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  1. COL.R.Neville

    Energia project v1.5A / MIR v4

    I hear you i get the same way sometimes, but you do such great things for all of us.
  2. COL.R.Neville

    [1.1.2] Orbital Utility Vehicle v1.2.4

    do you have jsi and firespitter installed? firespitter handles the textures in this. jsi the windows.
  3. COL.R.Neville

    Energia project v1.5A / MIR v4

    pretty sure that the landing gear are from adjustable landing gear which is in ksp wheel or kerbal foundries. And the texture switching is controlled by firespitter. just convert them to dds.
  4. COL.R.Neville

    [1.5.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    trying to load kopernicus but keep getting popup. doesnt make a difference dx9 11 12. everything works fine with just module flight intergrator and squad module manager. only thing in the gamedata folder is kopernicus, module flight intergrator, module manager, squad. pretty sure im using right version 131-15 for ksp ver 131 right? tried both 131-7 and 15
  5. use this to see everything in the model. better than trying to spin up a blender instance. what i used to find everything on this originally.
  6. COL.R.Neville

    [1.5.*] Champagne Bottle Redux when you use this link it takes you to bottle redux instead of nebula decals.
  7. yeah im not seeing any of that even with aa off. grab the dds version off that link i sent you crow and try that. to add that new shade of blue all you need to do is name the recolored texture file to CircularPanel001 and another copy CircularPanel2001 and add it to each of the corresponding folders. then change these lines in the FS module and now you can have all 3 colors. textureNames = CircularPanel000;CircularPanel010;CircularPanel001 oh yeah and CircularPanel2000;CircularPanel2010;CircularPanel2001 textureDisplayNames = Black;Blue;Dark Blue
  8. did you use the files that are in the drive link i sent you? those are already converted to dds using the dds4ksp app. so it does everything it needs for KSP. so there are two in there one is PNG for the textures and normals and the other is dds for both. I renamed them so you can tell which is which easier.
  9. COL.R.Neville

    [1.5.1+] Click Through Blocker

    okay thanks i thought i had the latest version installed. but looks like i still had 168 installed instead.
  10. I thought %maxQ was for aero forces. i was having a problem with these being broken by fairing separations I added in is breakable false and they stopped breaking dont know what to tell you dont know what explosive force or separation motor exhaust is classed as just telling you why i added it in there very possible i was wrong it aint the first time.
  11. the is breakable is more for bumping into them in orbit or getting hit by ejection force/exhaust of fairing separation. just lower the temps down to 1500-1800 that will make sure they burn up during reentry. when i did this originally i tried to use the part variant thing too but found out its at the part level not the object level. so its kinda one dimensional so changing the color of a cubic strut or fuel tank etc no problemo its one part. this is like 20 plus pieces being assembled into one part. so the part variant stuff would need to be able to do the equivalent of change the color of each face of the tank or cubic strut to a different color. Thats why i went with the firespitter plus since roverdude uses it throughout USI it was pretty safe to use since chances were it would always be kept up to date.
  12. COL.R.Neville

    [1.5.1+] Click Through Blocker

    after updating the tool bar controller in the flight scene i started getting these. [EXC 18:35:45.474] FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'ClickThroughBlocker, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies.
  13. heres a config that will get the legs working for the most part. just cant start with them extended. still trying to figure out getting the suspension working but will probably have to have some model changes to get that working.
  14. yeah running into the same errors thinking its contract configurator not passing everything over.
  15. ok thanks thats what i thought just making sure. would rather find the exact problem and get that fixed.