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  1. are they using KJR Next? or an other version? ... I'm only responsible for the Next one ... and in this version should explicitly take care of phantom forces and elliminate them (as far as I know no other version or stock robotics does this)
  2. KJR Next and Infernal Robotics Next are built in a way that should eliminate all phantom forces. (as far as I know you have them with all other KJR versions and with stock robotics if you save/load flights and use time warp)
  3. That's interesting... I thought, that such problems don't exist anymore. But never the less... there is a way to tell KJR to ignore specific parts by adding a module to the part. See the description here: Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement/KJRExcluded.cs at master · meirumeiru/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement · GitHub If this helps, could you then contact me so that I can investigate this further?
  4. that's right... it should work with RO... I never got any feedback reporting problems (for both ... KJR Next and IR Next)
  5. thanks for the report, I will investigate this
  6. Yes... Unity version upgrade of KSP 1.12 (or an earlier upgrade since 1.8) ... that's the problem here. Interesting, since... 3.0.6 and 3.0.7 are almost identical. I did change almost nothing. But... of course I'm using this part of TweakScale (Scale_Redist.dll)... and I don't know if this could cause conflicts with the "real" TweakScale... its a pretty old file.
  7. I haven't tested this with <1.12. This may be the cause for what you see. The reason for all this is that KSP moved to an other Unit version. That's why IR 3.0.7 has been compiled against 1.12 and Unity 2019.4.18f1. I first thought about building and testing it for earlier versions too. But I then I saw that even RO moved to 1.12 and I thought, nobody would need such a version .
  8. hey, it's just some "if I were them, I would do xy because of z" - thoughts... isn't it allowed to say that anymore? I thought that's what people do all the time... e.g. when the talk about what NASA, SpaceX, Boeing, ESA and all the others do...
  9. for me -> yes... for those creating the game -> massive loss of money... and, what I wanted to say with it was "in my opinion they shouldn't act like this, because it's a high risk to lose money"
  10. no... I agree with sunnypunny... they are destroying the community and the fire that burned for KSP when fans of KSP learn how to live without KSP, then they will not return to KSP2... that's just normal human behavior... and those who return will expect a really huge experience... if they don't get that, they will not accept the new game... not even if it's 3 time better than the old game... they will expect a 10 times better game...
  11. v3.0.7 is online it provides all basic robotic actions and they should be stable some extra modules for building "walking arms" might need some more work
  12. v3.0.7 is online it provides all basic robotic actions and they should be stable some extra modules for building "walking arms" might need some more work
  13. no problem :-) hmm... yes, it does make sense to me... and, I think, with stock "robotics" or other movement parts (and if I remember correctly also with autostruts), you always have this drift problem... I did read about a fix tough... but, I have no idea how good it is, maybe I'm going to investigate this some day
  14. that was annoying... but in KJR Next and Infernal Robotics Next, I have tried to solve those problems and it shouldn't happen with those mods
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