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  1. man wish you were still here tbh

  2. Hi everyone. I have unfortunately discontinued Intergalactic in light of some recent events, and due to the fact that I don't have enough time to complete as big a mod as this. Currently I am beginning work on a much smaller mod, which hopefully won't end up like this one. Additionally, I gave the mod assets to @DeltaDizzy for the development of his Terras Ignotas mod, so hopefully IG would not be completely dead. For now, check out "The World Beyond" by @TheProtagonists for an amazing galaxy mod that has already been released. Sorry I couldn't do a better job on this.
  3. Unfortunately, development for this mod has come to a standstill, because all of my efforts are being focused into my other mod Intergalactic. Hopefully I'll pick it back up again once Intergalactic is released, but for now, KEP is dormant.
  4. Rebuilt Arkon from the ground up, hopefully eliminating all the SE-ness in the texture:
  5. I will be releasing an alpha release on the Kopernicus discord, maybe in a few months but I really don't have an exact date. The beta release will then be released here on the forum.
  6. Finally got the scatter config tool working for me, so I created the planet Dellingr in the Kernis system, named after a Norse god: and here's a nice surface shot: Additionally, I have been updating the stats for this mod, which are as follows: Current # of planets(not including moons): 36 # of stars(not including black holes): 26 Total # of celestial bodies: 85 Not quite enough for a whole galaxy just yet, but we're getting there
  7. Been working on a binary gas giant system orbiting Trinus B, including a moon for some surface shots (because we all love seeing two gas giants in the sky, right?)
  8. Got a lot done in the past few days, so expect a longer update than usual. First off is a remake to Unum Massa, so it would look a bit more like an L-type brown dwarf. I plan to add much larger atmospheric disturbances here in the future. Next is an interesting-looking planetesimal in the Kernis system, Cran: And finally in the Trinus B system, we have Tidor, and (as its name suggests) it's a tidally locked, potentially habitable planet orbiting the red dwarf. Stay tuned!
  9. Investigation into using gradients for creating gas giant maps resulted in the planet Stom: The bands aren't entirely noticeable at the moment, among other things. I'll modify the texture to my liking as development progresses.
  10. Started development on the Kernis system, and experimented with new ways to make sunflares.
  11. Arkon and all of its moons: *try to find them
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