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  1. This is am occasion problem since Jeb was a cadet. Closing the game properly through the 'return to main menu', then closing the app, is recommended, always. Restarting the console from 'off' also helps prevent some issues. After all of this, it might just be a failed contract you gotta live with because sometimes the contracts just don't work. Try to think of it as a realism feature... not a bug.
  2. PS4 player with recent patch. I had a similar experience, I got the update then purchased the expansion pak, it didn't seem to go through. So I powered off the console, restarted it, went to the playstation store to review my purchases, clicked on the expansion pak , and somehow it all seemed to suddenly work.
  3. I play KSP on PS4, Enhanced Edition, Making history DLC, latest patch (#6), using the default controls. I've been playing KSP on PS4 since it was first released. Some patches seemed to have caused more problems then they appeared to fix, but the game is considerably better now than it was. I am not anything resembling an expert. In anything. Some of the past issues with making the game crash have included; -Limit the number of save files you are using. I only run 1 sandbox and 1 career at a time, each with only 2 save files (one for quick saves, and one for when I close the
  4. Bob died. He was apparently stuck on the outside of the spacecraft during the whole save and restart of the PS4, now listed as K.I.A.
  5. PS4, history dlc, recent patch. default controls. Yes, I had the flea contract 'fail' ( I finally declined it ) after numerous attempts and configurations. I read that somebody else had a problem with the 'hammer' contract. I also noticed that in at least one circumstance a different contract asked to 'activate through normal staging' after splash-down, I was able to clear it by 'running the test', after re-launching. Still thrilled with the game though!
  6. I'm playing Enhanced Edition on a PS4, new DLC and current patch. I'm seeing some of the same type of things. Test a Flea booster at the Launch site to complete... tried several times with several different configurations, it wouldn't clear the contract. The contracts are sometimes incorrect when they state "run test" or, "activate through the normal staging". I splashed down a poodle engine for a test, the contract said 'activate through normal staging', but it needed me to 'run the test' unfortunately I had to relaunch and 'run test' to get the contract cleared, it wouldn't let me
  7. I'm hoping that there will be another DLC with some of the main "gameplay" requests console player have made. Some sort of Kerbal engineer, seems to be in every PC you-tube video The controller crowd could really use some of these read-outs.
  8. I've only ever played on console, so I have no idea what that means. The Soyouz capsules, the Gemini Capsule, a number of Rocket motors, structural elements, painted rocket parts, parachutes?, new space suits, and a updated fuel flow system are new to console.
  9. PS4 version with the New Making History DLC, and the newest patch loaded this morning. Default controls, normal difficulty. Thrilled about getting the new DLC, also thrilled about the fast patch. This game is awesome! My concerns.. Parts wise: -The new parts, specifically the pile of new decouplers don't have Sizes listed, I know I'll eventually remember, but 1.5m or 2.5m would make it easier. -No new Aeroplane cockpits, no new aeroplane engines, and I think only 1 new wing... Hmm.. Game play: -Internal cockpit views, why on Kerbal is the
  10. I have downloaded the update, and purchased the DLC, all seems to work so far. I have noticed some lag while in the VAB, but I haven't had any problems yet.
  11. I just played the new release, I also bought the new DLC, I'm on a PS4 using default controls I've only played the first Mission so far, but I have noticed that the lag in the VAB is frequent.
  12. To move the throttle from any position to "Off or 0%" press down on the D-pad. To move the throttle from any position to "Full or 100%" press up on the D-pad. To make small throttle adjustments Hold L1 and move the the Throttle with the D-pad.
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