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  1. I figured that was the case, but didn't know if there was something about how or when you place things that make them more prone to teleporting straight up. One thing I like about the Buffalo is that it's heavy and stable. The Packrat on the other hand, if a Kerbal even touches or thinks about the wheels or fenders, the thing shoots off pure vertical at 10m a second or so, my Kerbals now approach said wheels as if they were nuclear attack snakes. It's really crazy that some of these basic issues continue, it's not like we're talking edge cases, anyone who tries to build a base on the Mun will run into these over and over. I manage developers and we'd be all kinds of fired if anything we did had bugs this serious happening this frequently and you don't even need the five years part, a month would do it. Ok that will be my one and only rant on the matter, anyone who's built a Mun base deserves one for free. Thanks again for the Buffalo and Pathfinder, they have in fact made all of the problems easier to deal with. And I really had fun flying the Buffalo in with four of the really heavy SpaceY Dibamus RCS/OMS thrusters- four of those in a close square pattern around the CG make an excellent Mun lander. Brake most of the way with a standard engine, detach the Buffalo at 10k or so, rotate it 90 degrees to put its wheels downward and turn on the Diabamii, they are staged like other engines. Worked beautifully and was quite easy to land safely even though he was 28t when he detached.
  2. I finally got it to work, thanks. It's another issue as with most of KSP where it's easy if you know the exact sequence to follow and how to avoid that pitfall and that one and oh yeah definitely don't do that one. In this case, after you have linked your base to the tanks you must be in base focus or the right click/alt right click doesn't work. I had tried it in EVA and it doesn't work there, so I then tried using that pump function when you right click the connectors and that didn't work either. Biggest other problem I have isn't even KAS, it's KSP in general. Like anything put down on the Mun has a reasonable chance of exploding for no reason, especially if you find the right sequence, 100% of those OX-10 solar panels exploded if placed on the ground and then moved to a different ground location. What has killed me though and I've lost two patio slabs, at least four Gaslights, and five of 16 solar panels I just took off of those cargo drones - whenever I switch between Kerbals at the base, there is a chance something sitting on the ground, even attached to the ground (as the Gaslights and the patio slabs were) will just disappear. It didn't take me long to figure out where they are, they move z + 1600m and hover there silently. The next time I'm cycling through control options, it will then switch me to one of the hovering pieces of equipment. And once I'm there, it won't let me leave because they wake up and start falling, and hey, we can't let you leave something that is moving over the surface?? That's the worst part, that it won't let me leave and forces me to watch these pieces of equipment accelerate in and bomb my base. I haven't figured out why- one patio slab has stayed there since I put it down, the other two went spaceward very shortly after I put them down. Any idea what causes this? Cargo cleared out and drones all sorted out. Except I also lost one of the lander bases and its main engine to the Z +1600m bug.
  3. If you don't know something on the first question off the top of your head (which is what I was checking for), I will do more investigating, you don't need to worry about it. Once I figure out what is/was going on I will let you know. Second question, tanks are standard rockomax or whatever they are 2.5m x 32s, These guys. I brought them to the Mun on a single launcher and detached them in turn to land. Both fell over on landing, the second one BECAUSE I FORGOT TO PUT THE GEAR DOWN *facepalm* but in both cases nothing was broken so I just drove them the 100m or so from where they landed to here on their sides. The one closest to the base already has had his probe core and batteries removed, rest of equipment on both will be removed. Top K&K units have the rocketparts. You can see I've connected one to my LFO Chuckwagon. When I right click on either connector, I get the unlink and Pump Here options. I have no idea what "Pump Here" means as in does it mean pump TO here, or place pump here to pump the other direction? Regardless, when I click on either of them, buttons depress but no LFO is transferred from the tanks to the Chuckwagon. This is probably more of a KAS question than a Pathfinder question, I'll go ask them if that's what I need to do.
