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  1. Krakatoa

    [1.4.3] Near Future Technologies (1.4.3ish)

    The Decaying_RTG cfg is supposed to stay in its folder, and that folder goes in game data. Same with the RTG patch. Firespitter isn't supposed to be a raw dll, either, it usually stays in its folder.
  2. I've had the problem, too, but I'm several versions out of date now (1.3.1), and not a good reference point. Seems like KSP's catch up mechanics don't want to play nice with WBI's science progress. Doesn't have to do with MKS, as I don't have it in my install. Hanging out at the (usually) station and time warping lets time build just fine, but if I change scenes and come back quickly, sometimes it'll be down some lab time, and I'm not guaranteed progress leaving it unloaded, even for a few ingame weeks. And sometimes the catchup does work and I return to everything finishing at once.
  3. It's a core part of the Wild Blue Industries mods, with certain templates, configs, and bits of code that everything else references.
  4. You downloaded the master instead of the release version. If you got it from Github, just navigate to the releases tab.
  5. Krakatoa

    [1.4.3] Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul v3.4.0

    There's a dV map in the first post with all the planets and moons on it.
  6. Krakatoa

    [1.4.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Pretty sure there's a button in the toolbar of the Space Center screen with WBT on it, clicking that should bring up the thing to choose which play mode. Edited: just loaded the game, yep, there's a big WBT button down in the toolbar, it brought up the play mode screen, you just select what you want to use, then restart the game.
  7. Krakatoa

    [1.4.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    With the different options available for this mod, it'll be kinda important to see your GameData and WildBlueIndustries folders to make sure it's installed correctly, then the appropriate log. I've not heard of anyone else having that issue, so it leans towards an install issue. Those two resources for the SAFER rely on CRP and being in WBI's CRP play mode. Classic Stock uses NuclearFuel and NuclearWaste and Pristine mode uses stock's RTG-style generator instead of a resource converter. Also to throw it out there, Heisenburg hasn't been updated to 1.4.3, so if there was something that broke during that change, it'll have to wait till Angel can get the opportunity to update things.
  8. I'm using those engines right now in my save, they are still there. No idea on your first question, though that wouldn't be compatibility, just balance.
  9. Hmm, well, if you have the CryoTanks folder in your install (which comes with KA), you could look at the cfg for any of the hydrogen tanks and see that it has a few different appearances described, like foil, white, foil bare, and white bare. You are able to switch them with B9 partswitch, which is also bundled with KA. Starting to think you may have an install issue if you aren't able to switch tank appearances. Should be part of the right click menu when you're designing the craft.
  10. If you're talking about the pic in the OP, I think it's from this, though it may be from Cryo Engines and one of those cryo tanks. If it is what you're talking about, they can be switched between the icosahedral pattern from the pic or the foil version.
  11. There's a "How to Get Support" thread at the top of the forum that needs to be followed for anyone to help you. Also Fengist is understandably stepping back from modding and KSP in general, so I wouldn't expect much from there.
  12. I think you mean to say that you messed up the installation, and could someone please help? Screenshots, versions of the mods and KSP, a pic of your gamedata folder, and generally following the "how to get support" guidelines at the top of the forum would be mighty helpful to get the effects working properly for you.
  13. Afraid I haven't dug into post-1.4, but it works for 1.3.1 and I can't imagine why it wouldn't. I've got probes heading the each of the outer planets already.
  14. @Carrot OOoooooh, I get it. Stock has the RTG in Experimental Electrics. Wild Blue moves it to Large Electrics. It's not removed from the game, it just isn't in that node. Large Electrics is a node in the stock tech tree, so you don't need CTT or anything to still have it.