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  1. dallascwbys9

    What's Your Favorite KSP Version?

    1.3.1 gang
  2. dallascwbys9

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    I think mine is when I was doing a good Mun Mission and when i was ready to come back that i forgot a heat shield , Lets just say the crew is living with the stars now
  3. dallascwbys9

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    I use Kerbal Animation Suite to make a kerbal dab Ive been exiled from the KSC and ive been living off of nothing but grass and Mystery Goo (still dont know what its made of, not even sure if its safe to eat) My Reputation on Kerbin has been ruined and im stuck as a homeless man. dont do what i did, SAVE YOURSELF
  4. dallascwbys9

    When and why did you start WRITING mods for KSP?

    Well i wouldn't consider myself a mod writer because most of the mods i write are jokes with me and a group of friends. I'm far from amature, I dont know that much about it but i can do the most basic of modding to be able to add a planet into the game. It was a planet with Peter Griffins face on it, I do want to get into more serious modding than just jokes.
  5. dallascwbys9

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    When you spend and hour or so installing mods and having the game load just to show up that kopernicus doesn't work, IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY.
  6. dallascwbys9

    The 1.3.1 Club

    Im not exactly sure why i play 1.3.1, but i do, I guess its because like stated above the huge mod list, and it runs pretty good on the craptop with like 100 mods installed
  7. dallascwbys9

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today well yesterday i was playing some KSS (Rest In Peace) Career and i was trying to get to orbit, I have mostly level 1 buildings but my mission control is level 2, im not that far on the tech tree and i get so close but run out of fuel at the last minute, so fricking annoying
  8. Sorry for the Late Response but @Mythical Donuts Is right, I am having trouble making the maps for the entire planet, but Thank you for your response!
  9. Hello, im wondering what are some good ways to develop planet textures and maps for kopernicus planets. because all the maps i make look either to "fake" looking, anything would help. thank you
  10. dallascwbys9

    When and why did you start modding KSP?

    I started modding because i was watching videos about ksp and seen stuff that wasnt in the game for me, and then it was just a downward spiral untill im at the mod addicted self im at now
  11. dallascwbys9

    What Career build are you most proud of?

    I think my build that im most proud of is a duna base that i sent in one go, for a contract
  12. dallascwbys9

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    So far ive wasted 1,375 hours in sending little green beans to space to later die in a horrible accident
  13. dallascwbys9

    Your PROUDEST moment in KSP

    I think mine so far is landing on duna and returning in career mode
  14. dallascwbys9

    Mars Poster Fan Art

    I made a little fan art of mars based on some posters i found, im not sure if this belongs here but i decided to put it here