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  1. I would like to rescale the asteroids, since I just klawed on to a class A and it was 120 million tons. I'm looking in RSSKopernicus\Asteroids and wondering if this bit will do it: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleAsteroid]]:FOR[RealSolarSystem] { @MODULE[ModuleAsteroid] { @density = 3.3456 @secondaryRate = 0.001 %minRadiusMultiplier = 10.0 %maxRadiusMultiplier = 100.0 } Am I on the right track?
  2. @kingbrabx have you tried rotating while you dock? Some mods add angle snap to the ports. Also, try attaching the ports to different nodes. The Apollo capsule can be very picky about how you assemble it with the chutes and nose cone
  3. Am I missing something?!!! I have the mod installed, but the part doesn't come up in VAB. I can't find it anywhere in the tech tree. ZZZradiator right? I tried it both with and without NoNonRp0 folder enabled, just in case it was tagged non-Rp0 Is it in a really late node and I'm just missing it? Help (please)
  4. The Quantum Singularity Stack!!! need at least 6 of those to run the QSR at 20%
  5. Great work with all the updates!!! Can you have a look at the research lab (the white KSPIE version) ? fully upgraded units are still producing antimatter at 0.1% efficiency, while they should be at 1%, fully upgraded. I had a look in my save file and all my part upgrades are =True. The modules themselves, while they list science conversion efficiency upgrades, mention nothing about antimatter efficiency. Thanks for all the excellent work on what is most definitely the best KSP by far, especially with RSS, where most manned space travel is horrendously impractical with stock parts
  6. These ships work in fine in 1.14. They have plasma beam core antimatter reactors and charged particle generators with all upgrades powering magnetic nozzles running on hydrogen. If I switch between the two ships which just undocked, the selected ship doesn't explode, only the other ship as it moves out of physics range. Thinking it has something to do with on-rails power generation maybe?
  7. After undocking, the electristatic antimatter container on the ship I just undocked from is losing containment and exploding as the ship exits physics range (2.2km). This only happens in 1.15. Any thoughts?
  8. I tried that too, but it didn't work for me. Guess I'll keep to 1.14 until release
  9. Just Updated to the beta. It wont load ships with the umbrella radiators.
  10. ELECTRIC POWER BUG!!! Help, Please. My reactors don't seem to be generating EC after the last update. the onboard 0.625m molten salt/solid state combo on my antimatter-powered SpacePlane isn't making power anymore. Neither is the 3.75m AIM/Charged particle combo on my warp shuttle. Every time I try to charge the folding warp drive, it says "not enough MW power to generate a stable warp field". The reactor puts out 60 GW, so I can't see how that's possible
  11. I have several craft using Nuclear LIghtbulbs which recently began running out of Thermal Power when I use them. They provide a small amount of thrust for a moment, then nothing. If I make a new craft with the same engine, it works, but how do I restore functionality to the existing crafts?
  12. Bug report: Upon updating to 2.3, All my LFO tanks lost their Liquid fuel, having oxidizer only. I uninstalled IFS and the tanks went back to standard. After reinstalling IFS 2.3, all my tanks that I had switched to liquid only have changed to LFO. This causes a huge problem with my NERV-equipped shuttles and landers as now they can't perform their intended missions
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