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  1. Thank you for this! Already in good use since the beginning
  2. Nuh uh. Expect the unexpected! Next is @blackrack
  3. I have updated the post with all current videos. More to come!
  4. Recorded at the preview event at ESA's ESTEC.
  5. It was fun! Can't wait to show you more
  6. Fantasic work @blackrack. I can't believe how smooth it runs and awesome it looks, truly impressed. Here my video:
  7. Looks like they are setting up a story and lore for KSP2. Here a video where I checked the Alien Artifacts that were added in the Mun Arch anomalies in the latest 1.12.5 Patch. I cound't sample new science, nor could I use the scanning arm on them. So no further interactions, besides looking and landing on them. Maybe more updates leading to KSP2's release will show more. And I still have to conduct crash tests, maybe we can break more of the Arch in-game.
  8. Nice! Thanks for posting it here
  9. Good to hear. I'll always check for updates the next days. If you need more vidoes, here all the videos I made with Nazari's mod:
  10. Nice! Perfect timing for this year's Christmas special. I used this mod for all parts before.
  11. Nice, thanks for your work guys. I have already some more plans for videos
  12. Hey, I made a video of your mod, showing it to more people
  13. Oh boy, I can't wait for it. Especially for interstellar travel and multiplayer
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