  4. Another question - this is the first time I'm mining, I built a Buffalo for that purpose and landed it on the Mun at my base via monoprop engines. It has the drill, the ISRU, Tundra 200 and 400, Wagon, plus some saddle tanks for more ore storage. Last night I left it mining with the ISRU converter set to LF/Ox and happily converting mined ore. This morning I checked on him, and the drill was still going as was the ISRU but the LF/Ox numbers were low and not changing. The Wagon was set for LF/Ox storage and had less than 100 LF and about 120 Ox and was stuck there. Does the wagon get confused about whether it's inflated or not? It was acting like it had been left mining and converting when it had no storage left, so it was just dumping LF/Ox over the side for most of the night. Also, while I'm at it, another question although this one is more Pathfindery . I landed two cargo deliveries consisting of 2.5m 32s + K&K units filled with rocketparts right next to the LFO Chuckwagon. I have connected one to the Chuckwagon via KAS connectors and it all seemed to go correctly and the buttons on the right click connector UIs seem to work, but no fuel is transferred. I know I can just set them to share but I'd like a little more control of what is where
  5. Did you try them pointed at each other? I think it's important you try that, it would seem to have much greater universe-destruction potential.
  6. I thought I was ENABLING them not disabling. Sigh. Thanks for the quick answer.
  7. Anyone know why this mod seems to have lost track of fuel? See the wet and dry mass are the same, and no dry CoM displayed. It was working for a bit with this vehicle but now it's stopped, trying to see where the dry CoM is as this is a self-landing Buffalo MSEV headed for the Mun that will land very light. Clicky full size.
  8. Thanks! Hopefully @Phineas Freak will stop by and explain his updates. It'd be cool if they were working, some interesting tanks and engines and structural elements.
  9. Thanks for the quick answer Ok, so I can just use your Manage Operations UI- I hadn't noticed the consume function so I didn't realize you could transfer, not just share. I was guessing that was a bug/oversight on the Wagon, I'll resist abusing that
  10. Questions, and thanks for a great mod family. The buckboard 6000 and the wagon deflated are about the same size in the SPH. However, the Buckboard carries 1915.something ResearchKits while the Wagon holds 12,600, even deflated. Is this intended? I attached the Wagon to my rover in the SPH, inflated it, set it to ResearchKits, and deflated it back down. It still says it contains 12,600. And once I send either a buckboard or a wagon full of supplies like ResearchKits to my base on the Mun, how do I transfer them to the base resources proper so the Doc Science can make use of them? And actually I guess that applies across the board because the main purpose of this rover will be mining, including a drill and an ISRU and storage initially for ore, LFO, and mono. So I mine, convert with ISRU and store within the rover, how do I transfer the end products to the base storage? Said Mun base, all incuding rover came on that one lander. At this point I still hadn't hooked up the antenna or attached the S.A.F.E.R. reactor.
  11. I haven't yet tried RO but I was looking at the RO thread parts list to see what is there, I clicked on the Constellation Essentials link and it took me to https://github.com/PhineasFreak/ConstellationEssentials with a commit note of "Rebalance for stock KSP & other fixes" from one month ago. Some googling brought me here, since the parts look very interesting. Read through here but not entirely sure if it will work for stock 1.3 or not, can someone clarify?
  12. We could add a button that makes it short and go dark while sparking and smoking, much more satisfying than just making it go away. And add some Kerbal cursing at least, although even better would be a little Kerbal running out of the tower, down the ladder, and toward the shore with his pants also smoking and sparking.
  13. Thanks, but I work in the Bay Area managing developers, so i'm a ringer Careful or I'll suggest we go Agile and designate a scrum master.
  14. Listen to LG, he has about eleventy quadrabazillion times more KSP modding knowledge than I do, which approaches zero- I've just done a bunch of game/modding work elsewhere. I just had the idea, when it comes to implementation I'll trust LG's judgment. However instead of it being just another parts mod, I would like to see it be improvements you can make to the launchpad so players have to work for it and there are two levels that give you basic/fancy lighting if you choose to pursue it. And there are DISCO BALLS
  15. Nope, the thought I had was lights on towers to light the upper parts of the vehicle and to track the vehicle up to 3km or so, and either more lights lower down on the same towers to light the pad itself and the lower parts of the launch vehicle, or make those separate searchlight vehicles like I did (except much more purpose-built). And start with a simple generic tower for the first level, and then look at Russian and US launch towers from the '70s and '80s and more or less copy those to create the level two light towers. Note I was NOT thinking of reproducing whole Apollo launch towers, instead create much simpler dedicated light towers, but use the US and Russian launch towers as inspiration for the design. And then maybe one more modern light tower for level two, something more modern that looks like it would be at home at a SpaceX nighttime launch.