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  1. How about beign less toxic? Those bugs are known and gonna be fixed
  2. Looks like NCR-N Nose cargo bay from Nerthea's NF Launch Vehicles
  3. You literally have all ingredients from Rover's mods to create a hull, strut it up, add Orion engine, and Voila! Interstellar transport
  4. That multi-story building on background looks quite cool! I might jump again on base building when RoverDude releases giant domes
  5. ... Oh, exiting from that door miiight be sligtly dangerous Awesome works as always, gonna try to build Terran floating-bases like in starcraft
  6. Woah! Wow ... I was AFK (away from Ksp ) for a long time ... I think its time to start career again
  7. ahahah, all of my biplanes at the start of career took off thanks to bumps
  8. Still WIP... lab produced enought science to build giant interplanetary ship *evil laugh* ...yeah i attach every reusable junk back to base in case it could be usable later Note to myself: kerbals tend to smash fotovoltaic panels alot! ... probaly those panels have their own kracken microgravity that works only on kerbals
  9. @Nils277, base was never attacked by kracken. Bigfoot landing legs do their job Kerbal Shipping Program
  10. @Raptor22, it was just a test. I thought that bug happened when extra-heavy pieces were attached by pipes, thats why 2 base hubs (and container full of metal in background + some lightweight parts). While off-topic, here's my actual base
  11. @Nils277, base was created in VAB Another minor thingy (yup, somehow I can only build bug-infested bases) that rarely happened: everything works but joint flex.animation is freezed, reloading corrects everything
  12. @Nils277, Here ya go. Hoping that will help persistent.sfs stays even before than joint is attached to base (sorry for poor english) In .rar I packed modlist(just to be sure), persistent.sfs, and recreated troubleshooting craft using just stock parts and your mods(what to do to repeat bug is written in craft's description)
  13. Ehm, im new with this bug-hunt thingy I'm kinda confused what I need to send, you mean game's save? That one in KSP/saves/<generic funny career name>/quicksave #..., or entire career saves with craft files?
  14. That Sunflare ... Is awesomelicious!! And status update: Ceti Base is expanding well Dunno if even a bug but:
  15. Build a rocket Add moar boosters Need moar Delta-V? Repeat step 2 ...wait... Moon? Never heard about that celestial body in Ksp ahahah, joke Can you specify where exactly you need help: on how to build a craft/spaceflight/only general tips?
  16. I'm using Bon Voyage myself and I love it, but if you wanna deliver rover manually, I can suggest you Heisenberg Airships mod, no need of copter engines, just place garage(or just dock rover) in internal zeppelin's bay and fly to yer target... yeah, but be carefull of airship pirates in Kerbin Skies
  17. i think he means flatbed, and yeah that part will be nice to build trains... ehm cargo rover trailers
  18. Sharpy has guessed all mods. Domes are from PlanetaryDomes, central tower is Central Hub(Planetarybases) + lab + 6-kerbal habitat(I dont remember the name from Station parts expansion). The "towers" are recyclers from Roverdude's USI-LS. Structure holding the welcome screen in from NearFutureConstruction. Yup its GPP, and whole thing will be divided/sent and assembled on Ceti (career mode, so some of parts i want to add are still locked)
  19. One question about those bendy joints. Is it possible to make them moar flexible? The reason im asking is because I wanna try to build jetways, and that part is perfect... but it moves left-right only by few degrees
  20. You should take a look at Strategia mod, it has an option to activate 'Contract Slot machine', and also it works with GPP
  21. Still unfinished, the Ceti-port. As WuphonsReach, I really love vertical structures (gonna add moar). On later design i downloaded LLL, for those nice corridors and for rotating scanners
  22. Just when I thought your mod is awesome... Well, this update increased it's awesomeness level (insert random over 9000 joke)!!
  23. So... remember i promised a base on Mun ... ehm Ceti! Here's mine still uncompleted design, just testing Ceti-port for functionality and Kraken-resistance P.S. Everything is in career mode, still need science to unlock some 'essential' extra parts to lower Fps
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