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  1. @Eleusis La Arwall I know you haven't been around much lately, but just wanted to drop a line and say I'm enjoying this as an expansion to EL and I dropped a PR on Git to fix the XPad, Recycle Site, and Sledgehammer for the new KIS version. Thank you!
  2. Krakatoa

    [1.6.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Basically, you are dragging a very old save game with a very old version of this mod up to the current version. Most of the gondola pieces got replaced a year or more ago with new versions that can be packed away. There was quite a bit of discussion at the time in this thread about how to upgrade things if needed.
  3. Krakatoa

    [Airships in 1.3] HooliganLabs Mods

    Did it finally stop working? I'm still in 1.5.1, and while there are a couple texture issues with the button, it all still works perfectly.
  4. Krakatoa

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.4

    Appreciated! That's the trouble with using different names around the internet. Either is acceptable and both provide anonymity.
  5. Krakatoa

    [1.5.1] Extraplanetary Launchpads v6.3.4

    Hey Taniwha, looks like my little patch didn't make it into the release, at least not that I can find, so the ISRU parts still won't count for folks. Just so everyone else knows, it works on all contracts accepted after it is first included. Any active contracts will still ignore the smelters and rocket part builder.
  6. Krakatoa

    [1.6.x] Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience

    I'm using both because there just aren't the compatibility patches out there for everything. I customized my SCANSat choices to give me all the Classic Stock stuff and cleared out some of the CRP ones from the scan that I didn't need for anything. So far so good, and nothing has seemed to scream at me.
  7. Krakatoa

    [1.4.X] OSE Workshop Continued - KIS Addon

    I was having an error with the workshop, could be the same one, and my very-not-great workaround was to queue 2 of the item and go back to doing missions until the timer was up. Coming back, the printer would be hung up and opening the GUI would give me an NRE until I cancelled the second item. The first would then autocomplete and show up in my inventory and the NRE stopped. ETA: This was using Pathfinder's OSE choices, not the pieces from the base mod, but I figure they all effectively work off the same .dll
  8. Krakatoa

    [1.6.x] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    Been using it in 1.5.1, does exactly what it's supposed to with my airships. Haven't moved on to 1.6 just yet, but I can't imagine that would have been the final straw to break HL.
  9. Krakatoa

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    No, just install the release linked in the first post. All you want is the "" and "" files, then installed like normal.
  10. Krakatoa

    How do I land a rocket booster?

    DStaal is right. I've pulled this off a few times without FMRS or any other stage recovery mod. In my experience, it's all about lofting enough that you can either finish the circ burn before the part now classed as either debris or a probe hits the ground, or get back to the ground mighty quick with the booster before the payload hits or gets too far past the apoapsis. A carefully planned launch will let you keep burning to at least a stable orbit with the payload within just a few moments of staging, then just quickly go into map view and switch back. Before hitting atmo is best, because being on rails, there's no/very little slow down as it passes through the atmosphere.
  11. Krakatoa

    [1.6.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Then host your log somewhere and link it. You've posted 6 times about your issue and haven't followed the first guideline in getting your problem solved.
  12. Those are all from MOLE, another Wild Blue Industries mod.
  13. Sorry for being a little dense, when you say "Added Expansion requirement", does that mean being able to set up contracts that require MH, or that it's now required for CC?
  14. It's the SPF-50s. The Solar Truss works fine, just the detatched panel version.