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  1. There's a "How to Get Support" thread at the top of the forum that needs to be followed for anyone to help you. Also Fengist is understandably stepping back from modding and KSP in general, so I wouldn't expect much from there.
  2. I think you mean to say that you messed up the installation, and could someone please help? Screenshots, versions of the mods and KSP, a pic of your gamedata folder, and generally following the "how to get support" guidelines at the top of the forum would be mighty helpful to get the effects working properly for you.
  3. Afraid I haven't dug into post-1.4, but it works for 1.3.1 and I can't imagine why it wouldn't. I've got probes heading the each of the outer planets already.
  4. @Carrot OOoooooh, I get it. Stock has the RTG in Experimental Electrics. Wild Blue moves it to Large Electrics. It's not removed from the game, it just isn't in that node. Large Electrics is a node in the stock tech tree, so you don't need CTT or anything to still have it.
  5. Then another mod has removed it. I promise, it's still there as far as Buffalo/all of Wild Blue is concerned. I also play career mode, and I have both the RTG and the SAFER.
  6. This doesn't do anything to the stock RTG. It's still there.
  7. Pretty sure that's already possible. Just check out the options on the Space Center FF screen.
  8. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    @DerekL1963 So, the battery buffer is definitely a needed part of making sure the engines don't overwhelm KSP's core ability to do things, and I think in general it processes needs before generation, so you'll have problems with that unless you have the battery power to absorb any fluctuations. I flew my gyro ring quad copter around a good bit, and did manage to run the power out once, because the thrust and EC consumption of the engines can spike to max if they have to kick into overdrive to maintain speed, like what happened when I turned my quad copter 90 degrees or more and the engines were pulling against momentum. With the spare battery, though, I could do it a few times before managing to drain it and usually the reactor could catch up. I'm almost positive that if you make sure to have >10k EC on your airship and everything installed correctly, it should handle even 8 engines for normal airship flight.
  9. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    That's what I was thinking, actually. Perhaps the 30 EC gets overwhelmed by the calculations going on with 800+ EC being pulled for the engines? More buffer may help.
  10. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Hmm, well, if everything is installed correctly, I'm not sure what your problem may be. I made what may be my absolute weirdest craft ever that actually flew with ease for testing everything at once. There's 6 radiators attached, but only two are turned on, and it seemed to keep from overheating with just one turned on. 8 Twisters in push/pull, the nuclear gyro ring, the large probe core, the radiators, a SAFER I forgot to detach but isn't turned on, and a 32k battery from another part pack.
  11. [1.4.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Without core heat, I don't think the TemperatureModifier or ThermalEfficiency parts will work right, and I imagine the engine will be stuck in low/no power mode. Try taking that out, too? Actually, looking back at your post on Tuesday at the top of the page, everything was working correctly there, possibly, except both reactors were overheating and your thermal efficiency was dropping substantially. I'm in 1.3.1 still, but I just set up a nuclear gyro ring with a drone core and a bunch of large fixed radiators (just to test), basically making your set up from that day but with radiators, and the generator worked perfectly. It's set up to scale down production when you're at full EC, but if the generator isn't working correctly anymore because of overheating, it might just not be able to keep up with the props.
  12. You must've had an install issue. They're all there! And it's definitely still being updated.
  13. Scrolling back up on that page, it looks to be 2.5.0 where the Estonian was released.
  14. If you go to SpaceDock and then the changelog tab on the bottom, you can scroll down to the last one marked for 1.2.2, which looks like version
  15. All the instructions on how to upload a log and a picture are in Galileo's signature with the "how to get help" button in red. You don't want to copy the whole log here, it breaks the forums, and they don't host pictures here.