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  1. Hey! Does anyone experience a bug with procedural fairing (and interstage) where the parts/stage clip through the procedural base, and then the stage just collapse and fall from the rocket ? As something is not properly connected to a node i tried different versions but none seem to work with the latest version of the game and my game install. It’s heavily modded thanks a lot, i will try upload a log if needed
  2. In steam, right clic on ksp and go to properties, then betas and there you'll be able to choose 1.2.2. Or something like that
  3. Thanks for the info, yes i installed it! I'll delete it ! thank you for your help
  4. Hi everyone, I've been playing with RO and RSS for a long time now, and yesterday i decided to make a new fresh install for 1.2.2 with Rp-0, but as a dumb guy i am, i installed all the RO recommended and dependencies + some extra mods, including rp-0, at the same time without testing the game before ... So as a result (you may already have seen that coming...), i got a problem in the vab, not all the parts are showing up.. There are only 3 command modules, the VA capsule and a control core and an other one.. Before i try to delete one by one each mods, i would like to know if anyone has seen this issue before and if so, what could cause it to happen ? I can't post my gamedata right now but i will if nobody knows this issue.. Thanks a lot to those who will take the time to answer ! Also, huge thanks to the RO team, you guys have my respect for that amazing and intensive work you've done for the ksp community
  5. oh god i'm blind, i've read that page at least 5 times... Thanks man and sorry for that have a nice day !
  6. Hi guys, i've been trying out this amazing mod and i want to thanks the authors for their job (those reflections are just..Woow ! ) However, i got some issues, i'm playing with RO+RSS (and FAR ) and the delta V isn't right, i can lift this baby up to about 20K but not much more. In the VAB i got around 1,300 m/s of delta v.. An other issue is when trying to launch with a payload, the all thing just go straight horizontal and then.. ka-boom while i'm crying for the windows reflections to get slammed into the beautiful grass of earth Anyway ! If someone have the answer, please let me know I would love to get it to work properly ! I don't even know if it's compatible with RO (i assume it is but i can't find the answer in the first pages )
  7. yep i had this problem too but that's not RO, i think that's a conflict between far, tweakscale and procedural parts or just TS and Procedural parts, i didn't find any solutions except removing tweakscale ..
  8. Hi ! first I want to thanks the dev(s) for this mods, i've been using it in every ksp version i had I got an issue with the textures in my 1.2.2 install, i don't know if i'm in the right place to ask for that but.. I have blackheart textures and mainsailor i think, and the fairings turns black on the launchpad, sometimes the side where the sun is, is black and the other side which should be in the shadow is bright.. are these textures pack the problem ? thanks a lot !
  9. my god, why don't i win to lottery ... ahah that could be the absolute dream to don't have to worry about money ^^ i'm going to check for a config with ryzen and take the lower Rx460 price ^^ yeah the ryzen are awesome, i don't understand why intel is so late in term of cpu perf, amd is far more powerful ! (16 thread !! insane..) thank you again yeah but the "k" is far more expensive at the end, with the good MB and the ventirad adapted EDIT : damn that's 850€ .... with the cheapest MB, 8go of ram, the RX460 gigabyte 4go ...
  10. okay so i'm going to windows that's smarter thanks ! yeah i think that too, but ksp 1.2.2 is much more optimised than the 1.1.3 version and previous the game runs fine now but yeah it stills not that optimised compared to AAA+ games ! the ryzen 1700 here is about 430€, the lower ryzen is at 329€.. the i5 220€, that's a big gap and i was surprised by these prices because that's not what amds cost normally ^^ but i will see i fail to order with a 50€ discount, so i'm going to wait and see
  11. okay thank you i'm gonna break my account and go for an i5 6500+ RX480 4gb, i think that's a good investment with all the components i'm at 675€ and after that i will have to buy windows and a cheap used 19020x1080 monitor in a shop, so total is about 750€.. I think that's expensive but i'm gonna have better perfomances than the previous build.. also, does ksp run (well) on linux ? because linux is freaking free ahah so i might get into linux first and later buy a W10, OEM version for 17€ but anyway thanks for all the advices ! i'm really happy to have the chance to discuss about that with someone who knows much more in pc than me ahah
  12. okay thanks you so much, nobody made me learn as much as you just did and last question, the ventirad inclued will be good enough ? i was just thinking about buying the previous build i told you (pentium + RX480 8go etc..) and wait for ryzen to buy a new cpu, that could be a good move too ! but if my pentium can't get ksp to work i'm gonna cry a lot while waiting for ryzen ^^ what do you think ? i realize that i asked way too many question so sorry for that !
