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  1. K. No problem
  2. Hello everyone. I'm posting to ask for opinions on this parts list by @legoclone09.The list is here. I plan to get it when the rx 580 is in stock at a reasonable price, and I have been trying to get as many opinions as possible. Thanks in adavnce, SpaceEnthusiast
  3. We kinda fixed the problem I think by working together. Is that ok?
  4. RSS/RO also takes it a step further to give you a bit more of the real stuff, but I think KSP in RSS/RO is more than a grain of rice, but yeah. Real life is more.
  5. Possibly. A laser beam is I think a very powerful light. I'm not sure, but I think so. EDIT: Wait. No. The light thing is a different kind of laser (info from pervious posts). So no. Mirror not going to work.
  6. I'm wondering why laser guns haven't been made yet. Can't you just put a laser from a laser cutter, hook it up to a switch(trigger), and a battery? I dunno. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this plan? EDIT: Silly me. Completely forgot the power and heat issues. Thanks everyone. A laser is a light amplified by stimulated emmision of radiation after all, so a laser powerful enough to destroy would use lots of energy. Also the other issues too. EDIT 2: Silly me again. Didn't read stuff. Anyway, just forget my last edit
  7. I have a few ideas: 1. Launching from a higher point will help you make it to orbit. Watch the video from Scott Manley. He'll explain 2. You want a flight computer? Use RPi. It's pretty cheap and can be programmed. A helpful add on would be the pi in the sky. It has gps and other features that I forgot. 3. I'm not sure how this will work, but a stratolaunch systems kind of thing also might help you reach orbit. That's it. I'm not exactly a rocket scientist, so that's all I have. P.S. You can get contracts!
  8. Funny how we have more powerful stuff today, but we cant land on the moon.
  9. You're just like me, but you'll go back. I played some other games then wondered why I didn't play ksp, then I play ksp, get bored, then start again.
  10. Unfortunately, I found a few people on the forums that are not exactly nice, but most are friendly. I don't wanna point out any names, but once there was a guy that used all caps and "shouted' at a global moderator. Anyway, as I said, people are pretty nice on the forums, so @kgbeast there's nothing to be afraid of. You can go on out there and explore the forums. If anyone's unfriendly, I'm sure a staff will deal with it.
  11. I'm not sure. It might help if you comment in the video, but I'm also not sure if Brett replies very often. In ksp, you might wanna try the trajectories mod. It gives you predictions. I'm sure NASA has other ways, but for KSP, that mod should help.
  12. Welcome! Everyone (most people) are nice on the forums. You'll enjoy the forums for sure!
  13. Here's an awesome one by @winged But modded
  14. Some other day, I saw this video. It's really nice how Brett explains how to land the space shuttle lands in a comprehensible way. Anyone agree? This can also help with ksp if your playing in rss/ro and you're trying to land a shuttle.
  15. @Sobol Is there a white one available instead of the orange?