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  1. Posted on the first thread, then made your last post four years later to the day. I salute your dedication, sir.:)

  2. Had the same problem, but fixing this has sal_vaged my save!
  3. @Ferram4: yes, my previous SSTOs were only able to achieve low orbit without much of a margin. I'm able to reach 1400 m/s in airbreathing mode, 1440 tops.
  4. I have a question regarding the new drag model: my SSTO that was able to bring 6 kerbals or a small sat in low orbit is now unable to do so. Can this be due to the introduced changes?
  5. How would it be possible for the Isp of an engine to decrease with altitude? It always increases with decreasing air density.
  6. That is indeed an idea. It should also be possible to send capsules to "retrieve" science and incentivate flights to the space stations, maybe.
  7. Greetings, fellow Kerbonauts! The way it works now in career mode (I'm aware that this is still just the very beginning of it, but thought to pitch in anyway) is that space stations are completely and utterly useless, aside from their role as fuel depots. The point is: they don't have any direct role in the research for science (points). So, here's my proposal: it would be useful if space stations, depending on their complexity (instruments onboard, but mostly power generation capability and crew capacity), would generate a steady, if slow, trickle of science points. This would make them relev
  8. Regarding Windows 8 on traditional desktop/laptop PCs: I like it! Seriously, it boots up extremely fast, runs every "legacy" application I managed to throw at it, and, at least until now, I haven't noticed any instabilities. Granted, with the original release of Windows 8 there was the problem of the constant switching between the two interfaces when dealing with the control panel, since most of the settings were only available on the "classic" control panel. However, I find that the 8.1 update alleviates most of these concerns. For example, here's how I setup my start screen: With one click
  9. On the two-man four-wheeled rover I'm driving around the Mün right now I use two RTGs and a big buffer of batteries (two of the cylindrical 1m type and four of the bigger side-mounted ones), supplemented with two of the smalles solar panels. True, two RTGs aren't enough for continuous maximum power output, but the buffer takes care of this most of the time. On stations and interplanetary craft I go pure solar panels usually, trying not to overbuild the system with too many admittedly great-looking giganto panels, so my stations tend to look a bit "bony", while on other craft I usually just
  10. Link isn't working :/ I also first played with the 0.7.3 version when it was published on Orbiter-Forum, but sadly I deleted all versions I had when KSP was still free.
  11. Ships will "work", as in, they will load. However, the behaviour of the SAS and command module has been changed, so you'll have to account for that.
  12. Meh, the only real problems I've ever had with Windows had to do with the INSANE amount of bloatware/crapware that comes preinstalled with most pre-built laptops/desktop PCs. I mean, seriously, why include utterly redundant network and audio control centers, which do nothing but change settings in the "proper" control panels built into the OS? And that's not to talk about pre-installed trialware, especially antivirus software...
  13. I'd also move all the rendezvous equipment to the transfer stage awaiting in Eve orbit, letting the ascent stage be the passive vehicle during docking, in order to save weight by not having to carry the RCS system to the surface and back. You could also leave out the docking port and trasfer the crew via EVA. Every gram counts on Eve.
  14. Whatever it is, the vast majority of Kermans has it set to Off. In my save Jeb and two other had it set to on, out of 45 Kermans who are on a mission at this time.
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