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  1. GrouchyDevotee

    Any veteran tips for the docking inept?

    If you aren't confused yet, here's my 2cents. If you are already able to get within a couple hundred meters, you are more that halfway there. If you arent purposely moving towards or away from the desired dock, the drift will become apparent. 1. Once you are close, like 500m or less, slow your approach 2. When you are within 100 - 200m slow more to under 5m/sec 3. Switch camera view to "locked" and make sure that the top of your ship is "up" 4. Select the port you want to dock with and 'eyeball' your alignment and drift correction 5. then either fly the Nav Ball into dock, or do it visually. It one of the hardest things to do in KSP good luck. Cheers! Edit = I think that the docking port magnet repelling thing had something to do with a MOD, but I don't know for sure, it was discussed in the forum before this.
  2. GrouchyDevotee

    Search is Broken?

    I too haven't found the forum search function to be of much utility.
  3. GrouchyDevotee

    Future of Console?

    I'm playing KSP on a PS4, I love playing KSP Enhanced Edition! I haven't heard anything about trying to get console KSP to the same level as the PC version, but really the PC versions will always be more capable, and have MOD's that console will just not have. I am looking forward to any and all DLC or Expansion that might come to Console. Cheers fellow Console Kerbal !
  4. I bought KSP for my PS4 soon after it became available, learned the basics of design and launch systems, manoeuvre nodes and docking procedures came next. Valentina was the first Kerbal to Orbit, ( original release ) and she still flies with the Enhanced space program, her last long-term assignment was as Commander of Minmus Orbital Station. When Enhanced Edition came along and it's first patch got to my machine, ( February ) the PS4 console version was finally able to run Career mode successfully. So three months real time to complete the tech tree in Career Mode, normal difficulty. -But keep in mind I was already proficient at many Kerbal skills by this point.- Two Years and 50- ish days in Kerbal time. I'm not sure how to check game time for hours played on a PS4, but I did waste some time and resources a couple of times when I built and launched some ridiculous creations thinking I was in sandbox mode. I really liked most of the progression, but because I had played some already I was able to side-step some of the problematic contracts. Testing various components at such and such a speed at certain altitudes, and specific science measurements at certain places at certain altitudes. I just ignored those contracts almost completely. Game developers need to have a real look at the workload and controller manipulations required to perform some of these tasks on time. Could easily just be me and my own clumsiness, but learning to fly sub-par space-craft as well as perform some of the more dexterity intensive monkey paw manipulations were at times their own mini-game. I also didn't spend much time building aircraft, It's a very neat design and build system, but I'm not much of a fan of flying with a controller. I have built many different aircraft in other saves, just isn't necessary in career mode. I did almost as many rescue missions as they could offer, so I didn't need to recruit any Kerbals, but I am low on Scientists. I would have liked to see some more space station oriented missions. Returning a sample of Mun and Minmus to the Kerbin Space Station Lab is something every KSP player should do. I massively overbuilt almost everything. A few advanced contracts with a limit for total launch weight, or total orbital vehicle mass might have been neat. Docking is tough to learn, the tutorials for console players should be more descriptive, and specific. I learned by watching Scott Manley videos. I've really enjoyed this game, I'd like to see it become more accessible to others without making it easy. KSP for PS4 is a great game exactly as it is right now, difficult to learn, but great.
  5. GrouchyDevotee


    Check out Scott Manley on youtube. He has posted many Kerbal training videos.
  6. GrouchyDevotee

    Docking Help / DOCKING ? HELP !!!

    If you are circling the target, you've just figured out what moths feel like. This is called homing. And it is frustrating. The first real world attempts at Rendezvous/docking did exactly this. You want to Zero your speed when you're a couple hundred meters away. when you are getting close, make sure you are in Target mode on the Nav Ball On the Nav Ball the pink markers indicate the target motion (targets track relative to yours.). The pink circle is towards (pro-grade) the target, the pink cross-hair is away (retrograde) from the target. Also on the Nav Ball are the yellow Pro-grade and retro grade markers that indicate normal flight. In target mode they will indicate motion towards or away from the target. To come to a complete stop with a rocket motor, orientate your ship on the pink cross-hair, and give a little thrust.. you are hoping to see the normal yellow pro-grade marker move towards the pink cross-hair. The goal is to centre the yellow movement marker on the pink cross-hair, you will need to adjust the ship so that you drag the yellow marker onto the pink., also watch your speed the whole time. At this point you will need to select a docking port as the target, and use the mono-prop thrusters to dock. Let us know how it goes. Cheers!!
  7. GrouchyDevotee

    Got Disillusioned but now I'm playing again, sort of.

