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  1. I'm trying to deliver a couple extra pieces via my EL pad, it acts fine launching it at KSC, where I can put its gear down and drive it around with no issues at all. But when I build it via the EL pad I get no "separate" button, it just appears as part of the base, apparently attached to the launchpad. The main pod is an OKTO2 in between the viewing cupola and the Meerkat. It also shows up with no fuel or EC. Any suggestions here?
  2. Trying to get everything working right in a heavily-modded KSP install is literally like herding kittens.
  3. [KSP 1.3] Mod Pods

    I don't know KSP code but that sounds like you're missing an expected config value somewhere and it's setting a crazy default.
  4. Thanks, makes perfect sense, not sure why I hadn't noticed that before. Yep that fixed it.
  5. Yes, it does, just tried that. They still refuse to move. When I flew them over I had problems with them turning and spinning the wheels with control input on the launch and transfer vehicles so I had to lock their motors and steering and... oh man I know exactly what the problem is. (2 min later) Yes we all missed in the screeenshot that the motor limit was set to 0. Even when I locked the motor the damned things were still spinning in space flight so I set the motor limit to 0, that seemed to work. And then forgot about it when I was turning off the motor lock and steering lock. So that problem fixed, there was no problem they were just misconfigured... a sentence I get to say at work pretty regularly, #@%@#%#@#^ Global Network Services.... However I have a new and improved problem. I have no clue what is going on here. Forward and reverse just make it rotate. So does turning left and right for that matter, but forward and reverse acting like it's stuck on something.
  6. Not sure what you mean about the cab, it's a standard Buffalo cab and it's oriented correctly with the chassis underneath, none of the Buffalo components were surface attached, all to correct nodes. And I've tried control from here several times. Now I'm trying shutting the game down to see if it's just confused for some reason.
  7. You're saying I have them oriented the wrong direction? Didn't realize that. If so, then yes that's probably the problem. But what are you looking at for the right orientation, what is "front"? I thought I had them right.
  8. Is there a problem shifting wheels from one vehicle to another? I just assembled the below Buffalo with parts flown in, including the wheels that were attached around the outside of the K&K base hub in the background, as I didn't have internal storage space for 8 of these wheels. It's assembled and you can see the settings on the wheels, they look right to me. And it has plenty of EC, like 16k. However, I can't get the wheels to move. They DO make the left-right turning motions but they refuse to rotate to move the vehicle forward or backwards. I've tried toggling the brakes a bunch of time to make sure it isn't confused about brakes being on. Only thing I could think of was somehow the wheels get confused moving from one vehicle to another?
  9. @RoverDude what do you think of these? I've been making a few designs and it sometimes seems like every single part comes from a different mod. These are my new "small" rover design, which will make more sense when you see the "large" rover First step was making the basic frame and working out the wheel positioning and tweaking and re-tweaking the high and low-speed limits and response time etc. until we have a very tight turn radius at both low and high speeds. This guy is also a blast to drive, the acceleration and handling are impressive, the most impressive thing to me is doing maximum turns at 57m/s near 140mph and he doesn't even skid. Mini-Mule K, K for Konstruction, 2 x cranes + counterweight + PAL magnetic coupler, this is a general purpose move stuff around base vehicle. Mini-Mule KR, for Konstruction + Recycling, this is a base cleanup unit to deal with launch/landing/unpacking debris. Mini-Mule MF for Mining+Fuel, traditional ISRU fuel/monoprop conversion of ore, with lots of drills. And my battlecruiser-class rover which is even more fun to drive than the little Mules. For just the key action, skip ahead to 1:20 and then after that is over, to 4:30 to see what happens going the other direction
  10. Wasn't trying to do anything with the lights, I was saying that every other rover I've seen the command cab has a right click menu to configure many things, one of which is turning on/off headlights/cabin lights. And since I didn't see any such options on the core, I figured the command seat must have a right click menu that's broken. But I gather not, this is just a simpler small rover.
  11. And... it works. I was able to visit that base a couple times last night with no kraken leap, not even a baby kraken wiggle. So THANK YOU that was hugely helpful.
  12. I didn't flip him over but I certainly was able to line up the flatbed behind the attachment point as well as the core by looking from underneath, but it didn't work. I'll flip it over, not sure what difference it would make but it's something to try. And thanks for giving me a workaround while we wait for a real fix. I haven't looked at the collider config but just glancing through it it's not that complex, would just need some docs and I'm sure I could figure out what to add and where. If I do I'll post the patch here.
  13. Ok, have not heard that one. And it makes no sense whatsoever but my kerbals will start sacrificing little kerbal chicken flying animal things if it works, so I'll give that a try.
  14. Unfortunately not using MKS, but thanks and I think you're on the right track. I have a quite big Mun base (below) that was wiped out once like an F5 tornado came through... seriously when I loaded a previous save the closest base objects were 1k up and appeared to have near escape velocity. Only thing left was a little Packrat that had never moved going HOLY####HOLY####WTH JUST HAPPENED. But since then no prob, and I realized that I had screwed several munkrete slabes to the ground and connected them to the base via KAS, routing them to various places. And I think those objects nailed to the ground with the rigid KAS pipe connection are what have been holding it down. So I'm loading up a ship with ground pylon things and yet more KAS connectors, and since I finally figured out how to make MJ autoland I can try to switch to the base while he's landing and at least be at the wheel if it goes off the rails again. Which it probably will, so I have to figure out how to save it and get it down one more time and then I think my engineers can sort this out. The fun part was getting those massive LH2 tanks/light towers off that tiny little EL launchpad. Minmus base will be testing structural enhancements for easier delivery of large vehicles.
  15. I think this is the traditional kraken, it happens right after seeing physics easing.... and OFF SHE GOES launching into the air and trying to tumble, each time I've saved it by switching to it and turning on RCS and SAS and been lucky enough to stop the tumbles and get it back landed flat. But that's not going to last.