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  1. The Time Control 2.0 mod allows control of everything having to do with warping, and allows burning while warping.
  2. Fun fact #2: an alignment of three or more celestial bodies is called syzygy.
  3. Pretty much this, but you can save fuel by letting yourself fall all the way to 1000m AGL or so and then max-burning down to a manageable 20m/sec or so for the last 500m before one final slow-down burn that puts you in the <+5m/sec range for touchdown. This method gets much trickier the lower the TWR of your vehicle is, however. If the TWR is much less than 2 then you might need to practice a couple times, seeing where you have to start that first big burn to leave yourself at 500m alt before you get it right, with the closer you come to crashing the better
  4. Click on the Compact button in KER, that will limit its display to TWR (thrust/weight ratio) and delta V per stage and make sure the Atmo button is on. Your first stage needs to have a TWR of > 1. However for best results, launch TWR needs to be 1.3-1.4. Don't go higher than that as the rocket will accelerate too fast and then you have heating and possible burning up issues. And don't go lower than that as it wastes massive amounts of fuel for very little vehicle acceleration.
  5. Thanks for the quick and detailed answer, Lisias I'll wait for your next release and get both birds with one stone. I'll then look at the other exceptions... annoying, a few weeks ago it was fairly clean, then I made the mistake (I think) to let CKAN update a series of mods with recent updates. In particular, I seem to have rolled forward to a Scansat version from which you can't roll back and it's broken something too.
  6. Lisias, I'm getting error spam in the editor: Appears to be happening with every change to the current ship. KSP and output logs.
  7. I upgraded Scansat using CKAN for my 1.81 game and now all the craft that have Scansat scanners say they are missing part Scansat.scanner, and although they load in the VAB they won't load for EL building. Do I need to roll back or do I need to provide a log? Thanks in advance.
  8. It goes without saying that if stock compatibility is important to you then you should use the stock functionality. For those who aren't concerned with that and play modded installs, I stand by that KJR is a better and simpler solution.
  9. I used autostruts in one game for a period of time, and had horrible problems with space stations going kraken, especially when releasing large orbital-built ships. I strongly suggest anyone who builds big to stay away from autostruts and stick with KJR.
  10. Just one problem, autostruts have been known for as long as they've been around to be highly krakenating. It is much better to use the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod and never have to think about wiggly rockets ever again. And easiest way to get that installed is to use CKAN and select KJR from the list of available mods and hit the install button.
  11. Duke, I've noticed some landing legs are more prone to walking around than others. My current favorites are legs in the Modular Rocket Systems mod (can get it from CKAN, current for 1.81 at least). The legs have good shock absorbers and that seems to let the vehicles wiggle around a bit without moving their feet. OTOH, all of the SpaceX-type legs I've tried love to take long walks across the surface. Also make sure you're set to the highest level of terrain detail, that helps stabilize things too.
  12. For local launches (Mun/Minmus), I think the windows are much too small for multiple launches, so I launch, warp forward to next window, then do the next launch and anything non-local gets launched to the target from orbit with reasonable separations (hours apart, I don't want to be madly switching back and forth between vehicles as they all hit the target SOI close together). If you're willing to make a change, for simplicity's sake just add one minute padding to launchpad warps. That's plenty to do one last scan before launch, and if you're warping from the launchpad you're saying you're ready to launch so you shouldn't need much padding. I think the padding for Space Center warps should be a bit more since you may want to hit the tracking station or mission control first. In orbit, where you know the window, I think your current logic works fine.
  13. Hebarusan, is that behavior you're describing from the Space Center, or the launch pad? I tend to use it on the launch pad, i.e., launch and then warp to window then take off. In the latter case of using it on the launchpad, the vast majority of the time it warps right to zero on the launch window, and in a small percentage of cases you'll see it go to zero then suddenly there are a few more seconds back on the clock (up to 5 max) that then tick down again. I've just done a whole series of these warps from 9 hours ahead of time down to 30 minutes and I see the same thing every time, it doesn't leave you time to nail the takeoff window. Keep in mind though that I also use Astrogator constantly and it's one of my required mods, so just trying to make it better here (at least if what I'm seeing is not intended), and thanks for making it and supporting it.
  14. Either use Mechjeb's Maneuver Planner> Advanced transfer to another planet function (just target your intended planet and tell it to create a maneuver node) or install Astrogator, both will identify launch windows and plot exact courses for you. I think Mechjeb is a bit more accurate for transfers, but Astrogator has a window that lists off all the upcoming transfer windows in one place, making it easy to figure out what missions you have to launch and in what order, so the compliment each other.
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