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  1. Actually from the last post, I think he has a point, or at least he does if he's reporting accurately. He says his giant flying bricks used to fly well, now those same bricks are oscillating. that strongly suggests a change in MJ behavior at least with respect to giant flying bricks. Also, his request for a thrust/force limiter for MJ's control inputs seems a reasonable one, I could see that being useful to people, including the ones launching bricks, mega-bricks, inverted double bricks, and rockets made entirely out of tomatoes.
  2. vossiewulf

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    There are a couple capsules designed to use with flotation parts and if you don't they sink.
  3. Is this with RCS on (your video isn't playing for me)? Only time I've seen that is with RCS, MJ can easily get into little oscillations that prevent him from ever auto-warping for example. I solved it by not using RCS unless I will be docking and then only on the payload vehicle to be docked, not the launcher. I'm not sure it's a MJ problem, unless your RCS is very very carefully balanced, unlike reaction wheels it's applying small accelerations and it's easy to have the autopilot go into a mini-PIO. Sorry Pilot-Induced Oscillation if you're not familiar with term.
  4. Nope. Still stuck. Walked through the steps and again all it outputs is an empty installed mod list, I can't get past phase 1.
  5. This is what is in the "favorites" file that supposedly outputs my list of mods. It threw no errors outputting this, which seems empty. { "kind": "metapackage", "abstract": "A list of modules installed on the default KSP instance", "name": "installed-default", "license": "unknown", "version": "2017.", "identifier": "installed-default", "spec_version": "v1.6", "recommends": [] } Nevermind, reading through this again, I apparently need to throw away the hours of choices I've made and start all over and have to reselect the 300 mods that CKAN doesn't autorecognize and then copy in the 50 or 60 that CKAN doesn't have again.
  6. Trying CKAN for first time - I installed it, it's pointed at the right Steam directory, it picked up most of the mods I already had and I've selected the rest that need to be replaced, but the Apply Changes button is grayed out. What is the stupid thing I am missing?
  7. Since there's no attenuation on those lights the energy increases with distance enormously. So in this world you just need to build a big enough focusing lens and put it a couple million miles away, shine a little flashlight at it, and you could fry the Death Star When folks upthread are saying Planetshine is working with 1.31, is that or 0.5beta? Finally getting around to upgrading to 1.31.
  8. Thanks, but why? Should never need that much alpha on a rocket destined for space. All-aspect dogfighting missile tracking a moving target at short range yes, big old rocket aimed for a specific gravity-turn trajectory shouldn't need anywhere near that much.
  9. vossiewulf

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    I'm sure it will be reasonably stable in game, you wouldn't release it otherwise, but I meant the real-life version- I just looked it up, seems like it was never flown. Not sure I would want to be the first guy to fly it either, it's so short that its cross-section almost looks like a glider wing rib. Not sure how you'd stop it from swinging around on a real reentry. Thanks on the drogue chute, and yep I still have 1.88. Just now upgrading finally to 1.31. I've been working on the upgrade for four hours now and still working through updating things.
  10. vossiewulf

    [1.3.x] CONTARES 1.8.9 closed

    Wow that's a flat capsule, how is that stable hanging on parachutes? Looking good model-wise but even more unstable than Orion. Speaking of parachutes, I can't get a right click menu on the teardrop radial drogue chute. Are there not pressure/alt settings for that parachute?
  11. Thanks, I saw that, the question was less can I make it perform better and more just surprise that I'd been able to do something considerably more efficiently than MJ, and assuming I must have done something wrong. I like flying manual launches, and will probably continue to do so. I look for 1.3 initial TWR that builds to 2 at around 450m/s and from that point I maintain close to 2 until cutoff to coast to apoapsis. I can't fly with throttle at the beginning with the velocity so low, so I use pitch to fly until I'm happy he's captured the intended trajectory, usually between 300m/s and 450m/s. At that point I kick to prograde autopilot and control with throttle, the logic being that controlling a trajectory with pitch is costly, any time your nose is not pointed pure prograde not all of the energy is going to acceleration. And I'm also a pilot and this is what we do when we land, for other reasons but the concept is the same- controlling the flight path with throttle rather than the flight controls. I've found my launches much more efficient this way, and hell I beat MJ by 410Dv
  12. Ok, thanks, I guess with all the variables this is trickier than maneuver nodes for Jeb to come up with the perfect solution. As for gravity turn, you need to tweak the UI then. Because the reason I assumed he was doing a perfect gravity turn is that in his status it says "gravity turn" He does "vertical climb" first followed by gravity turn. The two things that looked odd to me compared to my launches are that first he climbed straight up until he was doing 180m/s before starting the pitchover, I start mine around 75m/s, and second he was using much higher TWR than I do that resulted in a very vertical trajectory that required a 950m/s circularizing burn. When I fly my trajectory correctly it will be <250m/s to circularize.
  13. I just used the ascent guidance for the very first time, not sure why but that is one thing I've always done manual. Well I use prograde autopilot after about 400m/s and control the trajectory with throttle, so it's not pure manual. Anyway, MJ is better than me at everything so I assumed he'd be better on ascent too, flying a perfect gravity turn whereas I'm always pitching around a bit to nail the speeds at certain pitch angles that I've worked out for myself through experimentation. I was wrong, I'm sitting at 154k with my launch at 9,863Dv whereas MJ's was 9,453. If it was a minor difference I'd be surprised but not asking, but 410Dv difference after circularizing is a big difference. I used the default settings, only set the altitude. I'm still on 1.30 BTW. *Warning: don't try this without KJR
  14. Mage, as I think I mentioned some time back that I think the best approach is to ignore the parts for the moment and create a "wheel scale" with an arbitrary number of buckets, set the values for the maximum bucket's loads and let the rest fall out from a logarithmic (or linear if you want simple) scale. Then map the parts, adjusting overall mesh size as necessary, against the buckets, and maybe have multiple sizes of parts - for max flexibility you could have (purely based on size) light/medium/heavy versions of each wheel part, with values appropriate for the range covered by the intended bucket for each size. This way you have multiple options for each load rating (bucket) with some flexibility to (E.G.) make these wheels slightly faster but with a slightly lower load rating than those wheels, but have the "Medium Duty" version for both still falling within the valid range for the Medium Duty bucket.
  15. With arrival of second LH2 tank, fully operational although some fiddling with lights remain and going to add another small hab section, but as of now it's another mostly SSTU highly capable orbital building station. Oh yeah, one more