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  1. Holy smokes that's amazing! I'm glad that we won't have to use LazTek's capsule anymore!
  2. It used to work with Firespitter, but the mod uses the stock texture switching system now, which does not allow for texture switching in flight.
  3. Like @Cheesecake said: Download the .zip file from Spacedock using the link in the op Right click on the .zip and select "Extract" Copy the "GameData" folder and paste it into your Kerbal Space Program folder Start KSP Now you should see parts from the mod
  4. Make sure that you have put the mod in the right folder and make sure that you are using version 1.4.3
  5. @Alcentar What do you use to texture your models?
  6. Sorry, I was just too lazy to add another license, will change it. Also made the text smaller because it was huge.
  7. It only works in RSS/RO. BTW, Realplume cfgs for everyone! Realplume Configuration Files for BFR Download Requirements: RO and all of its requirements (Realplume-stock cfgs coming soon) Credit goes to Theysen and his team Realism Overhaul can be found here Instructions 1:Copy and paste "GameData" into your KSP folder 2: Overwrite anything it asks 3: Start KSP 4: It should work Licensed under a GPLv2 license
  8. Yeah I put craft files from mods, KerbalX, and other stuff there. Thanks anyway. Thank you!
  9. Is there any way I can get only the original craft files that came with ksp back because I have put in a lot of other crafts, and I'm not sure which are the original files. If I can't do it, then can anyone please tell me the names of the og files? Thanks in advance.
  10. Be warned, Vessel Mover makes it flip upside down when you place it down. I don't know if this is fixed yet or not, but last I checked, it flips. No guarantees. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/eyjrk1fxt33jumz/AADKSdtDHQm8Ji4O1VY5560ta?dl=0 I haven't even updated to 1.4.2 yet so I can't test it. Instructions: Copy and paste "Launchers Pack" folder into GameData and overwrite anything is asked. Start KSP.
  11. Then we can have an even bigger collection of helpful addons to this already amazing mod. Speaking of addons, I am going to make another add on. It will be to add another engine with cfgs for the updated Merlin for block v.
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