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  1. Dont't know the reason, but can confirm, I just had 12 fps after teleporting a craft with ~230 parts to the Mun orbit. After some testing it turned out that this was caused by Kopernicus.
  2. Oh, so it works with surface features. Nice.
  3. When is the new kerbal rock pickup animation playing? In what circumstance?
  4. Is that picture from the internal Squad network? It doesn't show it on the forum and when I tried to open it in the new window, it just redirected me to and requested a sign in.
  5. Some explanation from @JPLRepo that was posted during @Rocketology's stream. Maybe this will help a bit.
  6. Just add the ability to lock/unlock the robotic parts via KAL-1000 and it will be priceless.
  7. But what does it do? It enables eclipses or what? Since the release of Breaking Ground this option remains a mystery.
  8. Oh, I hope it does only that. I will wait for another release from Thomas, but if there's nothing that can be done about it, then I will use this workaround and pray it doesn't break anything. It doesn't look like it, but under the hood - who knows.
  9. You want to hear something funny? I renamed the file from Trajectories.bin to Trajectories.dll and IT WORKS. The game loads fine and Trajectories seem to be working too. But it can't be that simple, can it? I cannot even imagine how much breakage that can cause down the road.
  10. Same. But I kinda don't want to just delete the mod that I use constantly. Maybe there's a solution for this.
  11. Am I the only one that has Kopernicus stuck on the Trajectories.bin loading?
  12. Autostruts worked this way straight from 2016. If that's not how they meant to work, it took WAY too long to "fix" it. Even though it seems logical now (no magical struts through the air), we need a word from Squad on this one, just to be sure.