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  1. [1.3] Space Launch System Basic Version

    anybody else having problems with the fairings blowing up the cargo? other than that everything seems to work fine.
  2. [1.3.1] Launchers Pack - SpaceX Pack V.5 (Released August 25)

    i have this installed and using the ships without any problems. are you sure you have the RnD done for the parts? most of those are like advmetalworks, stability etc... thats the only thing i can think of that would prevent parts from appearing.
  3. [v0.90/v.25]Transparent Pods v1.2.2 for KSP v0.90

    you only need to change the name of the module in each of the three pods to make everything work in 1.3.1. course you need ASET and JSI transparent pods installed as well. because these have ASET Cockpits in them. but easy change to make it work good chance for somebody new to learn. MODULE { name = JSITransparentPod to MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod
  4. Best IVAs

    aset iva's are the best out there. rover,shuttle,spaceplane,lander,capsule doesnt matter
  5. Energia project v1.5A / MIR v4

    you might try using sarbian's debug stuff. and with adjustable landing gear being fixed now might be able to get something going.
  6. the curseforge dl only contains the warplugin folder but none of the supporting files? the spacedock version has everything just wondering if this was just a mixup. talking about version 116 btw.
  7. all of the eagle parts need to be updated for it to work. coupla guys are working on it or were.
  8. [1.2.1] Taurus HCV - 3.75 m CSM System [v1.5.3 - July 1, 2014]

    if you are on a career remember that you have to have researched and purchased the tech. if its in sandbox you should be able to see all of the parts.
  9. k cool i didnt see it in there just passin on what ive see going on.
  10. [1.2.X] Horizon Aeronautics - Zenit 3SLB Redux

    i like the fairings in this mod. kinda like the aies ones but rounder. im gonna stop there hehe. MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple ejectionForce = 100 explosiveNodeID = top } MODULE { name = ModuleToggleCrossfeed crossfeedStatus = false toggleEditor = true toggleFlight = true } this is what you need to add decouplers/fuel xfeed to the fairing bases. explosiveNodeID = top you would need to double check the top node name project energia is another good russian mod and chaka monkey retextured the rd275k from kosmos among other stuff making it the best looking motor in the game.
  11. MechJeb 1.2.1

    the responses are out of temporal sequence as well since i was editing one when the forums werent populating completely this morning. the guy has like 3 posts doubtful hes found the other thread yet.
  12. MechJeb 1.2.1

    so your gamedata folder should have mechjeb2 folder, squad folder and the module manager .dll file. if you are playing a career you have to research the tech to unlock each piece of it. for now just start a sandbox game. open notepad put this in it @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore } } save it as MechJebEmbedded.cfg in your gamedata folder. so now your gamedata folder should consist of mechjeb2 FOLDER squad FOLDER modulemanager.dll FILE mechjebembedded.cfg FILE then in the VAB you should see the MechJeb tabl in the upper right hand side of the screen.
  13. i havent really had any luck with these control panel reactors inside a weld. the only time i did i had to rewrite the whole thing MODULE { name = ModuleCoreHeat CoreTempGoal = 1000 //Internal temp goal - we don't transfer till we hit this point CoreToPartRatio = 0.1 //Scale back cooling if the part is this % of core temp CoreTempGoalAdjustment = 0 //Dynamic goal adjustment CoreEnergyMultiplier = 0.1 //What percentage of our core energy do we transfer to the part HeatRadiantMultiplier = 0.05 //If the core is hotter, how much heat radiates? CoolingRadiantMultiplier = 0 //If the core is colder, how much radiates? HeatTransferMultiplier = 0 //If the part is hotter, how much heat transfers in? CoolantTransferMultiplier = 0.01 //If the part is colder, how much of our energy can we transfer? radiatorCoolingFactor = 1 //How much energy we pull from core with an active radiator? >= 1 radiatorHeatingFactor = 0.01 //How much energy we push to the active radiator MaxCalculationWarp = 1000 //Based on how dramatic the changes are, this is the max rate of change CoreShutdownTemp = 4000 //At what core temperature do we shut down all generators on this part? MaxCoolant = 1600 //Maximum amount of radiator capacity we can consume - 50 = 1 small } try this may work may not. what i try to do now is weld together as much as I can and just put the reactor in/on as a separate part. cuz think about it you basically just turned that whole thing into a reactor from the dll point of view right?
  14. [1.3.1] Smart Parts Continued

    yeah looks like the textures are actually materials in the model? you could clear all that out and use fstextureswitch or something similiar? so you are designing and testing the action groups and then trying to assign a controller to them right? i try to keep things really simple tank drains to 15percent stage using action group 4
  15. [1.3.1] Modular Fuel Tanks v5.10.0

    isnt there a tank definition that goes somewhere so he can just add danfancypants tank type?