  13. okay thanks so yes i've chosen the rx460 4gb nitro (uefi) and the i5 6500 but the "k" versions needs a ventirad + an adapted MB so that's not quite my budget that's more expensive by about 200€ ... so not an option for me yes i'm so frustrated right now because i know amd will be much more cheaper and will have same or better performance, but i can't wait that long i think and between the i5 6500 and the 6600 ? there's no difference for the price no ?
  14. thanks for the infos, that's cool , i'm thinking about buying an i5 6500 and a rx460 gb, and then later upgrade the gpu, what do you think ? would this card run game at minimum 1080p 60fps high settings ? ryzen are going to be released april or may i read.. so i may wait until then, but i would like to know if the i5 6500 + RX460 4gb combo is good enough for now
  15. thank you i appreciate your patience that's cool ! i'm going to see if i buy an i5 + RX470 right now or if i wait until ryzen release (april-may) if you know a good i5 to play ksp, i'm open to suggestions thanks again for those infos
  16. Ok thanks for your advices i have a 600€ budget so i should buy an i5 6600 ? and a cheaper Radeon RX.. (rx470 ? ) and then later buy a better graphic card ? the R3 and R5 will be much more cheaper than the ones already released ? When do you think they will be available ?
  17. no problems oh okay i see.. so the macbook is almost more powerful in term of cpu than the pentium ? yeah but ryzen 1700 is 440€ in France ! that's not the same budget ^^, i just want to buy my first pc, and then in the futur upgrade for an i5 or a ryzen when i could afford it but you think that the pentium will really struggle ? more than the i5 of the macbook pro ?
  18. i don't understand "potent" ? it means more powerful than needed ? yeah but i've seen videos with the g4560 and the 480 4gb, the man got around 60 fps ultra settings so i assume that the cpu will give the most of him but if i can run bf1 60fps on high settings and buy an i5 6600 in the futur that could be a good option ?
  19. okay thanks so my pentium should get about 20% less perf, so around 30 fps thats quite good for me i'll take it
  20. thanks for your answer ! I think the 3,5 ghz are not too bad and this is the new generation of cpu so that could help no ? i currently have a macbook pro retina 13" end of 2014 (cpu is an i5 2,4ghz ) and i can run ksp fine but without any visual mods and the framerate is terrible in certain case... do you think this new build could be more powerful ? i think i could see better performance if i don't do +1000 parts ^^
  21. thanks but i can't afford an 7600k ! ^^ that's not in my budget really Moreover, i'm french so the prices here aren't the same and that's a loooot more expensive ahah I'm going to play KSP , BF1, maybe Rainbow six siege but KSP first at 1080p and my goal is to be able to play at 60 fps in high or ultra, but high is all right compared to my ps4 ^^ I want the RX480 8gb because if i upgrade my CPU in the futur, that would be nice to have the best RX480
  22. Hi everyone, someone link me to this thread so i can ask for some advice i'm going to build a pc with these specs : CPU : pentium g4560 GPU : RX480 8gb RAM: 8gb my question : will this build perform well on ksp ? i'm gonna use many mods and visual mods as well thanks for reading full config link : https://www.topachat.com/pages/configomatic.php?c=D58ng0vmWSN3a%2FJhbBgfnS8Q76zOc6fC8pHr90JZr6E%3D
  23. hi everyone, i just found this thread and i would like to know if a pentium g4560 + RX480 8gb + 8gb of RAM will run ksp with many mods fine ? visual mods use the GPU right ? any one have an opinion on this build please ?
  24. @Phineas Freak sorry I don't have the log anymore because I remove my install with RSS+ EVE + RSSVE so i can't help with my log i'm not so good to all the coding part (don't know if it's the right term^^) but if i can help in any way ... "happy" to see that other people have the same issue so that we can find the answer faster thank you again for your patience !
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