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  1. Are these new features integrated into career mode? will there be contracts to find those new features?
  2. I'd love to finally see announcement on what next DLC is going to be
  3. He seems to live in Poland and he speaks polish but his english is better than his polish
  4. almost 500 on steam and 300, I guess outside.
  5. I'd recommend installing all recommended () mods too (you can skip RT and TACLS if you want) and FASA+Taerobee from suggested mods list. Make sure that you configure KCT to use RP-0 config.
  6. Thanks a lot, really appreciate your support!!! Maybe ckan expert @HebaruSan knows a magic solution to the problem?
  7. I guess this trick is not possible for HangarExtender or RCSBuildAid as they do not "provide" anything. Thanks anyway!
  8. Hi, mods sometimes depend on mods which had been taken over by another maintainer and the newer versions are published as a separate mod (continued, expanded, reloaded, etc). A good example are FerramAerospaceResearch and FerramAerospaceResearchContinued. I'd like to make my mod dependent on FAR in a way that would first check whether original one is available to be used in my KSP version - if it is then FAR is installed by CKAN and if not then FARContinued is installed. With such a setup, original FAR would be installed on 1.3.1 but FARContinued on 1.5.1. Is this possible?
  9. This is what we do already now. The solution I'm looking for is something that would enable anyone to choose to install RP-1 from CKAN and an updated version of KRASH would be installed automatically (or not if the user chooses so as this is a recommended mod, not a dependency) from CKAN. I thought that it would be possible for you to release "new" version of KRASH ( or for example) which would only be valid for 1.3.1. I'm not sure if this is possible though.
  10. Hi@linuxgurugamer , RP-1 is now officially released by @pap1723!!!!!! Turned out it had been just 6 days since I commented above. Have you had some time to look into bringing new version of Krash to 1.3.1? It would be great to have an official release of KRASH too.