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  1. Like said above pictures would help to localise the problem. As shoot in blue. CoM to low. Finns if you are in atmosphere. Drag at front to high.... There can be many sources for the problems.... Welcome to the forums and have a nice stay. Funny Kabooms Urses
  2. Are you sure it is a rover?... I think ot is a house...with wheels... oh well... Nice one. But it IS HUGE....
  3. It will look gorgeous with some of @JadeOfMaar 's spaceboxes i presume <3
  4. Beginner-problems with training

    The mostly mentioned problem is for the training missions, they look to use the last started gameplay as basic imptovement. If you start a new carier game and do the training afterwards you mostly stick in there bc some of functionalitys simple are not present. Try to start a sandbox and than start the training. And if i may be a little "salty" training isn't realy up to date Funny Kabooms Urses
  5. Incredibly Stupid/Pointless Superpowers

    Shows you Future? Like "will i win in next lottery? Yes/not"
  6. Incredibly Stupid/Pointless Superpowers

    Future forseening with yes ot not option and you are allways 50% right.
  7. As my last was "Gothic".... may be i can subdue some of the Zomboes to be from theyr species....?
  8. Like all parts are scatered.... ehmmm...landed nearby at each other?
  9. Hyper-Earths

    We name Earth often as a Pearl, what would be the nickname for such a giant? I Pledge for "Bowlingball"
  10. want to make ksp look fantastic. please help.

    Welcome to the Forums. It is not CKAN friendly but if if you are for a real Eyecandy try out GPP with Sigma Dimensions. You will bring your PC on this Limits but it is Worth every burned down RAM Chip Funny Kabooms Urses
  11. SSTO Question

    In one previois playthrough i tried a asteroid train system. Catch an asteroid build a refining station on it and bring it on a inclined orbit around sun with a 3 year period. This way i get a catapult station for outer space with a startimg window from Kerbin all 3 years. The orbit was planned for near path-by's on Kerbin and i could start and recover my missions on this point.
  12. Which crazy evolutionary mechanism invented Spiders (in the name of sience who need 8 eyes and legs?) or snakes (big angry and/or poisonus ropes?) On other hand substitute carbon with silizium on a "little" hotter planet and you get a maybe earth alike but more resistant lifeform... The big problem would be more not to Encounter a exteristrial lifeform but to recognize this one as one?
  13. The problem is kids before learning theyr native language mostly use a self invented one. Mostly these are phonetical translations for some words but for as example twins they invent absolutely new communication protocols... are they "buggy" too? If we translate it on a KI the basic language fot this beeing is binary. And how the Researchers decide that a bunch of 0 and 1 lead to english outcome?
  14. How long your first stages last?

    From time as i began to use USI i build mostly SSTO class first stages and disassemble them in the orbit for MaterialKits to inflate all modules in-situ. And i have mostly halffull tanks in orbiters to completly reuse the remainings of ascenders.
  15. Possible exomoon discovered

    Ah now i have a hint for this soundwaves in last time... And i though there where a exploding vulkan.... @topic bc the most found exoplanets in HZ till now a realy big balls of gas or ice, finding a possible exomoons is realy a interesting info.