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  1. We push the release date back every time someone asks when the update is coming
  2. Considering these planets are intended as an outer stock system, I'd say it probably shouldn't be mixed with OPM. You'll be able to disable those planets and use OPM instead, though
  3. At the moment the new planets aren't released except for test versions that were available on our discord.
  4. Right now it adds to the stock system but we're planning a replacement for the stock system in the future
  5. That sounds like it could be a visual issue. Do you have any visual mods installed?
  6. Yes, the invite link is on the front page And if you're in a discord named "Galaxies Unbound" that's probably it
  7. Just wait a bit and GU will not only be bigger but better than KSS in every way. The next update will add a lot more stars and 2 small systems, with a large system following soon. And I highly doubt you're going to get permission to remake KSS. StarCrusher doesn't like other people using his work
  8. We've already decided not to If you want to try out a mod like KSS, just wait for our next update
  9. When it's done And we don't plan on making it compatible with ckan
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