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    Hi @chicco. Yup - cool avatar Enjoy the forums and welcome to the community!
  2. Thumbs up on the revamped HECS II. And functional improvements on the way too. Looks promising
  3. Thanks for the assurance, @Green Baron. The "hold their breath" was of course sarcasm, but if the normal procedure is to suit up before departure, and there's an airlock between the ISS docking module and the Soyuz orbital module, then I feel more relaxed for the folk up there. As it's been pointed out that the orbital module is jettisoned on/before reentry, then there's no worries about plasma burn-through for the crewed section of the craft. I'm old enough to remember Apollo 13 and was (along with the peeps in mission control and a lot more watching on live TV) turning blue waiting for the radio comms blackout to end so we'd know they got back safely! And thanks @tater for the photos. I just need to go stock up on duct tape.
  4. That's good to know... but wait... isn't the descent module pressurised? So do they suit up before returning, or will they have to hold their breath while crawling through?
  5. Different parts of the station are designed with different amounts of protection, and types of shielding. Lots of detail here:
  6. It's a difficult balance - adding more science experiments makes for a richer experience, but dialling back the science rewards would make the early game very frustrating for newbies, as not everybody coming to the game has a good feel for physics, nor insight into how real missions are and were flown. Squad put in the difficulty options to make it easier for newbies to learn the principles, while keeping it a challenge for the experienced players. I'll admit that even after several years, I still play most of the time on Standard settings. Exploration, colonisation and trying out new ship designs are what interest me. Having completed the tech tree, gathering science is now just another way to earn Currency to fund non-contract missions. Perhaps the difficulty scale could be extended upward, now that there are so many seasoned Kerballers, but perhaps not quite the "Hyper Hard" mode that Mr Musk plays.
  7. Things have been keeping my busy, but this challenge was too good to pass up on... even if I'm a week late. Duna is a popular destination: The full imgur album of my trip is here: On the pad: Inside are a scanning satellite: a trio of relay satellites and a lander with rover Result: Deploying rover And everything where it should be.
  8. Hi @cryhavoc, and welcome! And welcome, also, to the cadre of unintentional lithobrakers. A similar faux pas is to carefully set up your manoeuvre node, warp to it... only to remember that you forgot to extend your solar panels and now you have no battery left and no control.
  9. Great to see the revamp of the Mk1 Pod - it looks sooo "HD". It is a very welcome improvement visually and physically, yet doesn't IMHO represent a change to the part within the game universe. Thanks also for lending an ear to the feedback on the new kerbal mesh and suits. The (continuing) constellation of comments just goes to show how much of a connection there is in the community with our little green spacefaring friends and their iconic appearance. Looking forward to whatever else the art dept is cooking up
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    Hi @Pascovian! Welcome to the forums
  11. From what I remember, lots of people found their rockets often collided with the tower on launch. As an improvement, the tower was replaced by the launch stabilisers we have now.
  12. Well done, and welcome to the Kerbal Corp of Miners!
  13. @Gargamel makes a good point. As players, we all have our own preferences around the game and its immersive elements. Squad need to concentrate their efforts on the core game, and we're seeing that at the moment. But here's a thought for the modders: a simple way to grant @I likeOxidizerrfuel's wish would be to add a new launch "site" at the VAB end of the crawlerway. It's then up to the player to build their rocket, launch tower and crawler, "launch" it just outside the VAB, then try to maneuver the whole contraption into place at the other end without it falling over . (And for even more realism there's nothing to stop the yet more adventurous building a separate launch tower on the pad and docking the crawler/rocket to it before lighting up.)
  14. Possibly because within the game code the veteran suits are referred to as "orange" and the normal suits as "grey"? But (as you may notice with my suit textures) the old model was a bit of a nightmare to map - especially round the wrists and boots (where I would still have had some tweaks to do). The new model looks like it ought to be much cleaner to map in those areas - despite my earlier comment about the edges. Couldn't agree more. The problem with the old model is very obvious on the arms in the Mun picture in my last post: Bill and Bob's arms are shadowed when they should not be - compare Val's.
