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  1. Perhaps worth exploring the idea here, in this conversation, but maybe leave potential implementation for another day.. If there are more takers then perhaps explore this further, with the potential to pop it on the road map.. BTW, how do we currently avoid spawning stars too close to each other currently? (I should really just look through the code.. but I've got other work on tonight..)
  2. That's fine for real scale, but you could factor that back by 1/10th for kerbol scale mode (IIRC) and by 1/100th for funsize? (actual scales are up for debate and don't necessarily represent final figures) I'm fairly sure this would increase the broader appeal of this mod.. btw,I need to get back into coding and lend you guys a hand
  3. for re-scalable galaxies I think you could put in a global scale factor that scales both SOI sizes and planet distribution. Re: jump gates etc, I did look at some of the mods available, but none seem quite right to me. I'd be happy to send a warp capable ship off in advance to create gates, but then use them for re-supply/sample return, but my ideas on this are somewhat off topic for this thread
  4. My experience of using the KSPIe mods is that the warp drive charges with exotic matter before warping, then power is used to drive the warp bubble. I use this mod to get to the far out planets (mission to jool in a matter of hours) and for interstellar travel. I do think TBG could do with a scale factor at generation time that allows both realistic and fun sized galaxy generation, perhaps real scale, kerbol scale, and fun size.? For example I tweaked my extrasolar installation to reduce the distance to valentine by 2 orders of magnitude, this made it more fun to play as the times between stars was less. I think that adding parts to this mod is perhaps unnecessary, as there are recomended mods that already provide enough functionality.. unless you can find a stargate/jumpgate/wormhole mod Edit.. I do think that some sort of interstellar collector could be a useful feature (refueling with hydrogen and helium) perhaps a suggestion for KSPIe?
  5. I have my own 'modified' version of EM drive for large delta v corrections to get into orbit.. it takes a shedload of electrical power, but as you can recharge from reactors or solar panels and perform multiple burns it's quite capable of making 20km/s+ corrections quite easily.. usually do about 4-10km/s per burn dependant on the craft configuration.
  6. Interstellar is definitely the way to go.. Warp drives make the distances traversable in reasonable times, but you'll need a big warp drive and a lot of power to get there in a decent time....
  7. Hi Guys, Just pushed a mod, sadly I made a propper noob error and pushed to the master branch, not my own.. For some reson it wouldn't let me push back into my branch?! I did manage to get asteroid generation into a seperate file and it appears to be working ok. I branched from the McMahon branch (becasue it seemed to be the most recently updated) Let me know how I can redeem myself and I'll fix it.. If I've started on the wrong branch let me know.. I think from this point on I could quite quickly (free time allowing) pull most of the planetary generation into bite sized blocks in a simliar way. Let me know what you think..
  8. Just so I don't get this wrong. you're using quickbasic64?(http://www.qb64.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) In which case I think we can pull the major subroutines into separate files using this construct (http://www.qb64.net/wiki/index.php/Libraries) Am I on the right track?
  9. My 1st language was BBC basic about 36 years ago... still holds fond memories. I don't want to upset the apple cart here, as there's some good work gone into this, so I'll have a look at what you've got and perhaps do some tweaks, and dig into whether VB can be made more modular for the sake of my own sanity I get the feeling that some kind of project plan may be worth sticking into the repository, something as simple as a task/feature checklist with an idea of what is currently in progress and what's awaiting attention. Defining the interface between each module should then allow us all to work on different parts of the code simultaneously, if it's in different files.. (I think this means I should really look into the possibility of VB library/include files as most of what I'm talking about relies on it..) Just as a matter of interest, what timezones are you in? I'm in the UK and have a normal workday so I'm usually only kerballing in the evening UK time.
  10. All sounds good. I started pulling things apart last night to make a bit more sense of it. I'm not VB native, I'm more used to C++ so it' staking a bit longer than I'd like to figure out how I want to fix things.. One thing I've done is to pull the subroutines for planet and moon formation into separate files as it makes navigating much easier, but I'm still looking into how to 'include' them back in in VB (in C/C++ this would be easy..) Have you guys considered porting to C++ or Java or another fully object orientated language? (I appreciate you probably don't want to re-invent the wheel here, there's plenty of good work gone into your original code) Daniel, I totally agree that each star should have it's own orbital plane, and most of the planets should orbit roughly within that plane, but that each star's planetary plane can be totally arbitrarily orientated. similarly the moons of each planet should be pretty much in the same plan as the planets solar plane (having formed from the same accretion disk) but all this there should be a low probability of bodies being knocked into a weird orbit too. seanth, Thanks I'll look into that tonight, probably do a pull request and work from there.
  11. Hi, I've been picking through th esource of this mod (specificallly the GalaxyGen.bas). I'm thinking I could probaly make a few improvements, and I was wondering whether you'd mind if I had a go? the shortlist I've come up with is something like this.. generate a set of planets per star that are in the same acretion disc i.e have similar inclinations, but allow for captured rogue planets at low probablitlies that have any inclination and excentric orbits make most planets have relatively circular orbits (again allowing for a few oddities) re-factor code to use subroutines (there's a lot of duplicaiton in there) this should make it much more maintainable/extendable. support a larger set of planets in a single star system (currently it's upto 5?) possibly up to 20 (but limit how many gas giants and kerbol-like planets are created) weight planet numbers, orbits and types based on simulated spudo real-world distrobutions, eg, gas giants tend to clear a wide orbital range round a star whereas small rocky planets are loser togeather. weight moon number and size dependant on their host planet's size and mass. (eg gas giants tent to have lots, some which are big, and dwarf planets none) a scale factor (user input) to set the star density. I'm sure some folks would like to get to their destinations quicker I've not looked at resource/sciecne mapping yet, but if it's not in there I think biomes and resource maps etc, should ultimately be supported. What do you think? Is there a github or other similar source repoistory for this mod? I'm currently running the 0.3 release candidate that you posted yesterday btw..
  12. Just testing the ISRU processors, should the power control slider adjust the resource and power usage rates? I find that it has no effect. 20MW for ocean extration on the small one no matter where I set the slider, similar behavoiur for the large one. I would have thought that any water contians heavy water (although the abundance in sea water should be higher) and that deuterium could be a byproduct of hydorgen liqification process (in small quantities) Is there a tutorial/documentation somewhere for all of this? (as this mod is both awsome and complex) I'm trying to setup a Fusion reactor resupply base and need to get deuterium from somewhere..
  13. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    Had to add the following to DockingPorts.cfg to turn these 3 types of docking port into launchpads.. otherwise they have no UI capability. @PART[truss-octo-docking-25] { MODULE { name = ExLaunchPad SpawnHeightOffset = 0.4274363 } } @PART[truss-circular-docking-01] { MODULE { name = ExLaunchPad SpawnHeightOffset = 0.122 } } @PART[truss-spinal-docking-01] { MODULE { name = ExLaunchPad SpawnHeightOffset = 0.103 } } I've not had time to test spinal truss version, but the other 2 work.. I've taken offset values from the node positions in the part files. Should work well for building _massive_ orbital structures.. my quesiton is, should this be in the EL mod or the Near future construciton mod?
  14. [1.3] Extraplanetary Launchpads v5.8.2

    Hi, I don't know if this has been suggested before, but can this mod work with the larger docking ports in the near future construciton mod? If not who can add it? them or you (or can I hack things here to make it work?) Thanks