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  1. You probably just want pristine mode, to keep it nice and simple. WildBlueTools is necessary as it contains a lot of shared textures and configs that all of the WBI mods use, including Buffalo. The popup has to happen so people can choose which "version" of the mod they're using. Needing to choose between CRP and Classic Stock, for example, for people that want variety in resources and how and where to get them. Does it matter what the difference is, if the only one you really need to care about is Pristine mode?
  2. I had a tiny plane that would bounce its nose up every time I went to the runway, installed the current download of WorldStabilizer and now it doesn't do that.
  3. Same issue as Buffalo, except I wonder if you extracted the files. Either way, How to Get Support
  4. How to Get Support You probably broke the file structure, everything stays in the Wild Blue Industries folder when you install, but following that pinned page would be a good help for us.
  5. Could it be the random snacking Kerbals can do? It was a setting the last time I checked. Maybe the RNG just has them snacking a bit more often sometimes for Bombaatu?
  6. Beyond game limitations, I think inertia still matters, so something more massive than the astronaut is still hard/impossible to move without things like the canadarm.
  7. Kinda like, a block of lead has more mass than a box with enough volume to hold it, so that box can hold it, but it takes more'n one person to carry it.
  8. Github Release Page Scroll down till you find the 1.3.x releases. Make sure you grab the right one, whether 1.3.0 or 1.3.1
  9. The Decaying_RTG cfg is supposed to stay in its folder, and that folder goes in game data. Same with the RTG patch. Firespitter isn't supposed to be a raw dll, either, it usually stays in its folder.
  10. I've had the problem, too, but I'm several versions out of date now (1.3.1), and not a good reference point. Seems like KSP's catch up mechanics don't want to play nice with WBI's science progress. Doesn't have to do with MKS, as I don't have it in my install. Hanging out at the (usually) station and time warping lets time build just fine, but if I change scenes and come back quickly, sometimes it'll be down some lab time, and I'm not guaranteed progress leaving it unloaded, even for a few ingame weeks. And sometimes the catchup does work and I return to everything finishing at once.
  11. It's a core part of the Wild Blue Industries mods, with certain templates, configs, and bits of code that everything else references.
  12. You downloaded the master instead of the release version. If you got it from Github, just navigate to the releases tab.
  13. Krakatoa

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    There's a dV map in the first post with all the planets and moons on it.
  14. Krakatoa

    [1.4.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Pretty sure there's a button in the toolbar of the Space Center screen with WBT on it, clicking that should bring up the thing to choose which play mode. Edited: just loaded the game, yep, there's a big WBT button down in the toolbar, it brought up the play mode screen, you just select what you want to use, then restart the game.