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  1. sure... all I have to do is to completly reinstall my computer and all development tools... this will take some time... then updating to new version and ... I cannot give a time, but it's planned to restart
  2. hi... this is already in the code if I remember correctly... maybe I'll restart the development soon... IR allows you to do this (at least in the latest version I was working on) ... I'll bring out an update soon... but with IR (maybe an unpublished version, that's something I don't know for sure) you actually can build a Canadarm-2 (and you can walk around with it). I'm not sure if I had some problems or if it was release when I stopped working on this project. there is a debug version of IR that allows you to show all the connections inside the vessel... like this you can easily find out who is strutting down what... and in case of a problem in IR... maybe it can be fixed
  3. I haven't tried this specific combination, but I don't see why it shouldn't. You can say in general, that KJRn is working when other KJR's work.
  4. sorry for beeing absent so long in IR we try not to use TweakScale anymore, that's because many wanted to use IR, but didn't want to install TweakScale (as far as I have understood this, it's because they think that this would be cheating) but, for the problem... what kind of crash do you see? in the past we had problems with some parts when scaling to too small... but only in the calculation of forces
  5. I think the sequencer doesn't work... someone wanted to take over the project. I've no idea what has been done since then. It's on my list to fix that when I'm done with the next version of IR.
  6. For KSP 1.7.3 it's the 4.1.x version, for all others the 4.0.x versions. The reason is, that there's a lot of classes in KSP that changed over time. And one day we need to make a cut so that legacy code can be removed... of course, now that I know of KSP 1.8, it would have been better to wait for this version. ... so... at least for the moment it's like it is. Right, and I want to point out, that the dbg version is also a bit slower. It does more in the background. I will improve this over time by adding additional and better "off" switches for example. But the main idea is to build some kind of visualization and (this is new now) a data recorder for each joint for a later analysis to improve KJR.
  7. I think, there is no problem and KJR Next works better with RO than the Continued. I think, the reason for why RO writes on their site that it's not working was an old version of KJR Next that was out for only about a week (months ago) and is no longer available (I even deleted it from the servers). It had a compatibility problem with some mods of RO. But after the next update of KSP (I think it was 1.7.1 or 1.7.2) there was a new interface and the problem with robotic parts of the DLC could have been solved differently and much easier. Since then we don't have those problems anymore... but, I fixed this without feedback of the RO team or users. Right... I tried to talk to them, but never got an answer. All I did hear from a moderator (Snark) is, that they owe me nothing and that they don't have to talk to me if they don't want. And I should stop asking them via their thread.
  8. Use the Next, it will work without problems and offers some performance and stability advances over the Continued. I know, that some say, that it's not working with RO, but I never got an error report for one of the new versions showing, that this is true. There was just one version with a problem, long long ago...
  9. for 1.6.1 you need the 3.0.0, others are only compatible with 1.7.3 and later I recommend using KJR Next
  10. I'm glad that you like it I would recommend to use the Pre-release. It doesn't have bug as far as I know, but it's not completely finished. But still it is the better choice for 1.7.3 In the summer I had not much time for developing, but I restarted some days ago. So, you can expect to see a new release soon, but I cannot say if it's in 2 weeks or 6 ... but, I don't think that the save files would break. So, if you use 3.0.2, the update shouldn't be a problem later.
  11. right... it works now... I didn't think that you had a bug fixed that recently... and next time I will check the version manually, to be sure that I have the latest ... I'm not sure anymore, but I thought I did check it with CKAN some days ago anyway... thanks
  12. seems to be ... I'm still on 1.6.1 with this game (some mods are not updated yet) ... I did read about some problem with this ullage state in the past. But... the code looks good to me ... what I cannot explain is the difference between the Wildcat and the Swivel, that doesn't make sense to me. I thought, maybe you have an explanation for this.
  13. oh, by the way... I like the 1.8 idea... even more than the 2.0 ... just wanted to make this clear
  14. ok... that's good... so, modders will have some time until the work starts again
  15. do we have a release time estimation for 1.8?
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