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  1. How to recreate stock textures luminescence/shininess? I know that KSP textures use alpha channel as a luminescence channel. I can extract this channel in GIMP to separate layer. But i can't recreate this in my textures, creating simple alpha channel transparency doesnt work. Do you have any tips on how to create textures with luminescence/shininess like that in KSP stock textures?
  2. Hello, how to create textures like stock ones? Textures that match the style and brightness. Stock textures have some alpha channel or sth in it that makes them less shiny and bright. Is there some way to recreate this?
  3. Is there some problem with Rbs-15 missiles? Terminal radar guidance seems to be broken, missiles flies straight to coordinates without attacking nearby hostile vessel?
  4. Well, it's possible: This mod contains automatic reloading part with plugin: (which works) https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/152916-14xaircraft-carrier-accessories/ But sadly its too complicated- reload is only when refuelling to another vessel and there is no delay between shots. Slightly rewrite plugin from this mod, make reload process only in vessel, not when refuelling, add some options in gui to set delay time and max reload amounts and voilà! But i dont know anything about writing plugins...
  5. Missile rail/launcher with automatic reload and option to set max reloads amount and reload time could be good enhancement.
  6. L0ck0n

    [1.5.X]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    Hi How to use Reloadable Rail?
  7. Hello Is there some way to make part (turret/rotary rack) which works like US Mk-13 launcher (Turret with reload animation)? Maybe whole part is Turret module- thing and under that is rotary rack with animation (after rotation missile is raised to firing position)? Or it's pushing BDA and KSP functionality too far?
  8. Hi, I have animated part imported into Unity (it works in editor). How to make looped animation play automatically in game (after part/vessel is launched), what to put in config, etc? Nvm- i fixed that, just stupid mistake when imporint into unity, clicked wrong thing in animation tab.
  9. I want to make whole ship as one part (including launchers). Only AK-230 turrets are separate parts. Its mainly for optimalization, ships with bigger amount of parts made KSP and CPU cry. Is there some way to change hitpoints and armor value in part config? I'm also using HullBreach for this part so i want to make this thing really hard to completely destroy but relatively easy to sink.
  10. Thx, but i found easier solution. Importing model as fbx makes all animations separated. Importing as .blend file into unity merges animations into one. If you want multiple deploy animations just import these animated parts of model as .blend file and then add these parts to your priviously imported fbx model in objects hierarchy in Unity. Its like 30 seconds of work. Finally made it working, here are some pics: with closed hatches: Launching missile (open hatches, multiple animations) It's still WIP
  11. Hi, i'm working on some custom bda parts. Is there some way to make turret (one single part) with two deploy animations (fbx imported from Blender into Unity contains two animations)?
  12. L0ck0n

    [1.4.5] HullBreach - Making things Sink

    Enterprise from this mod "https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/152916-14xaircraft-carrier-accessories/" is not working with hullbreach for me. I cant find other mod with Enterprise. Could you give link to it?
  13. L0ck0n

    [1.4.5] HullBreach - Making things Sink

    Is this mod compatible with https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/152916-14xaircraft-carrier-accessories/& ? Even with very high "Flowamount" and "Maxamount" values ship is not sinking. But removing this: MODULE { name = FXModuleConstrainPosition matchRotation = true matchPosition = false CONSTRAINFX { targetName = rudder moversName = rudder1 } CONSTRAINFX { targetName = rudder moversName = rudder2 } } MODULE { name = Floatsystem Stability = 500 yaws = 1 yawc = 3 } From Aircraft carrier accesories config makes ship sinkable. Maybe there is incombatibility between HullBreach Plugin and plugin from Aicraft carrier accesories mod? Or maybe there is some workaround or way to make this ship sinking?
  14. L0ck0n

    Heavy part buoyancy

    Is there some way to make really heavy part (with mass like 10000 or more) floating? Maybe something in cfg file?
  15. If i have two cannons in one turret (two firetransform points) and "roundsPerMinute = 1200" in cfg file that means there is 1200 rounds per minute for each cannon (2400 for whole turret) or 1200 rounds per minute for all cannons (1200 for whole turret)?