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  1. On that topic. Is it possible to gain access to the old standard wing textures while still retaining the full TU recoloring options? I didn't see them until I removed the cfg for TU from the pwings folder, but in this case the recoloring is not possible, it's only old textures.
  2. Those are not numbers of orbits, that is the amount of experience points they have received for that particular achievement.
  3. It overlays the entire flight scene with markers (prograde, retrograde, etc) and when a docking port is selected as target, NavHud gives alignment markings for that docking port and the point of control for the ship that you are flying. I like it especially for that reason. It doesn't have any windows, just markers on top of the whole scene, which do not obscure anything from view.
  4. Same thing. When I saw how broken some things (like stack traces and NaN orbits when physicsless parts is root) were in 1.11, I said to myself "There is no way I'm playing this", but I actually wanted to have some features like EVA construction and some other QoL stuff. That was the main reason I installed KAS and KIS. And then it kind of snowballed, because my hands mods wise were "untied" at this point. I have some aid (NavHud) to help me align stuff, so I'm good in that regard. Don't want to rely strictly on snapping, that can make docking so trivial in the long run that it can actually make me rusty. I love doing everything by hand.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. Waiting for them to release more of a "definitive" version so I can actually decide whether or not it's feasible for me to update and to what version. Sound like lots of fun. Can't say that I'm not like this from time to time. At least in docking regard. Kind of developed hatred for misaligned docking, especially if I need to multidock something.
  6. As I understand from google, it's a local show in US. I don't live in US, so no. 1.11 was kind of broken by itself, but at least it's somewhat manageable. I'm staying on 1.10 for the time being, but I'm thinking about moving to a newer version. Probably not 1.12 though, it's not looking too good as of right now.
  7. Some unfortunate stuff. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/28075
  8. Yes, it is. What I did on my end as a compromise is totally disabled the included AA from Scatterer so it's not "disassembling" thin objects anymore and enabled the postprocessing FXAA from KS3P. Sometimes it makes supersampled pictures a little bit blurry, but I downscale them anyways, so that's not a problem. Look at the antennas on top.
  9. Looked at it for like 10 minutes on 1.10.1 yesterday and everything appears to be fine. Except for the floating rocks on Duna, but that's Kopernicus issue, not Parallax.
  10. What about docking port drifting? Any info on that?
  11. Well, you probably don't know who he is then. He has been playing pure stock game for as long as anybody can remember and this will probably not change anytime soon. As for KJR, I don't think it even works in the latest version of the game, considering the code change: And something tells me that in the case of EJ_SA, it's not about just stiffening the joints. Anyway, no point in arguing, let's just wait for some more patches, they are surely welcome.
  12. I don't think save-wide option is needed. Maybe introduce "locking" system, just as with the robotics. When the port is locked, it cannot rotate, but struts can go through. This will solve it as well.
  13. Tell that to EJ_SA, whose career save is now halted due to this change.
  14. This works for me. After reading the post above and learning that these numbers are actually coverage percentages, I just increased the first split and increased the resolution to 16k to compensate for quality drop. If that seems a bit excessive, it actually doesn't eat any more performance than the stock setting from what I've seen. Probably because the actual quality of the shadow stays the same due to splits, it just has more distance to it. With and without full alt+scroll zoom.
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