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  1. @fourfa, the structure is built with blocks from @Sassenach's firma mod. Everything else (mostly) is from the USI constellation, Near Future or Planetary Base Systems.
  2. Put more brutalist architecture in space today – an extractor and a refining/manufacturing base.
  3. How would I go about circumventing that? Not being able to share enriched uranium between bases this way is not fun to me. I remember it not being possible with MKS prior to when it updated with KSP 1.2, too, but I would just edit nertea's nuclear fuel containers to include the planetary logistics module and I would have uranium teleporting through the ether without a problem. I miss being able to do that and it isn't obvious to me how to change it now. I know RD puts a lot of effort into his mods to have them work a certain way and I mostly love how they work, but I find this particular design choice frustrating.
  4. Are we supposed to be able to share enriched uranium through planetary logistics? It appears as an option on the nuclear fuel containers, but enabling it doesn't seem to do anything for me.
  5. Brought a new mining base online today, putting – thanks to @Sassenach's firma mod – the first piece of brutalist architecture in space (where it belongs).
  6. Any plans for rounded blocks that could be used to build curves and domes? A 2.5m adapter and a 5m quad-adapter that would fit four blocks (welded together or attached with recoupler) would be really cool too.
  7. Just turned the lights on for the first nightfall on Kokiria Base. @Sassenach's Firma mod is great.
  8. A lot of these modules are redundant and slated for demolition, but they sure do look nice all together. Anyway, I've been experimenting with @allista's Ground Construction mod today and it certainly makes some fun things possible.
  9. Phyllorhyza Base coming together nicely on Minmus.
  10. Just landed my first Phyllorhiza module on Minmus. Very pleased with its appearance. Quite functional, too. I believe five modules in this series and three supplementary modules for cooling, resource extraction, and storage – altogether maybe 200 parts – should be enough to start cranking out nearly the entire USI supply chain.
  11. Assembled a little graphene ring in LKO today to test some design ideas.
  12. Clonopsis Base fully operational, producing machinery, material kits, specialized parts and enriched nuclear fuel. A major step forward in making Kerbal-kind independent of Kerbin.
  13. Many MKS parts have "ground tethering" which stops sliding and jitters in ground structures. If you aren't opposed to adding another mod, sticking an MKS part onto your base and "tethering" it (no actual connection is graphically represented) is a good solution to sliding.
  14. MKS has a more important feature for keeping the kraken away from ground bases: ground tethering. Many MKS parts have the option to "tether" a base to the ground and zero out the little jitters that build up into the big thrashing behavior that tear bases apart. I build enormous bases with lots of parts that would normally be impossible in KSP, but ground tethering makes them perfectly safe. I haven't tried attaching ground structures to each other using KAS since ground tethering became an option, but I have a suspicion that it would protect bases connected in this way too.
  15. Been testing some new base designs after a long hiatus from KSP. This one is specialized for metal extraction and refining. Looks like the various modules are about ready to start testing on Minmus.