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  1. I haven't thought about the whole picture yet. Maybe the idea is not that good, but... did you ever think about ideas like having multiple release version support without having to use workarounds? E.g. if you allow to have an array of $kref or if you would handle the situation in which the asset_match matches with multiple files? You could process this pretty easily by simply copying the mod and handle it as if you have multiple .netkan files. One case per $kref or asset_match.
  2. There are new versions online (4.1.15/4.0.15)... I'm not sure if it already works with ckan
  3. I found the problem and it's easy to fix... but I added also other things that are not yet ready. You can expect a new release in the next 2-3 days...
  4. ok, now I'm definitely back ... I'm now in the game (1.7.2 and 1.7.3) and... I used the 4.1.15 version of KJR Next (which maybe I haven't released yet... don't know...) but... here it doesn't happen... so, question: which version of KJRn is this that you're using? ... oh, I see... 4.0.15 has this bug. So it's in the part for the backward compatibility. The class detection for the versions 1.4 - 1.7.1 ... Will be fixed soon and then I will release the two new versions (one for 1.7.3 and higher ... or 1.7.2? have to see... and one for the older versions... this will improve things for the newer versions)
  5. There are things inside KSP (and unity games in general) that run in parallel and without any locks in a "good luck" kind of method. Means, they do a lot of things at the same time and sometimes the order of execution is different due to timing being different. And then you get such exceptions. I don't like this style, but seems that's the way it's done today... maybe that's "modern"
  6. hi sorry for the delay... not yet, I wasn't at home first and when I wanted to start again I got sick, but the development has been restarted now...
  7. Attach them to a heavier part. If you have small parts between large parts, this makes it unstable. It's better to attach them to a heavier part and then shift them around. This is generally true in KSP (and Unity games) and not related to KJRn.
  8. Locking the IR parts should be enough. If you have installed KJR Next, it will then secure everything over those locked IR parts. lock the parts when not used, then KJR Next will rebuild the joints and secure them... should work much better then
  9. I will try it myself and figure out what it is... could be that I can fix it. The main problem of KAL-1000 and DLC robotics is, that is doesn't have the same concept of the "acceleration" as we have in IR. Those movements are much more instant than those of IR parts. This makes it difficult to use the same values and techniques. We had long discussions about that and what could be done. Without a proper acceleration limitation, we think, it's not as realistic and also not as usable as it is today. Dropping the concept would make everything much more unstable, wobbly, uncontrollable and is not an option. But maybe I can still improve the collaboration of those parts... it's pretty new, so we will see.
  10. Infernal Robotics Next is not just a big bugfix. Main parts of the code is written new, from scratch. The idea and the gui is the same, but the code is new. Would be interesting to see how many similarities a tool like WinDiff would find...
  11. When I first started with Infernal Robotics, it was at version 2. I wanted to build a space station with it and the arms never worked. That's why I started investigating it and in the end started the project "Infernal Robitics Next". I had nothing to do with the old version of Infernal Robotics. Now, with the first release it is stable and usable. Sure, we found some minor bugs and mainly du to the dlc robotics we started to add features and improvements. Those should be ready soon with the next release. But I don't think that you have to wait for it, if you don't want to do things that need those new features. That's the story... currently I'm working on KJR Next and Infernal Robotics Next bugfixes, improvements and new versions and I expect to see them ready later in august.
  12. And, identical means? That you see a problem with IR or that KSP reacts like this when you (a module you wrote) do (does) something?
  13. KJRn doesn't have this option, because it tries to find weak joints that shouldn't be weak and builds additional joints. The idea is not to make everything unrealisticly strong, but only to fix the unrealisticly weak joints. ... in theory I could imagine a way to achieve what you want by modifying the configuration of KJRn and playing with the old and still available options. But the development of KJRn goes into an other direction. It's going more into a fully automatic way with more intelligent detection of weak joints. The fact that you have a problem with a rotating part makes it even more complicated.
  14. A bit off topic, I know, but I still wanted to answer this one. Because IR is no longer the buggy IR it was... Infernal Robotics Next does solve all those problems you mentioned. The code for joints and movements has been written new, from scratch. It is now moving or rotating only along the x-axis. The rest is as fix as default joints in KSP. And the implementation we use today is even more stable (no gaps forming and unwanted movements) than the dlc robotics (as far as can see from experiments). We also have a solution to all the docking port problems. And in the next release you will see new parts with new grapplers for precise construction in space.
  15. Well... I have not made measuerments, but it may be normal in ksp... but, I'm just guessing now