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  1. The problem is that the released version of the mod has the wrong module names for the Extraplanetary Launchpads integration, so those references in the .cfg have to be fixed. I did so a year or so ago and sent a PR, but of course the original modmaker has moved on from KSP, so they never got integrated with a release.
  2. You have put something to this effect in multiple threads, so you obviously don't know what is hanging you up and are blaming mods almost at random. Post your logs like the basic troubleshooting instructions say to do so someone might have a chance of helping you and you don't send mod makers on a wild goose chase.
  3. Right on, I love this addition to EL. It's been a while already since I did the adjustments to fix the EL module references, so sorry if something doesn't work right. I also see you picked up the mod I had been working on a while back. It was never finished and is just a couple very rough parts, so feel free to ditch it! I doubt the textures are even saved properly for the current incarnation of KSP.
  4. Extraplanetary Launchpads has non-stageable clamps that work similarly to the stock ones. Of course, they can't be sent on a lander, but you can build your base in situ and they will keep things lofted and still.
  5. Thread title says 1.6.1 and Galileo said just a few posts up that it hasn't been updated and there's been some discussions on what that means with how it currently works, so I'mma say "no."
  6. No they aren't. Attention to detail, my lad. Check the panel lines on the bottom. Color is slightly different, too.
  7. Would you look at the color on that KH? Almost exactly the one being shown by Cobalt. Turns out foil isn't necessarily the most accurate.
  8. Turn back off cutaway mode. It'll show what does exist for that config node if it is turned on, but shouldn't if you aren't trying to see the inside.
  9. Now that I think on it for a moment, it's possible the capsule popped out of the water and relanded, triggering the award.
  10. I think that he meant it shouldn't have worked because he had 4 parachutes out.
  11. The screen continues to shake like I'm driving along the ground in the couple times where it's happened to me, and I get those same errors.
  12. From my playing, they seem to have something go wrong if the animations and science modules don't go at the same time. Running an experiment through [x]Science, especially without the experiment deployed, seems to cause them to lock up, with the "science module full" or whatever the warning is, and the only way I have been able to fix it so far is just restore a save point. As long as I manually run the experiment, I can keep resetting with a scientist.
  13. Literally the post right before yours has links to the release page. Look for the release that comes before 1.8 compatibility. Spacedock even says explicitly which version of the game each upload is for.