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  1. Yes, tried all of that. It's like my steam client doesn't see the other files for the localization and thinks there is only one choice, seems like that's why when I'm choosing other language nothing is happening. Steam restart does not forcing the update because all the files is up to date, they just not the ones I need. And for the same reason ksp runs without any complaints for updates. Oh well, I guess I'm just gonna live with that for now. I'm playing on the english version anyway, just wanted to test this localization and see what's new. Maybe when the full update is out it's gonna sort itself out. Thanks for your time.
  2. Of course I'm changing the language of the game and run the correct copy. It looks like my steam properties for the language is not doing anything for some reason. Even if I change it, nothing is downloading. Might be a problem on my end, tried other game and it didn't work either. Edit: Nope. Just tried it on fallout 3 and it immediately queued an update. For some games this works, for some don't. Sadly for me, ksp is one of the not working ones.
  3. It seems like I can't switch it to russian. Language switch does nothing, game just downloads original english files even if I delete it completely and redownload from scratch.