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  1. I'm sad to say that I spent most of my game time this weekend redoing the test install of RP-1 on 1.8.1 -- I had hopes, since a couple of the mods were updated since my last such install resulted in the game crashing to desktop sporadically. Nope, new install crashes to desktop sporadically, even with KIS/KAS being left out, which also means at least some of my previous non-test save's designs don't import correctly; also some of the engines have reverted to more familiar, but less convenient models, so I can no longer mount three DerWent jet engines close together in the tail, as they're
  2. Well, glad to know it's not some weird bug on my system, anyway. Thanks for responding promptly, too!
  3. I'm on Kubuntu 20.04(.3, I think) and I've been getting nagged by my system updater for a week or more about `ckan` having an upgrade -- but every time I try to install the upgrade from the repository (the one on the CKAN page, I checked) I get an error about "file size doesn't match" and then it asks if the mirror is in process of update? I'm no Linux guru, but I think this means that the file on the repo has incorrect information, perhaps that information (size, checksums, and hashes) didn't get updated when the most recent update got uploaded? Not critical to me, I haven't been pl
  4. If I could get it stabilized, I'd like to try a career with only procedural engines. We've got tanks, fairings, and aero surfaces (and likely won't ever have procedural pods, though we do have procedural avionics). The idea behind procedural engines is to reduce being locked into historic-like vehicles ("Oh, yep, today I put the first Kerbal in orbit with a rocket that looks suspiciously like an Atlas -- the alternative was one that bears a striking resemblance to an R-7."). I'd like to explore HTP/Kerosene engines in 1958-equivalent, as a replacement for peroxide/ethanol, which was an evol
  5. I'd be happy if I could get my 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 game to run right. Sometimes I can play for an hour or so -- and sometimes it crashes the first time I try to stick a part on a rocket or aircraft. And don't even think about trying to run with Simple Procedural Engines. I did manage to complete construction of Eagle 2, my current RP-1 career's first rocket plane (crewed sound barrier was flown with three Derwent jets, launched from the runway). A couple small drop tanks to get my burn time up to 6 minutes, and I should be able to complete all the rocket plane missions at least un
  6. I spent an hour or so fighting with Simple Procedural Engines. The mod won. In an RSS/RO/RP-1 1.8.1 install that will normally run until memory leaks bring RAM usage up to 10.5+ GB, if I install Simple Procedural Engines (freshest version downloaded direct from GitHub), I can induce a crash to desktop just by putting a bare B class engine in the empty VAB. If it doesn't crash the game as soon as it's placed, it'll do it either immediately when I select the "configure" option from the PAW or before I can make and save any configuration changes. Sure would like to be able to use engi
  7. I'd have to think at least twice about naming a vessel Poseidon -- I've seen (most of) the first movie, and I hear the remake was much the same. I also see you've missed out one of my more common naming schemes in RSS/RO/RP-1 -- Alpha for Aerobee series sounding rockets, Beta for A-4/RD-100 boosters, and so forth. Beta 1 Mk. 1a, for instance, flew the first bio-capsule and film camera recovery suborbital missions and (so far) the early downrange distance milstones in my current campaign. A couple careers ago (I'm not a very good funds optimizer) Gamma flew the first orbital mission (rou
  8. Actually, it's not torque reaction that makes a real Corsair (or R/C model) want to roll over -- it's a yaw force known as P-factor, cause by angled airflow through the propeller when you rotate for takeoff (at least in the real world; I don't know if FAR models to that level of detail and I'm pretty sure the stock game doesn't), which then brings dihedral into play to cause a roll to the left. This is exacerbated by slipstream rotation acting on the tail surfaces, turning the airplane to the left as well (and again, I don't know if FAR models this, but stock surely doesn't). In the sto
  9. After upgrading from Ubuntu Mate 16.04 to Kubuntu 20.04.1 (kernel 5.4.something, 64-bit) -- i get the exact same results. Something triggers (clicking too soon after another operation in VAB, for instance, or changing from Space Center to Launch Pad to launch a rolled-out rocket) and the sound stops playing, then after few seconds I'll get just a little snippet of sound and the entire window is gone. Just in case anyone has been avoiding helping because I haven't included enough information: AMD FX8350 (8 cores/8 threads, 4.2 GHz max clock), 16 GB RAM, nVidia GTX 750 w/ 1 GB RAM on PCIe
  10. Last night (late, like right at bedtime) I test flew Eagle 1. RSS/RO/RP-1 in 1.8.1, this is the first aircraft in this career. Initial mission: crewed Sound Barrier attempt, X-Plane contracts, and likely Flying Low science around Brownsville, Texas (there are seven biomes accessible on about a two hour flight, and I think I can add enough fuel to this to give that endurance. Still have to figure where to mount that huge Early Film Camera, though. Inspired by the Curtis Ascender fighter prototype, as well as the Vought Cutlass carrier fighter. All starting parts,
  11. Further testing suggests there may be a memory leak somewhere in the install. When I first start the game and load the save, htop reports about 8.5-8.7 GB RAM in use; by the time it crashes, it's at 10.5+ GB -- and it always crashes before it hits 11 GB, any time I've had htop open. Not sure why, since there's 4+ GB remaining free.
  12. Title says it -- I followed the instruction page very carefully, aside from leaving out a couple mods I don't like or don't expect to use (Atmospheric Autopilot, for instance -- KCT has combined VAB and SPH build queues so there's no longer a significant advantage to flying planes -- you have to choose to build planes instead of rockets rather than in parallel with rockets, and you have to choose which building to upgrade on start since you only get one upgrade point to begin). I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 (yes, I know, EOL in five months -- am I the only one in the computer world who doesn't lik
  13. Okay, I found the binary download -- and despite being a version intended for 1.8.1, when I try to actually edit an engine in the VAB in my 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 career, the game will instantly crash to desktop. This may not be due to this mod; I get this a lot with this 1.8.1 install (works fine in stock with Making History and Breaking Ground, but I find I can't play stock any more after almost two years playing RP-1 -- what is Jeb doing riding the VERY FIRST ROCKET ever to fly, instead of letting a basic radio transponder and a couple instruments do it?). I'm off to post in tech support t
  14. @soundnfury I'm just setting up a new 1.8.1 RSS/RO/RP-1 install, and want to use SPE -- but downloading and installing doesn't seem to work the same way as other mods I've gotten from GitHub. Usually, I get a .zip file with either the mod folder itself, or ~/GameData/[mod folder] and (presuming CKAN doesn't find it) I just drag/copy the mod folder into Game Data and Bob's yer uncle. What I can get from GitHub in this case, however, doesn't show up correctly when I drag it into Game Data. The only .zip I find is source code, and I'm not programmer enough to build from source. What am I
  15. This depends on how old the toilet is. Jet-assisted siphon bowls came along when the effort started to reduce the amount of water used for each flush. When I was a young fellow, no one cared if you used 19l (5 gallons) of water to flush the bowl, so the simplest design was preferred; the water just poured in from the rim until the level rose enough to start the siphon, then enough additional was included in the cycle to keep the bowl running long enough to remove all the waste. Next to no momentum involved. You can spot these older bowls by two marks: first, they'll invariably taller t
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