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  1. Can someone provide guidance on setting up multi-maneuver nodes in Remote Tech. Right now, I'm having to guesstimate a signal delay, try to time the addition to the queue, and type in burn numbers. It's quite tedious at present.
  2. Is this something that's in stock/RemoteTech? I've not unlocked the full tree nor really explored ahead to see what's available.
  3. How do you handle landing on bodies outside of Kerbin's SOI with RemoteTech? As-is, I've manually landed remote probes on Mun and Minmus, and my remote probes are approaching Eve and soon I'll need to have then land on the planet and its moon... with 40+sec of signal delay.
  4. @DMagic @JayPee I've found similar behavior with RemoteTech and SEP. For instance, I have a small SEP base near the runway. The wireless symbol is lit green, but there are no bars, despite the KSC being a couple of thousand meters away. I tried a previous poster's suggestion and placed an omnidirectional antenna on the SEP central station to no effect.
  5. Check out SETI RemoteTechConfig. It'll add ground stations, but it does change other rules. Alternatively, you can copy the ground stations section from the SETI version into the RT settings file to add them.
  6. I have not. I'll keep that in mind next time the situation arises. Thanks for the idea.
  7. I'm on Apollo 4. One comment about it--if you have a unmanned vehicle for three people, that criteria (Crew Capacity: 3) remains with a red X until you achieve the proper orbit. I think it was after the 30 minutes elapsed on the first orbit. I can't be 100% though. This can be confusing because you aren't sure if you built your ship wrong or not.
  8. To put a bow on on the Gemini 7 & Gemini 6A mission, the next CC will protect itself against the malformed contract. Here's the note from the resolution:
  9. He (@blu3wolf) must be referring to another mod altogether, based on my reading. I've been using SEP for a while, albeit only on Kerbin because I haven't landed on another celestial body yet.
  10. Hey, I've been tracking down a problem that started with unrelated contracts' requirements not getting updated. I noticed a trace from CC in the logs, but was unsure if that was the cause. DMagic was able to provide clarity as to why, and it may be that the Gemini 7/6A rendezvous mission is causing CC to croak. For reference, here's the bug. @Moiety What did you edit to move past your problem? It might have not been the same problem, but I may end up needing to "complete" the mission so others start working again.
  11. It's not that; it was a new ship built specifically for this task after the contract was accepted. FWIW, the note reads: Additionally, the completed portion of that contract was to use the Mag Boom in low and high orbits and the RWPS in low and high orbits. I completed that, so I definitely have those two items on the craft. This second note reads: I opened a bug against ContractConfigurator because there's an exception in the logs. No idea if this is related to that... trying to cover my bases. From Mission Control:
  12. Any idea why the "Conduct a survey... around Kerbin" isn't triggering the sub-criteria regarding the orbit? The Mun one did, but it was about two weeks ago in Real Life(tm) or three weeks Kerbin Life(tm). Additionally, the craft has a Mag Boom and RPWS as that was required to complete the "return or transmit data" portion of the contract. It's like the whole "Enter and maintain..." section is busted. I've included the vessels KER orbit data in the screenshot as well for orbital verification purposes.
  13. Howdy. I have a couple of questions. I'm inferring from one of DMagic's screenshots that it makes sense to have a setup in each biome. Is this correct? For instance, I've set one up at Kerbin Shores and one at Kerbin's Ice Caps. Does each give its own science output? Are there diminishing returns? If you double or treble the same science devices connected to a SEP station, does it speed up the process, give you more science, doesn't help at all? If you setup two SEP stations in the same biome--with or without duplicate experiments--do you get more science? What happens
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