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  1. Thanks. I'll try your suggestion. EDIT: FreeThinker ideas worked well ! EDIT2: The problem came back. No idea why. Got the 'running out of propellant' error, even when the LH2 is connected directly to the Magnetic Nozzle - it works well without time warping. I'll reboot and try again. EDIT3: I got the time-warp to work again, then it stopped working without any changes to the spaceship. Having trouble narrowing down the problem. I'll post again once I found the specific issue.
  2. So no comments on the Magnetic Nozzle that can't warp ? Any Suggestions on how to reduce excess DeltaV after using a warp-drive warp? Reducing the DeltaV can be done using the gravity of Jool or Eve, even Kerbin. But smaller planets/moons need some efficient way slowing down after using the warp-drive. BTW, I appreciate the way KSPI-E uses real/existing designs & physics so nothing works magically good.
  3. Hi, Please check the Magnetic Nozzle. I used to be able to thrust warp using the magnetic nozzle. Now I'm not able to because of running out of propellant. But I have lots of LH2 on board. I'm getting about 23 kN thrust and the ISP seems OK with 1.25m parts. I hope the thrust warping can be fixed so I can use that to remove excess DeltaV after coming out of (warp drive) warp. thanks! The same screen without trying to time warp.
  4. I noticed on the Circular Solar Photovoltaic Cells there is no option for beam power in the VAB and in space.
  5. Please check the Circular Solar Photovoltaic Cells (beam receiver) By Lionhead Aerospace. Not 100% if this is part of KSPI-E and I never installed anything from Lionhead specifically. I just installed KSPI-E, Near Future, and USI using CKAN. Anyway, this Solar Photovoltaic can only receive sunlight and not any beam power, enough though it should receive infra-red to ultra-violet. The other circular receivers seem to work as described. I used the circular receivers often on small probes. thanks!
  6. I think you mean 3 shifts of 2 hours -in a Kerbin day. I like these ideas of combining a much larger science lab with habitation and I see a need for it. Maybe 9 kerbals in 3 shifts! For example, when getting local data from the Mun or Minmus, just the stock science lab works well. On a mission to Duna, larger data and science capacity is needed. But the trip to Duna is also a few years, so there's lots of time & data to keep the scientists busy. Visiting Jool's moons or other solar systems may only take a few Kerbin days time using Warp Drive, but will bring back huge amounts of data. This is when the much larger science lab is needed to process huge amounts of data quickly. My 2 cents worth.
  7. Ok. Just to be very clear. The MAX possible sci/day AT BEST is 9.113 per 5* scientist with a MAX of 750 data can be used - no matter how much data I have stored 750 or 750000 in the lab. The max usable data limit of 750 is where I got confused, more than 750 data in the lab won't improve the sci/day. In that case, with 6000+ data in the lab, I'm getting close to the sci/day I should be getting. Very good to know, thank you!
  8. I have 6305 data stored - 100 science stored. I thought with much more (than 1500) data I will get much higher than 50 sci/day. Anyway, thanks for explaining the high data and science storage is intentional. EDIT: The 6350 of data is from the Mun & Minmus (after getting milked from a different mobile science lab). Let me get some fresh data from another planet, then I'll know if the quality of the data matters.
  9. I found this interesting. I upgraded the KSPI-E science lab to the Advanced Mobile Processing Lab (not sure if KSPI-E made the advanced mobile lab). Now I have space for over 6324 data and 6324 science. But with all 5-star scientists and full 6000+ data, I'm getting only 17 sci/day. I also noticed the old KSPI-E science lab can also store over 6000 data and science. Not sure if this is a bug, a feature, or I'm doing something wrong. thanks!
  10. Thanks for the post. Any alternatives/suggestions for processing anti-matter or nuclear fuel? I found this useful before. EDIT: The Advanced Mobile Processing Lab seems to already do this. I also totally appreciate you keeping KSPI-E active; this KSPI-E most useful mod adds a lot of dimension to an already huge and high-quality game! It even got my kids interested in physics.
  11. Simple/DUMB question on the KSPI-E Science Lab: I remember there was some SCAN option that can scan for data, then later process it for science. The data collected was similar to getting data from the computer core. I would get lots of data quickly while in very low orbit. When selecting the Scan option, the arms will come out and begin scanning for data. This feature now requires the IR telescope? I'm missing something basic? The science lab never had this and I'm very confused? thanks! [ Using KSP 1.7.3 with the newest KSPI-E. ] EDIT: The computer core did exactly as a remember. But the science lab only sticks the arms out during the Reprocess Nuclear Fuel. So maybe I'm just confused. However, I found this that describes the lab collection of science based on the altitude . So I'm not going completely crazy. 'Begin Research': https://github.com/FractalUK/KSPInterstellar/wiki/Science-Lab
  12. I got it to work. I wasn't able to simply delete the old tweakscale using CKAN because it's required by KSP Interstellar Extended. So I simply downloaded the newest version of tweak from curseforge and copied over the existing files. This is one of my most favorite and useful mods, I totally appreciate the continued development !
  13. I hope at least simple things like microbs, small plants & bugs, fossils - found in very special biomes using a special alien-life collector mod similar to the soil sample collector (This way won't require much KSP changes I guess). Not just dumb comments that won't add to the game. The ultimate mission: Long range huge telescopes found a Kerbin type planet found orbiting Star K within the habitable zone - find and return life as we know it.
  14. I didn't actually play TBG for a few months, so I need to get the newest version and check it out. The lighting problems was sometimes stars (even Kerbol) where way too bright. Maybe this is already fixed. The only mod compatibility I'm thinking of is getting EVE and Scatterer working on all planets. Also please check with major mods that fill the community tech tree (Interstellar Extended, Near Future, USI, etc)-I think they already work . There has also been some MOD ideas for alien life - microbes, small plants & bugs, fossils, etc. Finding this will give huge science data. Just more things to find on other star systems than dead planets.- just being forward thinking. I can post some cool procedural EVE planets with the seed. What I will like to see worked on next is rocky worlds and moons, then dry-atmosphere, icy, gas giant, small potato moons, etc. I think the mods Interstellar extended and USI already have warp-drive. For water worlds, there needs to be some missions to give a reason to land. Such as collect water sample, recover part 'K' floating on the surface of water world, or record the temperature at this 'XYZ' location 200m underwater. I've personally made these kinds of missions.