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  1. PS4 Enhanced Edition. 1. Do the tutorial 2. Fly a few Stock builds 3. Include parachutes 4. When you get to Orbit for the first few times, keep some fuel handy... so you can get home. 5. Check Yo Staging. 6. Docking is really, really hard to do, until you get good at it. 7. Have a look at some other Kerbals designs, try to make them, or make them better. 8. You will lose many Kerbals, it's OK. 9. Fly Casual, and have fun making explosions. 10. Take a screen shot of your first Build that makes it to space. 11. If you can't drive a stick shift, drive an automatic.
  2. PS4 Bugs

    I'm not sure if you mean that you are hitting the options button while still in a parabolic arc, so that you can go to the tracking station to see how the flight is going. or If, while flying your rocket, you reach altitude, hear the space music.. turn off your engines... hold left bumper and tap right bumper to get into Map Mode.. Many things that you'll do in Low Kerban Orbit require you to switch back and forth between "map mode" and "zoomed in spacecraft mode".
  3. PS4 Bugs

    PS4, Enhanced Edition. I have had some problems getting 'quicksave' to work, it seems like making sure that you have; -no manoeuvre nodes placed -have no parts-action windows open (contracts, science equipment, fuel tanks, crew reports) -no 'targets set' -next time you are safely in the tracking station, turn off all the tracking you aren't using, satellites, junk, relays. Kerbnet radio jumps... I don't know if any of these actually help, but I was getting occasional save problems, and it seems to have cleared.
  4. Yes, all three. I understand some control changes would be inevitable, but some things like changing the camera view in the VAB seem unnecessary. There are a big pile of control inputs required to play this game and only so many buttons on the controller. Cheers!
  5. Honest question, what is this "tweakables?" I'm on PS4, Enhanced Edition. I haven't used any of the radial menus yet either.
  6. PS4 Enhanced Edition, default controls, career mode, normal. As far as being able to use RCS to adjust Peripsis or Apoapsis, I don't seem to be able to do this while in map mode. I can zoom in on the craft I'm selecting, select SAS hold pro-grade, activate RCS, select linear mode, left trigger will give my craft a boost in the pro-grade... I can check this by toggling between map mode and the zoomed in mode, this process does work, but it's guess work as to how much change is occurring until I go back to map mode to check the numbers. now if I stay in map mode left trigger gives me a rotation, but no pro-grade thrust. The control stick just changes my attitude with no change in pro-grade thrust. bumpers do nothing. I can set manoeuvre node and if I'm able to get a fairly fine setting (not always easy on console) I am able to follow the burn directions using RCS while zoomed into the craft. But making a couple minor adjustments here and there doesn't seem possible using RCS while in map mode. Am I just doing something wrong?
  7. Running List: Simple Suggestions

    As far as being able to use RCS to adjust Peripsis or Apoapsis, I don't seem to be able to do this while in map mode. PS4 Enhanced Edition, default controls, career mode, normal. I can zoom in on the craft I'm selecting, select SAS hold pro-grade, activate RCS, select linear mode, left trigger will give my craft a boost in the pro-grade... I can check this by toggling between map mode and the zoomed in mode, it works... but I'm purely guess as to how much because I can't see the Apoapsis or periapsis. I have to keep toggling bewteen modes... that's my issue. now, if I stay in map mode left trigger gives me a rotation, but no pro-grade thrust. The control stick just changes my attitude with no change in pro-grade thrust. bumpers do nothing. Am I just doing something wrong?
  8. Xbox one x rcs Not working

    3 possible solutions come to mind; 1- if SAS is enabled you will not be able to rotate/change your bearing... you will thrust in the direction you want to go and the SAS will use the RCS to return you to it's hold point. 2- make sure you are in the correct RCS setting, Rotation or Linear, for the manoeuvre you are attempting to perform. SAS enabled can cause some issues here for angle changes. 3- make sure that auto-trim/trim-set isn't turned on, the manoeuvre inputs will have a second colour of pins, this frequently prevents specific direction inputs for me. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  9. Kerbin Infrastructure and Improvements