  15. Me too. I've been dressing my kerbals using Texture Replacer or Texture Replacer Replaced for a while, and had planned to release the finished suit pack: IVA suits - Level 0 in blue, Levels 1-2 in white, Levels 3-5 in specialist colours. Veterans in orange, of course, and tourists in grey. Specialism colours: Pilots - sky blue and black; Scientists - green and white; Engineers - maroon and chrome yellow. For EVA, I'd done the helmets and pack (before parachutes were a thing) but the suit was still WIP, just colour patches to map it out: (Side note: in 1.4.x, the .png bitmaps used here render with a nylony appearance, but before that they were matt. I guess this is a Unity change defaulting the absent alpha channel to 50% instead of 0%?)
  16. Thanks - that looks better to me. Though to be fair to @SQUADI was going on the static pictures. The animation looks a lot better in that regard. My guess is that it will still appear behind the shiny new EVA pack (or... perhaps... please, pretty please... instead of it, when the situation is right, or selected by player).
  17. The new suits (and kerbal body models) are a step in the right direction. Along with many above, I prefer the slightly muted appearance of the RWB over the red, and agree that the helmet should be white with darker "bumps". As a consequence of the new body model, the old male kerbal normal map issue is fixed, it seems (hooray!). The EVA pack is generally better, though I'm not too enamoured of the rivets. A more subtle effect (e.g. normal mapping of panelwork?) would look better, IMHO. Model-wise, to my eye, the edge of the gloves and boots looks rather too pronounced. Is it too late to revise that?
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    Hi @robbiep22! Welcome to the forums. Looks like you're getting stuck in already . Share and enjoy!
  19. Hi @Oldwannabeastronaut What sort of scale are you contemplating? Assuming a static model of reasonable proportions, I'd guess that (poly)styrene "I" channel would be the basic material. Lots of model makers' suppliers carry it in a variety of sizes. I won't post specific links here, but search things like "Styrene I Beam" or "Model Latice Girders" or "Model Structural Shapes". Don't forget to post pics !
  20. Hi and welcome @Lazarus42! The booster problem was well answered above, so... Mods - each player will develop their own preferences and style of play. Many use the excellent MechJeb mod to help out with flying their craft, either because they are getting to grips with flying, or else know exactly what to do, but want to skip the hands-on flying bit and get on with other aspects of the game. Others (like me) still like to fly manually. There are also great aids to building your ships. Kerbal Alarm Clock is very useful when you have reached the stage of wanting to run multiple missions at the same time - perhaps in Career mode, clocking up the contracts. It really helps avoid sending your VIP tourists into the wrong orbit 'cos you were too busy tweaking the orbit for that satellite contract. There are loads of great part mods - fuel tanks, engines, command pods, plane parts, rover/vehicle parts, extra science experiments, and so on. Personally, I like to build surface bases and mining operations, but other player's Kerbonaughts rarely set boot on other planets or moons. Some parts mods are just whimsical... why not? If you have a reasonably fast machine, there are visual enhancements that add a little extra realism: clouds, city lights, reflected light from planets, and so on. Stock Kerbals don't need a lot of care and attention while on duty. If that seems a little too easy, then there are mods that make them a little needier - you then have to supply oxygen, food, water, space to move around in, entertainment, etc. Just don't let your little green tamagotchis die of neglect or boredom! The Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) and Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) mods allow your kerbals to move objects (i.e. parts) around and build things out of them. And loads more! Have a browse around CurseForge and SpaceDock to see what is popular (or just takes your fancy) and try them out - you might like to create a separate install to do that, so as not to disturb your saved games (especially if you're playing career). Once you find you're hooked on a mod or two, add it to your main install. Have fun!
  21. Erm... Greetings! Welcome to the world in front of the curtain .
  22. Nope, I don't get it either... could you explain further, please?
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    Welcome and enjoy!
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    Hi! Nice to see you! Looks like lots of good tips already on building stations.
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    Welcome! Get stuck in and explore, and - what @adsii1970 said!