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  1. From my playing, they seem to have something go wrong if the animations and science modules don't go at the same time. Running an experiment through [x]Science, especially without the experiment deployed, seems to cause them to lock up, with the "science module full" or whatever the warning is, and the only way I have been able to fix it so far is just restore a save point. As long as I manually run the experiment, I can keep resetting with a scientist.
  2. Literally the post right before yours has links to the release page. Look for the release that comes before 1.8 compatibility. Spacedock even says explicitly which version of the game each upload is for.
  3. Curious because I'm super excited someone took the initiative and made MAS IVAs, did you add the light knob to the IVAs or pre-set everything to full illumination?
  4. FWIW, I put it in my new 1.8.1 install, and so far, no problems.
  5. You just need to have the most recent one, whether it's from the Pathfinder bundle, downloaded straight from the MM Github, or from where it was included in another mod. ModuleManager 4.0.2 is what you want.
  6. I built this one for a Feline Utility Rovers craft, but this is the general idea, and Buffalo is very close to the same size as a FUR rover.
  7. I've landed them a few ways. There's the chassis decoupler, so you can land it vertically on a landing stage and just rotate forward after staging the decoupler. I've put engines on a large number of Buffalos and landed on their power after ditching a deorbiting stage. I've suspended them in large cargo bays and landed that horizontally, then just dropped out the bottom or jumped out the top. I've flown them there in a MkIV/OPT SSTO. Using EL is an option, but I kinda prefer any of those others.
  8. That's one of the Wild Blue research experiments that you put in a slot in a lab with the science template. It requires lab time (a resource produced internally while running the experiment) and some other experiments require certain conditions for the craft, like landed, orbiting, whatever, and in this case a thermometer so the Kerbals can do the research projects.
  9. The PAW is the right click menu on the part. Hit "Open Workshop" from there and you can get to the OSE GUI.
  10. Feel free to disagree, but part of what makes OSE special is how it starts off so small, only needing 2 modules and a drill to basically get going. 1 with the chemical workshop as it was. You don't have to keep that, but with the new setup, you would need a minimum of 2 OSE modules and you could possibly need all 3. I also like with the recent plan of moving the Chem Workshop deeper into the tech tree, that science lets you build that more efficient base. Anything that lets you get a better base going with fewer parts is always nice for keeping those frames higher.
  11. I went through and just fixed my copies of the cfgs. May work better than relying on a patch as far as making it so no warnings show up.
  12. I greatly prefer option 2, and if people are cheesing the recycle mechanic, they could just as easily use the alt-f12 menu to give themselves the money and save the time setting up the process.
  13. I think* that the original was material kits made from ore in combination with rare metals or/and exotic minerals depending on the part. The part with a mention of making equipment is probably the anomaly, but I've never played with just MKS, so I don't know if Equipment exists outside of Wild Blue. If not, the recipe should probably just be tweaked with a compatibility patch when using Wild Blue and the part changed to produce the MKs and to sift Dirt. In Pathfinder with CRP, there's a combination of Equipment (used for re-purposing and expanding parts) and MKs and the ability to switch between them, and it uses the original recipes. In Pathfinder with Classic Stock, OSE uses Equipment with Gemstones and/or PreciousMetals to print parts.
  14. Now that I have finally looked at everything, it is special in that it's the only part that can do all the things, but it does unlock at the same stock node as the regular manned workshop so would seem to outclass it immediately. If it unlocked later in the science tree, I could see it staying as is, so that you can compact your builds with better science.