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  1. Y'all just had to go and make KSP obey physics, no fun to be had! It wasn't a bug! it was a feature!
  2. 8/10 I feel like your avatar is trying to get me to go to the center of a procedurally generated galaxy for no reason.
  3. I have a great disdain for Ike, always getting in the way of my intercepts. I would like nothing more than for it to fall below the Roche limit and be turned into a giant ring of rubble.
  4. 1e38 is a really, enormously, huge number. For some perspective, a nice day outside is about 293k. Water boils at 373k, the temperature at earths core is about 6200k. Sun's core? a toasty 15 million kelvin, but this is only 0.0000000000000000000000000000001% of the heat tolerance of the asteroid. OK, so what about Planck's temperature, where it is so hot, quantum physics breaks down because the wavelength of light given off by the particles is the Planck length? Planck's temperature is 1.417 x 1032k. Getting close right? Wrong Even at Planck's temp, you are still only 0.000142% of the way there. Good luck @doggonemess, you are going to need it.
  5. The most stressed I have gotten in this game was construction a science station in orbit of the Mun. I had sent up a construction drone which was basically a claw with a bunch of RCS. Rendezvous with the first station module was fine, I think it was the central body, basically a bunch of structural tubes with docking ports to connect the other modules. The fun started when I grabbed the second module and brought it back to the central body. Keep in mind, I hadn't sent up any modules with control ability yet, so as soon as I let go of the central body with my construction bot, the claw shot it out at an odd angle and it was rotating about all 3 axis. So I had to juggle the 2 different modules back and forth between the claw, trying to keep them stable, trying to dock the two, all the while, every piece is spinning, and I didn't have a Munar relay network set up yet, so I could only do construction when I had line of sight with Kerbin. That was the most frustrating hour of my life in this game. If I was a smart engineer, One of the modules would have been controllable, or at least sent up another construction bot.
  6. Let's not forget the science hardware that the astronauts left on the surface, namely the Lunar Laser Ranging Reflectors. To my knowledge there are 5? of them, and have been used in enormous lengths to discover or reaffirm things about our system. It was discovered that the moon is drifting away at three and a half centimeters per year, they tested the accuracy of Einsteins relativity equations. But there are even more reasons for them to land on the earth-facing side, cost of ensuring communications has already been brought up. But I think there was a deeper cultural reason for landing on the near-side. I can point a telescope and show people "see that really bright crater on the left? Apollo 12 and 14 landed just south of there" That's a level of understanding that you can not get by just looking at a map.
  7. Then, you don't have a launch failure, you have a successful fireworks show!
  8. On your steam library page, down in the bottom left corner you should see an "add game +" button, click that and direct it to the .exe of your backup copy of KSP, name it something else and that should work. Emphasis on "should". This is why I don't like apple products >.>
  9. Yes, a tidally locked body is still rotation, Lets look at the Mun for example. It's semi-major axis is 12,000km and has an orbital period of 138,984s. Now since the Mun is tidally locked, its rotational period is the same as its orbital period. So, since the Mun's radius is 200km, we can find the circumference at the equator of about 1,256,640m. Taking distance over time to find rotational velocity we get (1,256,640(m) / 138,984(s)) this equals a surface velocity of 9.04 m/s
  10. Hooray for more surface attached engines! Keep up the great work!
  11. Sorry to interrupt the conversation about conversion rates, I've been going through the documentation and reading as much as I can about the processes, functions, and roles of MKS. What things did you learn by experience? Any mechanic that you found that wasn't explained in great detail? Any tips that you would give to someone else in this mod? And is plopping down a mock-up base on kerbin a good test environment to see if I am forgetting anything important? The only thing that wouldn't be replicated that I can think of is the level of homesickness.
  12. I'm torn between the F-15c Eagle and the F/A-18E Super Hornet, both aircraft have significant payload options, great time on station, and proven technology. The F-15 is the iconic image of American air superiority, but with the Super Hornets new avionics packaging, improved weapons systems, and the ability to be deployed via carrier, it takes my vote.
  13. Floor 1930, holding on to floor 1929 for dear life
  14. Welcome to the forums first of all! There's a lot of great resources here that I highly recommend checking out. This is where all the modders talk about their work, take suggestions, or give help. My mod list has changed and grown dramatically since joining, just a short while ago. Good luck on your goals, and have fun!
  15. Banned for making atmospheres optional, how are the poor kerbals supposed to breathe?
  16. That works out even better, thanks @Vanamonde didn't even know that was an option!
  17. @Nertea This is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to grind to get these in career! All of my monstrous crafts will be perfectly aerodynamic!
  18. Not quite sure what you are asking, because gyroscopes and reaction wheels work together to orient a spacecraft. Think of the gyro as a compass, and the reaction wheel as the steering mechanism. The gyroscope detects the changes in rotation and sends that data to the reaction wheels. The wheels can then spin faster or slow down to compensate. This all works because of the conservation of angular momentum. These systems do have their weaknesses, namely, you must have at least 3 reaction wheels to maintain full control over the pitch, yaw, and roll axis'. Reaction wheels are also prone to saturation, which is where they spin up to their max allowed speed, and so they can not compensate any further (this can be prevented by having 2 wheels per axis that spin in opposite directions). And lastly you have the issue of gimbal lock, where if the gyroscopes become in-line with each other, the system can no longer detect changes in its position. Also since you have moving parts, the wheels and gyros are prone to wear and mechanical failure. There is a whole host of engineering problems that had to be overcome to make the current hardware as reliable as it is, but nonetheless, having moving parts does have its weaknesses. Hope this helps.
  19. Thanks for the mods @RoverDude I love the feel of the parts, and they blend very well with stock. Now just to spend 10 hours trying to figure all this out!
  20. cancelled, apologies, this account isnt tied with the right email
  21. While there are mods that allow the rover to follow a path programmed to it, namely Kerbal operating systems, in stock you should have your rover as the active vessel while it is moving. I could be mistaken, but the reason why your rovers at the KSC were able to move at all without being the active vessel is because you were within the 2.2km range where physics loads. Not quite sure what else you are asking however, I personally use rovers on smaller bodies where I can have them perform science experiments on different biomes and transmit them back to help fund or develop a manned operation to that body.
  22. My antivirus scans all my downloads but I'm running a full scan to be safe, just seems odd that its a ksp related site, and only pops up on one forum thread that i've found so far.
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