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  1. Can do it the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is to use the stock ion drive that lets you warp time with trust at the same time. Very hard because these missions may take 1000 years while other planet missions may take less than 1 Kerbin year, so plan carefully. The easy way is to use KSPIE Warp or USI Warp. But those require the community tech tree and a TONS of science.
  2. Hi. Sometimes I get a mission to extract ore or so something on a barycenter. This is just a center of mass so there is no place to land. Should I just ignore these missions? EDIT: Is this a bug or just continue ignoring? I remember the old GU and in KSS, missions sent me to specific planets. thanks!
  3. Big report: Please check "commDish101" in Parts/communication/ CommDish101 will not not load in GU 1.0.2 and it does load in the old KSP 1.8 GU. I also tried to use the old KSP 1.8 version of GU in the A Stellar Odyssey 1.0.2 and still no luck. Will not load and not visible in the community tech tree. I was able to load complex ships in the old GU, then remove commDish101 so I can load the ships with GU 1.0.2. BTW, I think I did a full install with EVE and Visuals_Scatterer and all the planets & stars seem to load OK. Is there a test I can do to make sure every
  4. Previous GU and KSS was not on CKAN. I think if you want GU on CKAN, you need to make it yourself, StarCrusher96 or someone else should know better. Maybe in KSP 2.0 there will be a stock equivalent of CKAN everyone will use.
  5. YUP. KSP2 got delayed again to 2023! I see a big need for more star systems and Galaxies Unbound. Anyway, in carrier mode, I have enough tech to go Interstellar soon and very ready for GU in KSP 1.10. With the delay of KSP2, I think there will be a greater need for GU. https://sea.ign.com/news/165802/kerbal-space-program-2-delayed-again-to-at-least-2022
  6. Exactly, I was just following the charts. Looking for huge rocks that are crazy difficult to land on (and escape!). I didn't know about JNSQ, played 3000+ hours of KSP and still learning things.
  7. Played 3000+ hours and still learning things.
  8. With USI Life Support in KSP 1.10, I'm always getting Indefinite habitation like in stock. Both habitat and home. Supplies and fertilizer seems to work OK though. Anything I should check that should be installed? Thanks, I did try to search the forums and web. P.S. No tweekscale issues., I can find the correct size drum.
  9. I notice MKS won't load in KSP 1.10 EDIT: Found it. Feel stupid
  10. Delete: I was going to say SpaceY doesn't work in 1.10. It does..
  11. KSPI warp or USI warp works but requires a huge amount of science points and the community tech-tree (and some other dependent mods). The stock game has high-ISP ION drive with time-warp (fast forward thrust), then fast-forward without thrust for (many) years to reach the planet. If you fast-forward years, you still need to manage other missions you have that don't take so long to finish.
  12. Awesome! Like many people, it is difficult for me to play KSP without USI Life Support and other USI mods. Life support adds a lot of realism. KSP 2.0 stock must/should have some form of life support as well. The hitchhiker habitation is made for habitation while the command pod is not made for habitation. The hitchhiker is also made for 4 kerbals, so if you divide by 4, you get about 56 days which I think is closer to what you are looking for.
  13. Apologies, There is was no intention of making a spoiler because I've seen other screenshots of a planet surface. Anyway, fixed the post. EDIT: I added another spoiler.
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