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  1. The one that I mentioned above is pretty serious. And you absolutely can't patch that yourself, it's in the code. I'm ready to move my career save to 1.8, it seems pretty stable and solid for what it is, but that one bug is stopping me like a brick wall. Just because I don't want all my crafts with servos to get screwed. The robotics are a big part of the game for me, but for now it's not worth it to just try to ignore the obvious. I can't play like that. Well, I never expect it to be polished, I just want the servos to work as they should and not like they behave now. I live with little things and inconsistencies no problem, but when a part of the game is out-right broken - that's beyond me and I'm expecting it to be fixed.
  2. Well, here's hoping there will be 1.8.2. I don't really want to resume playing until robotics are fixed, to be honest. Especially in my career save, where a bunch of crafts relies on robotics to work. I can temporarily not use it, but at the end of the day I'm not liking this feeling of "non-completeness" at the back of my mind. It bothers me.
  3. Works fine. Apart from the already known issues I stated earlier nothing has changed.
  4. I also just found a pretty severe bug with the robotics again: They never stop appearing, do they?
  5. Deleted all the mods except Trajectories, same thing. Not a conflict. Tried changing the terrain shader quality and the render quality. Still nothing.
  6. In-flight landing marker acts kind of strange. It disappears at a certain angle. Sometimes it disappears completely. Also, in map mode it shows above the terrain. No better way to show it than in a video:
  7. No, it is due to In-Flight being enabled, actually. I just checked. Without it being enabled the mod doesn't throw a bunch of errors. It would be great if you or somebody else can fix this. This mod (as well as any other, probably) can't be considered fully operational if one of the core functions doesn't work properly. Update: Also, Trajectories WAS showing when I previously answered, I'm just a dummy who didn't even lower his periapsis into the atmosphere for it to appear properly. My apologies. @bigorangemachine
  8. I am on 1.8.1 and this is the same errors I was getting when trying to use Trajectories from 1.7 with a renamed .bin file. If you scroll up a few messages you will see it, though the images do not work anymore. ^ This. They were the same errors about matrix stack and some shader. I'm not sure if that's because I activated In-Flight mode, it happened as soon as I enabled Trajectories.
  9. Still getting a bunch of the same errors. But this time Trajectories is not even showing on the screen, only the GUI.
  10. Pretty much this: I'm sure that I'm not the only one experiencing this, you can pretty much see this on every stream on twitch from time to time. I'm not the expert in Unity, but is there really no way this can be done? I highly doubt that.
  11. Oh god, I broke my posts by deleting the images from imgur. I was hoping the forum would cache them or something.
  12. And I think I completetly figured that robotics bug out in my last reply here: Wouldn't want for this bug to get buried after just one try.
  13. Not completely, you are correct here. I totally forgot about this workaround. But this doesn't fix a storm of console errors. I would not want to use this mod like this, that's for sure.
  14. Well, there's your answer. They fixed something about robotics symmetry in 1.8 and that must be a byproduct of this change. You can file a bug report here: You can copy the log file from the game folder and attach it directly to the report.