    I would build and fly more Kerbal aircraft if I could use a proper joystick. I am getting the impression that enabling a keyboard for the PS4 for KSP Enhanced Edition is something that might be a solution to some of the control/play issues. I'd love to see some dedicated Mun-base parts. I guess if they added a half a dozen more actual runways spread around Kerban, and then offered contracts to build bases by moving/landing some base parts to those locations I could see that being a good addition. Typically my favourite games are either Flight Sims, or builder games like Tropico, and Civilization. So I would actually welcome the addition of some resource management functions to this game. Once some of the more important glitches have been resolved, I'd love to see all of the Kerban settlements and space stations expand.
  10. I'm playing Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition on a PS4, I love playing this game. I'm glad that the Console Enhanced Edition is going to be getting some work, an update, a patch, and/or some DLC in the future. This game can become frustrating on it's own, I keep crashing on the Mun because the throttle is different now. It is a hard pill to swallow when a player puts in a couple hours of game time only to have a glitch or bug undo all that 'work'. It also kinda sucks when all the 'game saves' disappear. I'm glad the effort is being put into making this game widely available, it seems this transition from PC to console is extremely difficult. I would far rather see kids playing this kind of building, exploration, trial and error type of game, developing critical thinking and having fun over the "Pew Pew Pew" games that dominate the console game market. As far as keeping me informed of the progress of the patch, hearing that work is being done is largely good enough for me, and please share whatever information you can when you can. But, I'm also hoping that the Developers of this game and the Moderators for this Forum will assist the Console gamers in sharing any bugs to avoid, and any workarounds that become evident. Thanks for the great game.
  11. Running List: Simple Suggestions

    I'm playing on a PS4 console. How about some more early game science gathering tools. -sample scoop. -radiation detector. -IR scan. -Snack scanners. As far as other game play options, I'd like to be able to use RCS thrusters for fine detailed manoeuvres/course corrections while in map mode. As for other contracts that might be available, how about being contracted to launch a pre-built Hubble, Kepler or Webb telescopes in specific orbits. That might have to be repaired later on.
  12. [1.3.x] Kerbin Side GAP

    This looks absolutely fantastic! Are there any plans to include some of this airport expansion for Console? And, since I'm asking about console, is there any work being done to make a joystick function for PS4 console aircraft? If this becomes a DLC for PS4, I would buy it for my KSP Enhanced Edition. I like the idea of being able to put some of the aircraft I've built to some in-game play purpose. I have no idea if the console version is ever really going to get off the ground, but a patch is in the works and this would be a welcome addition to the regular un-modded console game. Even just adding a half a dozen runways here and there around Kerban would be marvellous. Don't need to worry about complex activities at these locations, just the fact that there would be some different airfields for us console Kerbals to fly to and land at. Here are (of course) a few different ideas for contracts; -requiring players to simply land at a specific runway for contract completion ("snacks delivered, fly back to home base") -do a certain number of touch and go at a certain runway ( don't crash) -get there and back with or without re-fuel -get to a certain runway in a hurry, (speed run land and stop) -haul a thumper booster to location ( or several of them, either all at once or individually, up to player to decide) Cheers!
  13. quicksave no longer works!

    I had this same issue on PS4, EE. I have started to make sure that I; close all drop down windows (fuel, contracts, science experiments ), no targets set, and no manoeuvre nodes set. Before trying to save. Seems to clear the problem up. Try this and post if it helps, the more info the DEV's can get the more likely they can fix the issue. I'm also trying to keep the number of save files to a minimum, as well as occasionally deleting excess ships and aircraft from inventory.
  14. Your mission; Collect this data and report back. 1.) In the vehicle assembly building, open your build and check the engineers report. Your rocket scientists might have used 'fuel only' tanks, to fire in space, rocket engines need 'fuel/oxidizer' tanks. The wrong tanks will fit, and I have included them in my builds when looking for light weight tanks. 2.) When the rocket won't fire, check your fuel status, the little flame icon on the top left of your screen, you might have used all of the oxidizer, or all the fuel. 3.) If you launch and just let the engines keep burning ( without running empty ) do they cut out at some specific altitude? 4.) If you launch your build without using any time warp does this problem still happen once you've reached that altitude? 5.) Try flying a stock built rocket using the time warp as you are doing, and see if the problem repeats. Then fly that stock built rocket without any time warp, just to see if it the problem repeats. I'm not sure if you are still in time warp when you are trying to fire an engine, it won't fire at all if you are still speeding up time. As far as I can tell from reading posts, the physics time warp isn't working like it did before. I know this game can be frustrating, but it can also be extremely fun. Keep trying to sort out the problem.
  15. Kerbin Infrastructure and Improvements

    I'm Kerballing on a PS4 console. I think it would be nice to have other launch and landing facilities available on Kerban, perhaps unlocked/earned through the tech tree. As far as re-building the Kerbal complex at various locations goes, I don't think it's necessary. If you can already build things on Kerban I don't see a value in adding a logistics infrastructure, mainly because the console probably wouldn't keep up. However, I would like to see some permanent and functional Mun base parts, I don't need to be building ships out of smithore, or power up warp drives from rare carbomite, but some functionality from a base would be nice. Replenish snacks, rehab tired Kerbals, landing pad marker... I guess I am asking for sort of the same thing you are, just on another planet or moon. But I don't know if the console is up to the task of being able to run this sort of thing.