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  1. Not only are both of us busy with school, but the home system isn't the top priority right now. We want to release our updated NK system, then the Kepsilon Kirilani System, then the home system. Judging by how long we take on each system, I can tell you it's 100% impossible for us to have a home system by New Year's, even if it was top priority
  2. I'm going under the assumption that pre-alpha KSP 2 is similar to the very early versions of KSP 1. However, I'm also not expecting something at the level of the trailer. Trailers should never be compared to the real game
  3. Right now, finishing Nova Kirbani. Then we're going to finish the next system. The home system should be after that.
  4. KSP 2 isn't supposed to release for at least several months from now. You're also implying that everyone playing KSP 1 would move to KSP 2 and leave the first game behind, which is unlikely. When KSP 2 comes out, we might make a GU for that too. We will, but it's not our current priority
  5. When it's finished Jokes aside, we're not completely sure when the next system will be finished, nor do we ever make release dates for the sole reason of us never knowing when it'll release
  6. The new texture of Elno (what it would have looked like in the next update) is now Sian's, and Orus was added as a replacement for the lack of planets around Nova Kirbani A
  7. The whole system will be its own optional folder. I don't think minor bodies will be an extra optional feature
  8. So because I have school now StarCrusher wants someone to help me do sciencedefs/wikipages/descriptions. If you're interested and have free time you can dm me either on here or on discord because I'm in charge of that now
  9. The idea currently is exclusively gas giants. There could be a dwarf planet or comet in the mix, though
  10. Kerbin will likely be retextured. I'm not sure if it'll orbit the stock sun or if a new sun will be made and Kerbin reparented though