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  1. Apparently after I changed dxgi.nvapiHack back to True (as I did experiment with that on a 2.0.0), it works, but runs slower than native and the real memory difference is much less than what top says (not sure how, but there's heavy swapping despite showing SWAP + RSS columns being less in total than free memory before starting KSP). So I guess I'll try to play native and maybe remove a couple of other mods.
  2. So, with 2.0.1, Linux version kind of works, but the whole modded setup is eating too much memory Windows version with Wine + dxvk hangs after trying to launch vessels (switch to flight view) saying:
  3. You can try crossover or set up wine + moltenvk + https://github.com/Gcenx/DXVK-macOS manually, maybe it will work
  4. Apparently a smart part can toggle staging even in timewarp and even with staging locked, took me a while to realize why my Minmus sample return vessel decouples it's descent stage well before the landing.
  5. There was another one called Smart Actuation, which I kinda missed, thanks
  6. 0.5.0 switch to AdjustableCoMShifter. You can now adjust your CoM shift in-flight (in pre-configured range) some preparations to try to autoconfigure unconfigured pods
  7. Experiment module is defined by Kerbalism and those are exact 3 experiments which I want to produce transmittable data instead of collectable samples.
  8. Am I really supposed to write something like: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Experiment]:HAS[#experiment_id[dmNAlbedoScan]]]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @MODULE[Experiment] { %unsamplify = True } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Experiment]:HAS[#experiment_id[dmXRayDiffract]]]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @MODULE[Experiment] { %unsamplify = True } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Experiment]:HAS[#experiment_id[dmlaserblastscan]]]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @MODULE[Experiment] { %unsamplify = True } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Experiment]:HAS[#unsamplify[True]]]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @MODULE[Experiment] { -unsamplify = True -sample_mass = anything -sample_collecting = True -sample_reservoir = 0 } } instead of just: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Experiment]:HAS[#experiment_id[dmNAlbedoScan|dmXRayDiffract|dmlaserblastscan]]]:NEEDS[DMagicOrbitalScience,FeatureScience]:AFTER[Kerbalism] { @MODULE[Experiment] { -sample_mass = anything -sample_collecting = True -sample_reservoir = 0 } } Or am I missing something about why the later doesn't work?
  9. Apparently RPWS doesn't collect data in the background sometimes, it always shows like '18% done' in the device manager despite having science point available, and only starts counting when I switch to the spacecraft.
  10. 0.3.0 Add support for updated mk1pod_v2 Compile using msbuild instead of xbuild Mark it 1.7 compatible
  11. How can DMagic's Laser Surface Scan be a sample? It literally just puffs a laser onto surface and looks at the spectrum, but instead it tries to dig a huge chunk of rock according to it's mass.
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