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  1. Fastest to Ocean!!!

    This would be a better challenge
  2. Any mod parts? Warp Drives included?
  3. Spirit Style Landi-

    Easy. Pick the planet with the heaviest atmosphere first Eve lander it is
  4. heaviest vtol ever

    My old Minmus base rockets were around 5000 tons, and they mad it to Minmus
  5. The Flea Jump Challenge

    Ooh, Challenge Accepted
  6. Well I am very late. But I have several good models that I hope to submit soon
  7. Mk. 3 Vehicle DropPod Challenge

    What mods, if any, are allowed?
  8. I made a rocket plane that flew for 4500km in less than 15 min, powered by a Mammoth rocket engine D:
  9. Why no rocket engines? Can we suggest 2-3 catagories if our aircraft could do well in any?
  10. Hey can we make the Size 2 cabins and the Mk3 cabins the same price? Because if they carry the same amount of people, why is one 3 times more expensive?
  11. Some times I'll put two mk1s together with a fuel tank in the center
  12. Well, yea, or you could fill in the space with part-clipped fuel tanks. Looks as nice if you do it correctly and is more useful
  13. Yeah, which is why I'm saying you didn't use tweakscale