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  1. haha. It's part of a cargo plane with 20m Mk3 cargo holds
  2. My Giganto IV has 10m engines
  3. Ok, I can work on a Delta Impulse B, should fix the problems. It was *incredibly* maneuverable before I took off the control surfaces off to reduce cost. Not sure about limiting control surfaces, I don't do that on any of my planes so far because I'm not quite sure how it would help and what would lack. Offering to subcontract the dev out with another manufacturer. Will also stretch the fuselage, might switch out the Panther for a rapier, will test So I take it the Impulse S was a success? Still, might make an S-B model. Potenial Subcontractors wanted
  4. Ok Delta Industries offers to rework any aircraft for a sale of 10 or more
  5. Oh ok; does it seem nice so far? Also, I'm trying to get a good dedicated SST up, although that's trickier
  6. Ok, how long until mine is reviewed? Newer planes have been reviewed, and I've been waiting months
  7. RedPandaz

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    I suggested a way to fix that
  8. RedPandaz

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    It doesn't take long though, and you could always leave the area. And the AoE could always be smaller- the principle is the same; I think 500 km could probably work just fine
  9. That would be especially cool if they added POV IVAs and you could walk between compartments/open doors or whatever. Doubt they will tho
  10. Well, then the Giganto might be a litttttle hard to fly
  11. Not even just procedural wings?
  12. @CrazyJebGuy @Kebab Kerman Is B9 Procedural wings allowed? If not, the Giganto IV...still flies, but looking at its wings would be unsettling for many pilots
  13. The Giganto 4 uses TweakScale and therefor doesn't lag at it's impressive 11kt