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  1. Hello! The game crashed! This happens after rendezvous (approximation) between the two ships, while distancing than 2 km apart. I was able to repeat the errors each time bringing the two ships. After which the game crashes. In this example, during the first rendezvous, there are many errors in the console. Further, while the second rendezvous, too many errors, and The game crashed. Mods: ModularFlightIntegrator, Kopernicus, Stock Visual Terrain (for Windows). The game does not crash without these mods. Video and logs under the spoiler. You can not imagine. But after a removal of this modification, including all possible modifications, after some time, there was the same problem with other modifications. Probably after upgrading other mods. No matter how much I did not delete mods, still remained a problem. And already appeared with other modifications. But I have solved the problem. I change the orbit of the ship. Now it does not intersect the orbit of the satellite. The game no longer crashes. In pure sandbox, it was not possible to repeat the problem. Oh, I was exhausted. Jebediah and his team continued its mission Sorry for the Google translator.