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  1. Played 3000+ hours and still learning things.
  2. With USI Life Support in KSP 1.10, I'm always getting Indefinite habitation like in stock. Both habitat and home. Supplies and fertilizer seems to work OK though. Anything I should check that should be installed? Thanks, I did try to search the forums and web. P.S. No tweekscale issues., I can find the correct size drum.
  3. I notice MKS won't load in KSP 1.10 EDIT: Found it. Feel stupid
  4. Delete: I was going to say SpaceY doesn't work in 1.10. It does..
  5. KSPI warp or USI warp works but requires a huge amount of science points and the community tech-tree (and some other dependent mods). The stock game has high-ISP ION drive with time-warp (fast forward thrust), then fast-forward without thrust for (many) years to reach the planet. If you fast-forward years, you still need to manage other missions you have that don't take so long to finish.
  6. Awesome! Like many people, it is difficult for me to play KSP without USI Life Support and other USI mods. Life support adds a lot of realism. KSP 2.0 stock must/should have some form of life support as well. The hitchhiker habitation is made for habitation while the command pod is not made for habitation. The hitchhiker is also made for 4 kerbals, so if you divide by 4, you get about 56 days which I think is closer to what you are looking for.
  7. Apologies, There is was no intention of making a spoiler because I've seen other screenshots of a planet surface. Anyway, fixed the post. EDIT: I added another spoiler.
  8. I'm no physics expert, but I imagine it will be VERY difficult to get close to a neutron star or black-hole (without WARP) - despite the huge gravity pull. The fast orbit speed will require huge amounts of power to slow down and get a closer orbit altitude. Simply getting close to Kerbol is also very difficult and I expect it's difficult to get close to our sun. I think at some point close enough Newton physics breaks down then the gravity will overwhelm the orbit speed and suck you in. Simple guess. Anyway, I'm very happy to see this very different type of star available to explo
  9. Hi all. After playing again after a few months, most of my rockets stopped working. Missing Cryoengine-125-1 and cryoengine-125-2. Is there an update to fix this or a text file change I can do to replace old engines with correct engines? I did try to update to the newest cryogenic engines and have the same problem. Some of my rockets are very complex and difficult to re-create. One difference I notice is there is no more LH2/OX option on stock(ish) engines - even with all mods installed. So I can't use a Hecate engine unless I get real (orange tin foil) cryogenic fuel tanks w
  10. I think you're talking about To Boldly Go. A very good procedurally generated galaxy. When I used that before, the stars seemed much closer together than the current GU. When I zoomed out to Alpha Century (Nova Kirbani), i was not able to zoom much farther. I personally like the realistically vast distance between stars in GU.
  11. Just want to to say the newest GU installs and runs great! Does not change anything, just adds. I also didn't loose any ships in space during the install and no need to start a new carrier (like I did many times with KSS). The stars seem realistically VERY far away. Are the stars near the edge of space? Can the universe get enlarged to made room for many more distant starts? I guess this is a kopernicus setting. Worth the wait!
  12. Kopernicus for 1.8.1 seems to be out. Safe to start using GU with 1.8. now?
  13. I doubt the final version will be anything like the trailer. MS Flight Simulator already looks excellent in the pre-alpha (for example) and shows pre-alpha should at least show-off the graphics engine, physics, and UI - without the content, testing ,etc. Anyway, I hope you're right and I can dream the KSP2 game-play will be like the trailer.
  14. Again. Happy New Year 2020! I totally appreciate the continued development! I think Kopernicus will be important for a LONG time because it may be a year until KSP2 arrives. From viewing the pre-alpha gameplay, I don't think it looks much better than KSP1. So we still need Kopernicus for lots of interstellar exploring.
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