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  1. Then I have no idea. I had the same problem, but it was caused by the Texture Replacer due to its feature to change suits conflicting with the Suit Picker feature from the game.
  2. Just checked your mod out and I must say, the good reviews are well deserved. It's the best one I've seen yet. The only thing it can't do is project decals onto the fairings. But you can't have everything at once, I guess.
  3. Do you have Texture Replacer installed? If so, update it and disable "Personalize Suits" in the menu.
  4. And the magnetometer that weighs half a ton instead of 50 kilos isn't a mistake either (it's confirmed by the devs). You underestimate Squad when it comes to mistakes. The flags are essentially some pieces of paint that you add to the craft. You think it should have an aero model? I disagree. And even if it is the intended behavior, the amount of lift should be negligible or at least a lot smaller than it is right now. I appreciate that.
  5. I don't mind using some mods, but I definitely mind using that one. My game suffers from pixel lights enough as it is, I will not add something that relies on additional projections and draw calls to work. And on top of that, am I wrong to assume that I can use some newly added feature of the game and expect it to work without any problems straight from the box? I think I should at least have that right as a paying customer. If not, then we have a problem.
  6. The flags add an unnecessary amounts of body lift onto the vehicle. I don't think this is how it should be. I just spent two days figuring out why my capsule refused to work properly, and when I try to get rid of flags as a last ditch effort, this is it. Update: well, at least I figured out how my capsule works with all the flags on it. Body lift on one part is a lot less harmful than body lift on several parts. Updating this post, as it contained some serious salt and I don't want to just excessively wine about stuff without any reason.
  7. I would appreciate if somebody checked this one out, it's quite strange.
  8. This isn't a "hey, I need a mod, can you help me out" page, this is a suggestions page, isn't it? Edit: but hey, I might check the second one out, I didn't know there was a mod that can change the stock light behavior. Edit #2: yep, for the time being I'm just going to use this mod, it's actually quite good.
  9. Wouldn't it be great if the lights had an actual shader that changes its color based on whatever color you set for the light? For the next part revamp, maybe. In the stock game you can change the color of the light, but the texture always remains white. I added a bunch of colored textures to the lights via the MM patch, but it's a little bit clunky to use and I only have a certain amount of colors to work with. But it still looks great, or at least better than just a plain white light with the actual color being different.
  10. What about a 4k by 4k pixels 21megabytes emissive texture for something that is smaller than a kerbal? I almost choked when I saw this, so on that one I'm inclined to agree with you.
  11. Thank you. I also did a pretty in-detail explanation for this one, hope that'll help to resolve it as well.
  12. Here's what I gathered so far: Nothing really serious, just some minor stuff. The most annoying one I think is the one with the flags. It can interfere with some designs. But aside from that, this update is looking pretty darn solid. You guys really did a great job on this one, especially by fixing some long standing issues.
  13. @nestor Looks like you guys packed some different language on the alpha channel of some fairing base textures. I think it might be french.
  14. The changed fairing behavior makes me wonder how broken it might end up this time around. That did not end well last time.
  15. Comparing Simple Rockets 2 and KSP is not a smart thing to do, I know, but just look at the water texture there as well. It almost looks like Scatterer but takes a lot less performance to run. It's basically free in terms of performance. Squad has some pretty good shaders (as evidenced by all the recent planet revamps), so doing something like this should be a no-brainer.