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  1. Alright, here it is, after going through with a spreadsheet and doing some math. My "ore sifter" now maintains within 1/100000th accuracy the mass from ore to the components and it has been balanced to run at slightly less than half the speed of the Bigby when processing metal ore and metal while using about the same amount of EC for everything. Thanks for the help and let me know what you think! First Repository of my own on Github!
  2. A few somewhat-off ratios have definitely been exploited by me in a design or two. I've noticed Cryo, and that the Aurum+Ore container (at least in Heisenburg) holds I think 4800 Ore and 4800 Aurum, while the Ore-only one holds 4800 ore.
  3. @Angel-125 I've gone through most of the pages of the mod and looked at the changelog and couldn't find if you had revisited the ratios of products for EL integration. There was a conversation back on page 13 about how EL parts tend to use ExConverter, where stock and your parts use ModuleResourceConverter. You mentioned you needed to check on the numbers because there was a cycle that could give infinite metal because of either not enough scrap used to remake metal or too much from making rocket parts, but I couldn't find whether it had been tweaked. You mentioned ExConverter doesn't work well for you/your mod, so should it be avoided when designing a template? If the numbers for the Ironworks in the EL patch are correct, then I think I've completed it using ModuleResourceConverter. Thanks!
  4. Yeah, looks like you have KW Rocketry and maybe a couple other things updated since the transition to 1.3, so if you're playing in 1.3, everything needs to be updated. If you're in 1.2.2, make sure KW is the 1.2.2 version, that you only have the one MM version, and that Real Plume is the 1.2.2 version.
  5. Hah! The missing curly bracket was exactly my problem. I also changed enableMPLModules to true, thinking that was part of having the experiment slot show up, but do I need it active to have the experiment? I'd actually prefer it not to have any science storage, per se, but just be able to do construction and tool research and the like. With that, is the WBIDataTransferUtility just the module that lets you move data from MPL to MPL? And last (I think) config question, do you need "isKISInventory = true" in the template, or does it pick it up from the part config? I currently have it in, and don't see any issues, but wasn't sure if I was doubling up. Thanks again! Is there a place I could upload it once I clean off the rough edges? Or would anyone care to see/use it in the first place?
  6. The quest continues! I have all of the resource converters showing up, but I'm not getting the tabs in the Manage Operations UI to set the one experiment slot I'm going to give it/run that experiment. Also not getting the Resources tab. Tried setting the isTweakable to true and false for all the resources it will have, and I don't have a replacement EC in the template. I think those are the only two particular issues I'm having. I'll go ahead and put a link to a dropbox version of my template if anyone has the inkling to look. Dropbox
  7. I'm writing my own template going through a few different ones and looking at the Pathfinder wiki. I'm fairly pleased with the balance I've struck with it, and on loading up the game, sure enough there it is in the list of configs for the Centrifuge, which means I even have it pointing the right direction, but I'm getting the same error that was happening with the Sunburn lab that you managed to figure out. What did you do to get the resources to show up like they were supposed to? Should I post my .cfg here or is it a big enough chunk of code at 256 lines (so far) that I should post it elsewhere?
  8. I have used crew tubes both ways, along the side of a craft to emulate passageways to separate crewed areas, or using a radial attachment point to get a firm connection perpendicularly as standoffs for engine nacelle style pieces.
  9. @Angel-125, while you're looking at giving DSEV a refresh, I would like to throw in a feature request, if it's doable. I'd like to be able to customize the three tasks that the centrifuge template uses. As it is now, it's a greenhouse and basically an expanded stock-style MPL with crew leveling and science processing and a bunch of seats. Since I don't play with Snacks or any other LS, it would be great to have it be say an MPL, Chemistry Lab, and Smelter, or whatever other combination of templates that make sense in a module half the size of the Bigby. I'd love it to be like Chem lab, Partshop, and Smelter, and have it represent most of what's needed to produce and launch landers or satellites.
  10. You have it in the 000WildBlueTools folder instead of the WildBlueIndustries folder.
  11. Welcome to the forums! There's probably an install issue. If you could post a picture of your GameData folder, we may have a bit more of a clear idea. File tree should be GameData - KerbetrotterLtd - FelineUtilityRover and it needs the Kerbetrotter Tools to also be in the KerbetrotterLtd folder.
  12. To add on to what @Nils277 is asking, would there be a way to write a patch where it looks for anything with ModuleResourceConverter, or the right sort at least, so that stations or whatever that run on something other than ore products can have their ISRU counted? Like gas separators or nuclear fuel processors?
  13. Went through the different science pieces across your mods and they're all changing properly, thank you so much!
  14. It's not the biggest problems, because the compact ISRU can make fusion pellets, so there's other ways to get 'em, but a Doc Sci in the Sunburn template still isn't showing resources except for 1 EC in either the manage operations screen or the right click menu. Here's the output log of opening the game, going to the VAB, putting down a conestoga, attaching the Doc Sci, and trying to look at the Sunburn version. I just found out IFS and B9 part switcher don't like each other, so I'm sure that's causing other issues, and I'm having little bugs with a couple other things, but the game works in general. Gonna post a link to the output log and list my mods just in case there's something anyone can see, but I'm not having any game breaking issues, so I'm not overly concerned. Output Log Mod list