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  1. As i read through this tread somehow this tingles by me a subline message what says: Make twickscale base option for the game for i can scale every probecore to fit my parameters... why stand then on probecores and not scale everything? And for RCS-Tugs why they are "false"? A tug is a docking help, for all other functionalitys you need a transfer stage. Or a puller or pusher ship, who we name for lazines reasons tugs.
  2. If i see it right there is a decoupler between the docking ports? EVA a Kerbal and push the ring out of the way?
  3. At least we can be sure he get not lost... Downwards they will come all by themself.....
  4. Why would it be cheaty? I have to bring/build a giant "barn" with logisticks functionality.... and this needs many efforts to do this... like build a SPH big module out there... late phase warehouse with machinery wear as it will be a mostly automated beast ... And if the volumes are more in 3,5m range and the masses correspond with the containers and a Tundra Logistic Module, it wouln'd be overpowered?
  5. As i tried the constelation prebuild, a manned module was not needed for OL, but i think in end state you have to mann the logistics modules.
  6. You only need a logistic module on both conterparts and containers for ressources you will trade. Than you can go to OL and send the ressources for cash and time.
  7. Welcome to the forums! To go to Minmus is a little tricky as to the Mun because of inclination. For the first attempt get a lill more fuel with you. Circularise around Kerbin and burn in/out radial till your pe is on DE or AE, plan your maneuver at this point and with some playings on prograde/retrograde and on normal/antinormal you will get a nice encounter. The prograde trick as Mun shows over the horizont of Kerbin don't works here. Have a good time and much of fun Happy Kabooms Urses
  8. I can't eat pig meat as it is to fat for my organism. But fish is yammy
  9. What about some complex Molecules? Or your version of DNA?
  10. Welcome to the selfeater club XD Now i know where comes all that "XYZ-flawored" food.... scary....
  11. Is it art or crazyness?

    Somehow both....

    1. NSEP


      Who would want to walk around on the street like that? I hope they just shave it off after taking those cool pictures.

    2. Urses


      XD one more for crazines i think ;-)

  12. How it looks and as a old SciFi freack.... "Corsair" maybe? This one looks realy like a Invader class dropship for small tactical units... rings "pirates"? Love the design especialy wings+engine nacels!
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