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  1. as dumb as using scaterrer build for 1.2.2 with KSP 1.3.0 maybe??? try to remove scatterer, download correct version of scatterer for your KSP again and then try. There should be no need for blackrack magic. This question's been asked so many times on this thread - please read the last 10 pages (if possible )
  2. Judging by the quality, size and creativity of many KSP mods I doubt this. I seriously suspect the real last name of some modders is 'Kerman' and they have big eyes in their cute green heads
  3. I'm playing with this plus some other mods adding science (sounding rockets, station science among them) and with science gain turned down to 30%. I got a nice setup for myself as I in my previous playthrough I was rushing extremely fast through tech tree. I've now landed probes on 4 inner planets, landed kerbals on Duna and I'm mostly done with techs on 500 level and getting some from 1000 level. My first set of probes have just been sent to Plock (playing with OPM) but they'll get there in 23 years Main mods are strategia, orbital science, scansat, OPM, near future, spaceY, LET. It is a very good setup, very happy with it.
  4. LGG has already confirmed that using lossless physics is very experimental. You'll need to restart KSP after using it to get properly working nodes. @linuxgurugamer are you planning to look into this issue and fix loseless option? It would be great to have it working.
  5. I've added this to science.cfg as @maja suggested. I think the best idea would be to make it a permanent addition to [x] too
  6. Galileo for President!!! i can finally upgrade to 1.3 (once I come back from holidays, that is)
  7. Could you exclude Station Science experiments from the list? These are supposed to be executed while docked to a station and work differently from standard ones. I've done it for myself (still on 1.2.2) but I think it makes sense to include it for everybody. This needs to be added to science.cfg: // --- Station Science ---------------------------- // [x] Science should ignore StationScience plantGrowth = AvoidAll bioproducts = AvoidAll eccentricKuarqs = AvoidAll retrogradeKuarqs = AvoidAll progradeKuarqs = AvoidAll kuarqsBioproducts = AvoidAll @tomf I hope you don't mind this as the current mod maintainer
  8. Great mod - I've completed Mun and Minmus programs, sent probes to both Eve and Duna and then planted flag on the red planet. However, I've found that the limitation of having only one program (probe or manned) does not really suit my play style. I prefer to handle multiple missions simultaneously (complete other contracts while working on the programs for example). I've seen your rationale for not increasing the overall number of available programs for balance reasons and I see your point. I would, however, love to have it possible to have more than one (un)manned strategy available so that I can work on them simultaneously. Is that somehow possible to have a limit of two strategies active and a separate limit of (let's say) three programs? Anyway - great mod, makes strategies an interesting part of the game. It's a good example of how it should've been done by Squad in the first place (or in the expansion maybe). Thanks a lot for this and your other mods!!!
  9. @pydudeIf you read a page or two back you'd learn the reason It's a "feature" of loseless physics setting. It's an 'experimental' function after all. I suspect however that even without this option physics engine gets confused (albeit on a much smaller, manageable scale) and looses some accuracy.
  10. @Pake I'd remove contract configurator plus all mods that depend on it and try again career mode. Please report back and if it doesn't help then posting log file would help a bit
  11. Good I came here to check the thread before upgrading Could you add this comment to OP so that others download the textures? As usual - thanks a lot, KSP is so much prettier after your facelifting
  12. right, it's stock. That's why I was not able to find the mod It's on basic tab and can only be changed at the beginning of the game.
  13. hi, Which mod requires us to buy parts after technology is researched in career mode? I've got 100 mods installed but can't locate which one does this effect. I want to disable it as it does not play well with some parts from othe mods. Thanks!
  14. I think adding blur does not make a whole lot of sense as on higher resolutions the problem will not be visible and those textures are really supposed to be used with 4k monitors, I'd say. Your call, anyway. I simply switched to 2k version and the artefact is now gone. Tanks a lot!
  15. Here's the area zoomed in and the issue is highlighted