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  1. @NathanKell @Gotmachine I have an idea for a bugfix. There's a bug in the game that unlocks fuel tanks when they're copied with alt+click. I believe it was introduced in 1.9 and never officially fixed afterwards. Pretty easy to reproduce: take any fuel tank, lock it and copy it. The copied fuel tank will be unlocked. Also mods with procedural parts take it a little further: when you lock some procedural fuel tanks without even copying them and then save the vehicle, the next time you load that vehicle these fuel tanks will all be unlocked.
  2. It's good to see this fixed after all these years regardless of how easy it was to fix. Before KSPCF I only can recall one attempt at doing something like this (Stock Bug Fix Modules), but it didn't live for long. This game desperately needs fixes like these, making a more enjoyable experience for everybody. At least until the second game releases.
  3. Wow, this means that we can actually use physwarp now without it lagging the heck out of the game afterwards? Now I wonder what you guys can't actually fix. Again, would be great if this was marked applicable game versions wise.
  4. I have the same thing as in the screenshots above. I don't think it's a bug, probably just needs some tweaking by blackrack. It started happening when he updated atmospheres.
  5. I just did the steps from the OP and it added like 5 frames. Maybe it's just that one spot on Kerbin that is screwed. Or maybe it's because I'm teleporting there. I don't know.
  6. My antialiasing is already at 2x, should be low enough, and the Nvidia settings don't make a lot of sense since they're all just defaults. It's already set like this when you install the driver.
  7. Inconsistent. Some icebergs decrease my fps to sub 60, and on Kerbin in the middle of the forest I'm getting 20 fps without any parts in the scene. It fluctuates in general, and sometimes it doesn't spawn anything at all on some bodies.
  8. Does the new update only work in the latest version of the game? In 1.10 there is nasty performance drops and irregular spawning of the scatters.
  9. Might not even be the internet. I have 100 mbit internet, but yet it takes a lot of time to download the video as well. Maybe it's related to a server that we are connecting to, it may be different.
  10. That's why I started to use the QuickGoTo mod. Saves a lot of unnecessary scene changes.
  11. Overall performance and loading times after you play for like an hour or two. If the second one fixes at least that (and has the majority of the features), I'm never launching the first game ever again.
  12. There's still some exceptions regarding EVE: And also it seems in the latest update these ones started happening: Don't know how serious these are.
  13. Seems to be working without issues. Resaving, reopening, saving as subassemblies. Nodes are staying in place. Also built a simple rover and drove around for 20 minutes, saved and loaded the game, left the scene and came back, timewarped. No issues as well. I'll let you know if I find something in the future. Thank you for this fix.
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