off of the fgb from bobcat's mir as well.
  3. yeah man these new parts look really nice. a matching ATV would be nice. could use your existing launcher for CEV. or maybe something along the lines of antares or athena.
  4. anybody have pics of those conformal tanks from i believe they were from mechanical mouse. the small medium ones were like a pill capsule. and the big ones were these sleek rounded stretched trapezoids that just surface attached to existing tanks. looks like nuke has a kinda similiar thing going.
  5. whee we have a BINGO. i really like inglorius stand-up guys ? wtfo. basterds lets see if that works hehe if you take that rssroconfig out everything else seems to work. the others seems to be calling out specific parts but no idea which one should be in there for the rrs ro.
  6. something in the lsconfigs.cfg is crashing module manager. if i take that out everything runs fine. i'll have to put it back in to generate some logs for you. but there isnt really anything in the logs past telling you there are errors in the lsconfigs.cfg you also get the popup saying module manager has crashed.
  7. might want to check the tech required and categories. take the oms engine. pretty sure the categories are either engines or propulsion. i think propulsion is the older one but still works. and the tech required is set to largecontrol which i think now is specialized control? anyway making it not show up and keeps the craft file from properly loading. i think its set to category = engine when i changed it over to propulsion it will show up in a sandbox game since no tech checks. but the tech required being mislableled keeps it from loading in a career since large control doesnt exist anymore.
  8. i think you have all the precursors to be able to make all the fuels in real fuel as well. well without too much hand waving anyway.
  9. need to check MM cfg's. you probably have one coming in behind whatever changes you are making and overwriting them. the rcs thruster thing is probably an ro config and need to look at the tech tree for the thrusters to see if they eventually upgrade to n2. there is ALOT going on with rss/ro rp1. but instead of adding more fuel you can change the isp of the engines to use less. same with the direct fuel consumption so like for LF and oxidizer its usually 0.9 and 1.1 you could change those to 0.45 and 0.55 instead. with RO and real fuel you are just going to have to dig.
  10. i just put the delta II example payload one into a 75x75 orbit the payload weighed 5.165 tons and had 700 m/s delta v leftover. but that was also after fixing the fairings. Thats probably is what is catching you out and causing your problems since the payload isnt being shielded. i changed the x direction on the attachment nodes for the fairing attachment points on this 7920 and im showing the payload being shielded in the aero gui now. yeah your problems are definitely the problem with the fairings i just tried it again and it flips out at 15k. if the payloads arent shielded. but what it looks like fixes it isnt changing the nodes but using old school fairings as well. i had forgot i was running that. if i take out OSF everything drops back to not being shielded and you start getting your problems M. with it running everything is shielded so no weird drag in all sorts of places.
  11. nice man thanks so much for all the stuff you have done for everyone over the years.
  12. might want to check the model for coneb its currently set to use the conea model. also the vernor engine classic needs to be set to use the in the folder. and i think you are missing the small gear bay classic from the wheel folder. thats all ive found so far. if i find anymore ill let you know.
  13. okay thanks i finally found it in 1.8 test 6 was trying to find partname opt_mk2_engine which had the title OPT J-61 Advanced TurboRamjet and then from what you are saying the j61 got replaced by the HAE-02 Mk2? updating and rebuilding some old craft files.