    I found out about the relay comms on Duna. Welcome back to the boards, don't let the haters keep you down. Readers want to know; will the senate will be disbanded? will the financial blockade be broken? will Empress Valentina confront her evil twin? and finally, is the professor working for dark forces or did he actually leave the note book out where he knew Valentina would find it?
  8. GrouchyDevotee

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    PS4 Console version plays awesome! I'd like a couple of small things to play better controller wise, but this Enhanced Edition version 1.01 is functional, stable, and great fun. I very much doubt that the selection available for the console crowd will ever be able to compete with all of the MODS the PC community has created. If there is any future for consoles, then there will be a market for the new and improved Kerbal Space Program.
  9. GrouchyDevotee

    map view switch target on console?

    For PS4 Enhanced Edition, default controls Left Bumper and Right pad will switch active spacecraft if they are close enough. Left Bumper and Right Bumper will switch between map and focused view, in map mode you can click on the new vehicle with the cursor and a pop up window will ask if you want to 'target vessel' or 'switch to'.
  10. GrouchyDevotee

    Missing Unknown Objects in Tracking Station

    I think that you can enable the tracking of unknown objects in the tracking station. "?"
  11. GrouchyDevotee

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    All this in a single download for console, now available in VR!! Make it so.
  12. GrouchyDevotee

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    The console market is ripe with possible sales. DLC/Expansion packs; 1. Kerbal Avionics = An expansion or DLC to the games atmospheric dynamics, lift, drag, engines, heating, airframe stresses, etc. More cockpits, more engines, more wing shapes. Can stock console game modify or create new aerodynamic parts and wing shapes? Current console game limitations are understandable, but the potential for a more in-depth aeronautical engineering function exists. Fine tuning the placement of parts with a controller needs improvements, I'm as clumsy as a pregnant Yak. I would buy this as a stand-alone KSP expansion if and only if the Joystick becomes plug and play ( I honestly haven't even looked ). I say Stand-alone only for the purposes of keeping the console from throwing a cog. 2. Kerbal Colony = An Expansion or DLC that emphasises the building and sustaining permanent Orbital outposts, and Bases on the Mun and Minmus. (Limit or eliminate the rest of the planets if necessary to run the game.) Run it like a city builder, add a pile of base parts, the need to keep supplies arriving, expand and enhance life support systems, resource management and collection, is radiation really a problem? Tourists break things, need more snacks or wrenches, more science experiments ( orbital telescopes, Mun radar instillations ), just a couple robotics parts please? I would LOVE to have the ability to change the Mun and Minmus terrain to something replicating the actual moons or planets in our Sol system. I have no idea how hard it is to create and map a planet in game, but seriously, a DLC to have the Kerbal Mun changed to Earths Moon, or Mercury, Titan, Pluto? seriously.. who want's to land on Pluto?!! Scale them to the same gravity and size as stock game models Mun and Minmus, just a really, really nice terrain package. Reusable launch systems... after a set amount of launches, add an island into booster bay, very small,( like the size of a floating recovery barge) that gives 100% return on anything that is landed on it. I imagine Jean Kerman popping up and telling a player that because so many boosters have landed there, there is now an artificial island, we might try to land there. I've always liked builder games, I would buy a Console KSP base building expansion, even if this DLC content could only be run as stand alone to keep my console from piling up, it would be a welcome addition. 3. The Standard console game = needs the addition of a couple more airports/launch sites, a couple of space station parts like a hydroponics bay and an advanced space telescope ( just a couple new awkward heavy parts similar to a scan sat) Have these available for Mun base. Again, the console version already seems to be running a little hot, so no need to blow a gasket trying make these things happen. It would be a neat idea to somehow link the progress between the various stand-alone games, like science level, or money, but not necessary at all. As far as playability on console goes, something like a 'mechjeb tab' would be nice, but really just displaying the already available in game data in a nice easy to read box would make this game far more accessible to new console players. *I'm so impressed and thrilled at how far the console game has already come. I have only ever played Kerbal Space Program on my PS4, I bought it early and I've enjoyed it immensely.
  13. GrouchyDevotee

    Can we get Gears?

    PS4, console Console players could really use one or two simple robotic parts.
  14. GrouchyDevotee

    how the hell do you make a plane lift off

    Try flying some stock aircraft first.
  15. GrouchyDevotee

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    Badly named most spacecraft wasted a kerb-ton of rocket fuel indiscriminately dropped several hundred boosters and upper stages all over Kerbin Briefly considered faking a Mun-landing to secure more funding If I ever lost a Kerbal, I simply proceeded as though it didn't happen. using cloning technology that doesn't exist. One time I dropped the break-room doughnuts and I just picked them up and put them back in the box, and didn't tell anybody.