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  1. So you're suggesting using a seperate rover to move base parts? I think I'm gonna just make space stations around Mun and Minmus
  2. My base is on the minmus flats, but uses the very large rover wheels
  3. New KSP Military-Type Series

    sent a request
  4. New KSP Military-Type Series

    K, will when I get home
  5. aww Are there any space-capable exploit engines that you know of?
  6. Is there any way to use this physics exploit for a space-capable engine?
  7. New KSP Military-Type Series

    Can I join?
  8. hahaha. But still. Most of the planes I make get their range from going really fast then gliding halfway around the planet.
  9. The range formula doesn't count glide tho, amirite? Why?
  10. Are flying wings allowed? I have an idea
  11. Is this still open? Sorry I'm kinda late
  12. Rovers won't move?

    Probably this. Drove at 30 m/s on Kerbin, but 4 m/s on Minmus
  13. I tested my base rover on Kerbin and it went to 40 m/s. I landed it on Minmus and it won't move more than 1 m/s. What's going on?