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  1. Want to see what 0.7 is going to bring? Keep reading and find out!
  2. During its surveys of Blalo, the K.I.X. seems to have uncovered an anomaly around the Giant Impact Peak. As a response, scientists created the KSS Anomalous to scout the area out. Carrying highly valuable cargo, it has departed from Kerbin orbit, and is expected to reach Blalo in a couple days...
  3. Not an SSTV, but it is lore-related (*cough* new science part *cough*)
  4. Some pictures of the Mirn system
  5. GPP is the only one on that list that is compatible with KSS, and its compatibility is still in development
  6. As I said, there are a few easter eggs that the player might be able to find during their expedition. Some of these easter eggs will be accessible in the Kerbol System
  7. Well, what the KSS Team is seeing right now is that the Lore is basically an end-game goal, especially considering how costly it would be to get these missions done. I can say, however, that your idea is already something the KSS Team has considered, and the lore part is definitely not the only lore-related thing that's gonna be implemented into 0.7. We have a few lore-related planets, and a few easter eggs that could definitely be found well before the part is unlocked.
  8. The lore part is a science part, so it should yield some science and funds. As far as career progression friendly goes, the plan is to try and get the part to cost a lot of science, so much that you shouldn't be able to unlock it until you have a thriving interstellar program. There are plans to have some parts of the lore within the Kerbol System, however, so you would have to go back to some of the planets to get some of the story found, but it's mostly just stuff to fill in the gaps. The harder it is to get to the body, the more crucial the lore fragment is.
  9. And the storyline has 63 parts to it, and there are only going to be a few places with more than one part, so really only about half of the bodies in KSS 0.7 will have anything that will contribute to the storyline, and some of these bodies are going to be difficult ones to land on
  10. Jool is just to the right of Kerbin as a green dot, and Voon is the pale orange dot just above Mun. The lore for KSS is basically the explanation for all the mysteries in the KSS Universe. It will explain The All, The Creator, and why there are no other intelligent species in KSS. The KSS Team has a whole story written that explains the whole thing. In 0.7, there will be a science part implemented that the player will have to use to find parts of the story, but it'll be difficult, because the player has to land in a certain biome or get into orbit around a certain planet just to get a piece of the story. The KSS Kolony, K.I.X., and the KSS Starchaser are also a part of the lore, but they're kind of like a DLC, showing the exploration taken by the kerbals
  11. Are you using the Kopernicus version given on the front page? The ring fix works just fine with the version of Kopernicus provided by KSS. KSS doesn't use the latest version of Kopernicus because the latest version is for 1.3, while KSS is for 1.2.2. Also, @StarCrusher96 is aware of the ring shader fix, and the rings will work just fine in 0.7
  12. It's definitely one of the best screenshots I've taken. Within the top 3 I've taken for sure
  13. Once you start moving outwards you'll start getting contracts for bodies other than Kerbol.
  14. With over 100 bodies in KSS, getting all the sciencedefs in is going to take a while. The reason not that many bodies have sciencedefs right now is because the stock ones are loaded with different biomes (Duna has 11 biomes, Mun has 10 biomes, etc), compared to most of the bodies which have less than 10 biomes. Also, having to write that many sentences really takes away creativity (opposed to writing descriptions, you have to write a couple sentences 100 different times, each with something different), which is also why we got to a slow start as far as writing goes. I can guarantee you that there will be a lot more bodies with custom sciencedefs filled out in 0.7. We just finished the major bodies in the Kerbol System, and are starting to work on interstellar bodies . I'm thinking that all bodies should have custom text by around 1.0. Thanks for the compliments, by the way
  15. A few pictures of the Joolian moons in KSS