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  1. Somebody checked in the wrong code that they'd been noodling around with and since the changes are the kind that would require careful A/B testing of lots of parts, it makes it through QA. Regression suites can only have so many cases, and their QA group is probably pretty small.
  2. The problem with getting spun up about not meaningful data collection is it makes people stop listening, and then they're not listening when someone does try to collect something concerning. If you want to live in a world where no data about you can be collected, invent a time machine or go entirely off the grid. Otherwise, this is the modern world and it makes more sense to focus efforts and resistance on situations where someone is trying to collect something other than boring metadata.
  3. Forgetting to fix the staging on like 47 consecutive test launches of a vehicle. More than once. Chance of intercept is inversely proportional to the desire for one.
  4. I work in fintech and Yellow Ponies is the standard name a group of us use when referencing obscure currencies. Kerbal Yellow Ponies (KYP) works for me.
  5. The below will give you the launch window to any body in the system. From the space center view, open Astrogator, it'll be a button on the bottom right toolbar. It will show you the time to the next launch window for all bodies starting with the moons. Click on the fast forward icon next to whichever moon you're going to and it will take you quickly to said launch window. Click on launch pad, select your rocket and crew, launch. Wipe hands on pants. To install this (or any) mod, download the zip, open it, then copy the Astrogator folder. Go to <your path> Kerbal Space Program\GameData and copy the Astrogator folder into the GameData folder. Restart KSP and you should be able to access it from the toolbar.
  6. Hit alt-F12 to bring up the console. Click on the Cheats tab. There you can give yourself as many science points as you want with which you can buy the tech you need.
  7. When you explain an orbital mechanics scientist to a friend by saying remember Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense? Yeah she's like that but she goes I... see... parabolas...
  8. Yeah you're dating yourself there, and I am also by getting it
  9. Wait, I didn't authorize any PTO for LGG. I expect 24/7 relentless progress for my few dollars a month.
  10. It's more unusual to have a plane of any size that doesn't lurch back and forth down the runway like a drunken sailor. What helps is more wheels on the runway, so one try using bigger landing gear, and two the best method I've found for fixing this is to give them twin side by side nose gear. Yes it's extra mass, but it's better than crashing on takeoff. Also remember to disable/lock steering on the main gear, and it helps to set the nose gear steering limiter down for both low and high speeds.
  11. Copied from another post of mine a couple days ago: 1. When you arrive a few hundred meters away, use regular staging mode controls to point yourself at a spot that's say 50m out on a line from the docking port you intend to dock with. 2. Switch to docking mode and set it to Linear mode. Accelerate toward the starting spot you're aiming for. Do NOT give yourself any acceleration other than purely in the direction you're pointing. 3. When you get close to your intended starting point, accelerate in the reverse/retrograde direction and bring yourself to 0.0m/s relative velocity. 4. Switch to docking/rotational mode, and use RCS to line your craft up as close as possible to the axis of the docking port. 5. Right click on your docking port and select "control from here". 6. Pick which direction is "up", and rotate your craft to be at a zero degree alignment to that up direction, which should be aligned with your intended docking port as well. That way, from this point the up and down RCScontrols will move you up and down relative to the docking port, and side to side works the same. Makes it very easy to know which direction key you need to hit at any given time. 7. Right click on the target docking port and select "Set as Target". 8. If you lined yourself up correctly, on the navball your nose should be pointed very close to the target direction as shown on the navball. 9. From here, it doesn't matter what camera view you're using, as you don't really need to see. All you need to know is the relative speed you're moving, that you're pointed at the docking target, and the distance to the docking port. 10. Use the LINEAR up/down left/right RCS controls to get your nose pointed right at the docking port target. 11. Once aligned, accelerate toward the docking port. Doesn't matter how fast you go, just that you're only moving .2m/s -.3m/s when you get there. 12. Once you get close to the docking port, use the linear RCS controls to once again bring yourself to a dead stop. Use the same steps described above to refine your axis alignment and rotation until it's really really close to the same axis as the docking port. This will usually make your nose move away from the docking port target again, so once again use the linear RCS controls to move you back until your nose is pointed dead at the target. 13. Now accelerate toward the docking port again. Continue to use the linear RCS controls to keep your nose pointed at the center of the docking port. You can switch to fine control mode (capslock on the PC) which can make small adjustments easier. 14. Hit the docking port at .2m/s, if you're lined up right it will instantly dock. Below, docking a 2000 ton station resource arm and a 77-kerbal orbital bus, complete manual control, no docking mods used.
  12. You'll have to explain more and a video would help. Only problems I've seen with docked ships is if you have autostruts turned on and relatively big ships, docking or undocking can summon the kraken. Solution is to disable autostruts and install the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod.
  13. That's a good way to express your support, and if I felt like I could purchase it on day one without starting to play it, I would. But I'm the OG computer gamer, I wrote my first game about 40 years ago now on an Apple II with a tape drive, and have been through so many games mostly broken on release that I'm really good now with waiting a few weeks or months for other people to get it all fixed up for me.
  14. Considering that there seems to be a few hundred people who would be willing to strip naked, cover their bodies in mustard, and run laps around the Star Theory office for a chance to get their hands on KSP2 early, I'm absolutely certain that no one from the company is trolling the forums for volunteers. In fact no game company ever trolls forums for alpha or beta testers, if they need them they will provide a link somewhere so you can apply. And if they're even vaguely popular they get 10 or 1000 applications for every tester needed, and if you think they have the time to look at something like what ships someone has created, you don't understand the limits of game dev resources. I OTOH won't even buy it when it's released, because it's almost certain to be broken in various ways that will require save-breaking fixes. I'm perfectly happy to let other people beat their heads against those issues for me. Once it begins to settle down and the modders have started making progress, then I'll start looking into a purchase.
  15. (waves around giant e-peens) I'm a little past that actually, the machine is built for modeling and rendering performance, the games performance is a secondary advantage. In fact looking at the preferred 3dMark benchmarks, it seems like they're all 3d card and the CPU is almost meaningless, I think you could hook up an i5 to an RTX2080 and be only slightly below an i9 running the same card. The days of CPU being important to average users, even most gamers, seems to have gone by the wayside.