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  1. Despite having 2750+ hours in the game, I've never built a successful SSTO spaceplane. (SSTO boosters, on the other hand, are a common accident in sandbox.) I don't clean up my orbital debris. In fact, I silently hope to be struck by a stray booster at orbital velocity, to create an accident to react to. I've also never seen a career through to completion, often losing motivation after Munar missions become routine. I was pretty far into a career save, but lost the save to a glitch after the update.
  2. Today, I lost my career mode save. Went to activate the > strategy, game crashed, and upon restarting, the save will not load. Tried removing the strategy in the game files to no effect. A moment of silence for Chill Career Take 5: Tokyo Drift... Its legacy shall live on in Chill Career Take 6: Krakenbait Edition. What I would have done today is launch OAEV-1 (Orbitally Assembled Exploration Vehicle) to take advantage of the Duna transfer window.
  3. Game Version: KSP 1.7.3 Mod Version: KK Issue: Bases added by Kerbin Side Remastered do not appear in the tracking station. If you mouse-over its location in the tracking station, the name will appear. Additions to the KSC will appear in the flight scene, but not in the Space Center scene. GUIs appear completely transparent, where some icons appear. The mouseover text that should appear for the GUIs all show when moused over. Only mods installed are KK, KerbinSideRemastered, OSSNTR, AdvancedTextures, and CustomPreLaunchChecks. Maybe a texture problem? Log Edit: A couple of things I've done to try to resolve: Steam file verification, removed and re-installed KK and KSR.
  4. Good points. I didn't realize that the particle effects are so resource intensive. I'll try turning them down when I get home and see how that goes. Is there a way to only turn off specific particle effects, i.e. the splashes? What do you folks recommend for BG Rotor-powered propellers? I imagine that they're fairly simple, a few stacked rotors for maximum RPM, and slightly angled control surfaces?
  5. Well, unfortunately, I've discovered that this form recovery is not an option. The game is far too laggy for anyhing seaborne. A testbed I'd made with <30 parts had my game running at less than 10 FPS. Thanks for your help, folks. Perhaps it will come in handy when I save up enough for a decent computer.
  6. These are all good points. I'm already learning a bit about Kerbal watercraft. I'm considering a either a hydrofoil design with hydrofoils that can fold back into the hull during recovery for hi-speed fun, or a screw-prop design for a challenge. What I'm most unclear on is how to go about the hull. Do traditional "Vee" hulls really work in KSP? Stock ships I've seen tend to look like flat-bottom ships, but perhaps I haven't had a good enough look. From what I understand, MK-2 parts generate the most drag in water, and are thus the most ineffecient for water travel. Is this simply hearsay, ir is it best to build with MK1 and/or MK3 parts? The small radial ore tanks are the most dense ones, right?
  7. With the SM Marine mod seemingly defunct, a lack of other civvie ship mods, and a burning desire to bring "Death to the Green Button" (Credit to @RealKerbal3x for the idea), I've decided to start building ships capable of bringing crew capsules back to the KSC. However, I haven't a clue wher to start. I've never built any stock vessels capable of water transportation (not well, anyway), much less pick up a capsule and carry it home. I have an idea of the basic requirements: Bouyant parts (for floating) Non-bouyant parts (far not floating too much) Engines and air intakes (for moving while you float) Some sort of crane system, most likely modded (so the thing can pick up a capsule) My question is, how does one build a ship with a large enough cargo deck for a crew capsule? What are some tips for proper balance, effecient construction (low part count), and general things to keep in mind for seagoing vessels? I've noticed a thread or two that may help greatly with this, namely some of @Triop's circumnavigation threads. Any threads that may serve for good inspiration? Are there any mods I'm missing that may help with the whole ship thing? Moderators- Feel free to relocate this thread if it belongs elsewhere. I can't tell if it's at home in the questions subforum, or the spacecraft exchange.
  8. Most of this does appear to be the biggest problem, and a lot of it is due to my experience with smaller craft. Most of my planes have been smaller craft for completing contracts on the other side of Space-Africa. With the smaller craft, I've always thought less is more. I often don't even include rudders on them, since I very rarely use yaw. Next time I'm in need of a cargo plane, I'll be sure to consider all of this. The large-ish "ailerons" that are so close to the fuselage are actually flaps, courtesy of @blackheart612's Airplane Plus mod. A few parts are from his mod, actually. If I recall correctly, I have some admittedly tiny Elevon 2s in charge of roll authority. I'll upgrade those to the FAT control surfaces in the future. I haven't considered adding canards to such large craft before, but should other attempts fail to energize my planes' turning speed, you bet there will be some up there. Thank you very much for your help, Snark and others, I'll hopefully be able to apply these tips to future aircraft!
  9. Since imgur is being uncooperative, I'll post links to the images. I don't post images often, so I'm not sure if you'll have access to the images straightaway. If I do need to make the images publicly viewable, just let me know and I'll be glad to. In SPH: https://imgur.com/U4ZRfl2 In flight, with engine data: https://imgur.com/m25Y5LI This example took off just fine, for its size. In flight, however, it's extraordinarily sluggish, almost stubborn. I simple turn 90 degrees might take well over a minute, if you're trying to keep it banked at a reasonable angle.
  10. Iäve never reall thought about engine to mass ratio like that, I normally look at TWR, but I'm aware that a plane doesn't necessarily need 1+ TWR to fly. I think that looking at the Engine to Mass ratio like that may be helpful. I'm almost done cobbling together a arge (by my standards) cargo plane. I'll get back to you when I'm done.
  11. I don't have any pictures readily available, because I don't typically keep unsuccessful files. When you say use as few stacks, do you mean horizontal stacks, say, a central fuselage, with two fuselages radially attached, or "vertical", like a 1.25m, with 2.5 behind it, and so on? I typically use a typical cargo plane setup, see a C-5 or C-130. By large craft, I mean the general size of a Mk3 Cargo plane. I mean to haul typically cars/rovers around Kerbin for contracts. Opening KSP now, and I'll throw together a typical example of one to get some pictures.
  12. So, I've been playing KSP for a while. Close to two-thousand hours, in fact. Yet I still can't seem to make a functional cargo plane. All large craft that I build seem to be practically unable to fly, no matter how much thrust it has. I always take care to make sure to generally follow this guide when making aircraft, and I don't believe that aircraft size would change any of these basic principles. Large crafts are always sluggish, most likely do to weight, slow or unable to take off, due possibly to weight, TWR, or lack of lift. However, I normally have plenty of control surfaces, wing area, and engines. What could I be missing? How do I get my big planes to take off? Are there any tips or tricks you have?
  13. Not sure if this is a KK thing or OSS Alpha thing, but I had a plane parked directly inside of a hangar (the small ones that come with the mod), and the hangar said that there were no nearby vehicles to store, or something along those lines. Is there somewhere that I can set the radius that it detects crafts in, or is it not ready yet? I doubt it, but perhaps a bug? Was there simply something I missed? I'm sure that I'm just doing something wrong, but whatever the case may be, thanks for your time and have a good day, night, or whatever time it may be for the reader of this.
  14. I'm so excited! I wish I could give it two likes! Or even three! Downloading now, and hoping that KK is up-to-date. I hope you had a good holiday season, and that Santa treated you well. You certainly treated us with the alpha release.
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