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  1. 1. All you need is normal EVE and the GU_Clouds folder that contains the configs for GU. With GU_Clouds, you just need to merge its contents with the normal GU folder. 2. GU is a big mod. It takes a while to load, and there really isn't anything that can be done. Textures could be shrunk, but it would lower the quality of the mod. You could manually remove some textures and planets, as well as not load with clouds if you want to save a couple minutes. 3. I don't think StarCrusher is going to add it to CKAN, but maybe some day.
  2. I think the compressed files are removed in the latest version but if they're not, then leave the decompressed folders where the zip file is located.
  3. 1. GU has a homeswitch option for two of its planets (3rd one coming soon) 2. I'm pretty sure it only works 1.10+ but you're more than willing to try earlier versions. It might work on 1.8 but I don't thing it's been tested. 3. I don't think so I think we just forgot to add JNSQ
  4. GU will not be on CKAN, but StarCrusher tries to make the mod as easy to install as possible for those with little experience in the field
  5. GU should be compatible with most planet mods, except ones that mess with the Sun. I think removing a config or two in GU should fix that though. We don't have a list, but you're more than welcome to test it out yourself
  6. We push the release date back every time someone asks when the update is coming
  7. Considering these planets are intended as an outer stock system, I'd say it probably shouldn't be mixed with OPM. You'll be able to disable those planets and use OPM instead, though
  8. At the moment the new planets aren't released except for test versions that were available on our discord.
  9. Right now it adds to the stock system but we're planning a replacement for the stock system in the future
  10. That sounds like it could be a visual issue. Do you have any visual mods installed?
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