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  1. have you downloaded the RO configs for it?
  2. The atlas mod is very old and I highly doubt that KK is still keeping up with it, just try building them yourself.
  3. i've done a direct ascent moon mission with stock parts in RSS and i would recreate it if it would get me lots of points
  4. this is kind of stupid tbh? maybe add some more limitations? like you cant use ion engines, or it has to be within 50 years or something like that?
  5. Have you made sure you have electric charge? Thats the only thing i can think of.
  6. on watching it again it does look like it was leaning like 70 degrees to the side, how very kerbal
  7. Antares 120 was about as tall as the first stage, also this one was in the water, if it was as powerful it would've blown the barge away a bit. doesn't really matter though
  8. i deleted the universe then managed to go 100 times the speed of light
  9. Would a Jupiter 4 mission in RSSRO be remotely close enough to this challenge to count? Likely not but I figured I'd ask anyway.
  10. Obligatory, "more points if using realism overhaul?" question nvm i'm blind
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