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  1. I'm so excited! I wish I could give it two likes! Or even three! Downloading now, and hoping that KK is up-to-date. I hope you had a good holiday season, and that Santa treated you well. You certainly treated us with the alpha release.
  2. I'll drum up some activity, too. It's been a minute since the last update. Is the new update setting you back any? Any new buildings? I've noticed a lot of VAB and construction buildings, but not many pads. Any plans for launch pads?
  3. What size will it be? What dimensions /weight will it be able to support?
  4. Mister_Spaceman

    Custom Kerbal Flag

    I made myself a little custom flag for a certain "phase" of my career. It's somewhat minimalistic and simple, but I like it nonetheless.
  5. Thank you! I'll be sure to check it out once I get home.
  6. Another tasty update from this big tease. Can't wait for release, but I understand the need for further development first. Also, is the flag on this structure available for us to use? I like the way it looks and would like to use it in one of my saves.
  7. Mister_Spaceman

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    I believe saw something like that in one of @SpannerMonkey(smce)'s mods. I think there was an option to link generator output to throttle. That way, you could put vehicles into a llw-power/low-consumption mode to keep them active and alive if you were away. I thought it was a neat concept, but may not be as applicable in this mod. Speaking of this mod: was there ever a dev thread or anything for it? The first that I heard of it was that Reddit post a day or two ago.
  8. Mister_Spaceman

    Omega's Stockalike Utility Vehicles: OSUV [1.5.1]

    Thank you Omega, very cool. Jokes aside, this is a very cool, promising mod. Congrats on the release! I agree with Kottabos on the lights and potential uses for crates and such. But I understand that IVAs are difficult to implement, especially given that the mod uses stock textures. I don't use IVAs that much though anyways. Perhaps the Utility units could act as auxiliary power units and produce EC from LF and IntakeAir like the cab engines? I can't use my computer now, so I'd like to ask before I test it out. Is the EC output of the cab engine based on vehicle throttle? Is wheel speed? If not, could one be implemented? I've always liked the idea of being able to throttle your speed, much like a car with cruise control. Again, congratulations on the release. Now you'll have more time to work on that exciting stockalike structures mod!
  9. My God, if this isn't exciting, I don't know what is. Cannot wait for a release! I'll be able to pretty up my screenshot sites however much I like! Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop, too. I can't exactly support development monetarily, but if I can in any other way, be sure to let me know, I'd be happy to helped. Edit: question. I've never used KK before. Will the individual base "parts" snap to a hexagonal grid, or will the user need to simply match them up as best as possible? If not, will it be possible to add a sort of grid feature, or is that simply impossible with KK?
  10. Mister_Spaceman

    [1.6.x] TextureReplacer 3.6.2 (2.1.2019)

    It seems that the link to Diverse Kerbal Heads is brokeen. Assuming the textures and all still work fine, does anybody still have the files?
  11. Mister_Spaceman

    KSP Military Mega Thread

    A functional fighter jet prototype that I forgot the name of after shooting down a target drone in a mock-dogfight. A Mobile SAM platform firing on an enemy patrol aircraft in its airspace.
  12. Mister_Spaceman

    Ground Attack Aircraft/SAM Trials

    Is this contest still open? If not, I think I may start a similar one, as I'd like to participate in one like this.
  13. Mister_Spaceman

    What music do you play with?

    It seems that the roar of rockets and the whine of jets is music to a lot of people's ears. It is to me, too, but I like the music as well. Willey is looking a little disconcerted.
  14. Mister_Spaceman

    What music do you play with?

    Calm down there, Maverick.
  15. Mister_Spaceman

    What music do you play with?

    I'm glad you approve, lol. These are pretty good, I'm surprised that I haven't found this before! Countdown is definitely getting a spot on the playlist.