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  1. I found KSP unplayable without mods. Basic features like power management and reserve power are missing in the vanilla game:
  2. I started modding withing weeks of starting KSP in mid 2017 but I never released anything. Like Snark, my primary motivation was to fix issues for myself but also to make the game easier for myself (I kind if suck at it) by changing parts specs and creating new parts. For instance I embedded things like tanks, batteries, MechJeb modules, small nuke reactors or Hydrogen cells, etc into landers to lower the parts count and make them more interesting, I made engines more powerful and more efficient or created new engines. Or, to avoid constant mining and ore hauling, I created a Space Dust resour
  3. Very good indeed. Just don't expect Hollywood style explosions and action. It's the kind SciFi that we need more of. KSP fans should enjoy this.
  4. So I haven't played in many months. I launched the game today and there is a message during startup that Unity collects "certain" personal information. I'd like to know "exactly" what personal information is collected. What does Unity have access to?
  5. That is pretty cool. Congratulations!
  6. The Polish flag has white on the top and red on the bottom. Your flag is a Monaco's flag.
  7. You can add any type of resource to any part by inserting something like this into the part's .cfg file, liquid fuel in this case. You can change the capacity number to whatever you want it to be. maxAmout is the tank capacity and amount is the amount of fuel added by default to the part. Just make a backup copy of the cfg file before messing with it. RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 360 maxAmount = 360 }
  8. I'm surprised so many people use the default Spacebar assignment. It's of the first bindings I had to change: too many accidental stage separations. But, on the topic: 1) Full throttle 2) Release clamps
  9. You want Elite Dangerous. The moment Squad adds any sort of weaponry and fighting to KSP I'm deleting the game.
  10. There were several long threads in the past regarding KSP multiplayer. The general consensus usually was that it would never happen. The core game would have to be drastically changed which would be very controversial. And there is the time warp. There is no good way to handle time warp with multiple players in the same instance of the game. For instance, I could see things like different roles for different players based on their preference. One player would run a station and maintain it: handle tech development, resupply, construction and maintenance, another would run a research facili
  11. Docking actually worked for me. Landing would sometimes be problematic though. The only times docking wouldn't work for me were: - I had modded RCS thrusters tat were too powerful for the craft - there was object protruding too close to the docking port.
  12. Docking with MechJeb is very easy.
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