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  1. To be honest, i don't remember if currently there are any parts that need ModuleManager (xD), maybe some other depedencies require ModuleManager?
  2. Hi, Uploaded new version- 0.2. Many new parts, improvements to textures, geometry, configs, more realistic engines and much more! https://imgur.com/a/Dp74HYm
  3. Hi im looking for tool, calculator (or other way) to change drag cube (to lower drag on part by 50%) DRAG_CUBE { cube = Default, 1.8,0.5595,1.345, 1.8,0.5547,1.345, 1.237,0.9797,0.1647, 1.237,0.3695,4.101, 10,1,0.1006, 10,0.9599,0.7004, 0,-3.278E-08,-0.275, 2.5,4,0.75 }
  4. Yep, xD. Also on stock landing gear there is problem with light texture, its always enabled, even if landing gear is folded , i found that just now xD.
  5. Sorry, , but for me its not working xD. Tested on stock parts too, light color is not changing.
  6. Thx, also one more thing, is there some way to change light color in config file, in ModuleLight?
  7. Is it possible to reference multiple light sources in config file or to add mulitple lights to one object? Sth like: MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = light1 , light2 useAnimationDim = True lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 resourceAmount = 0.03 animationName = lights useResources = True }
  8. Thank you all for your responses! Im quite busy, but im still working on this mod in my free time. So for the next update: some fixes for models and configs (more realistic engines etc) and new models (some jeeps, CUCV and UAZ) and probably ill upload some crafts to KerbalX. Plan for the future: MiG-23 and F-4E - cockpits, parts, intakes, engines (very early WiP). But as i said im really busy so dont expect anything rly soon
  9. ColdWarAerospace Full Album: Version 0.1: https://imgur.com/a/BHRkQ1D Version 0.2: https://imgur.com/a/Dp74HYm Craft files: Depedencies: Required: · BDAnimationModules https://github.com/raidernick/BDAnimationModules/releases · Firespitter (only plugin and sounds are necessary, you can delete rest from Firespitter folder) https://github.com/snjo/Firespitter/releases · ModuleManager BDAnimationModules and Firespitter are used by many parts with cool an
  10. Thx. There are more parts in pack, some f-16 parts like cockpit, blackhawk parts, more cars, some missiles, some ships etc. Its still wip and its in early stage of dev. Some parts require other stuff to work (like BDAC realoadable rail, which is currently broken). I'll see, maybe my parts pack will be released in summer in fully developed, complete form, or i'll release it faster as it is. But not now, there is still a lot of stuff to fix in my parts pack. Also im pretty busy with other things in life, but i really want to release it in best form possible.
  11. Its great, so many new functionalities from this (especially with auto-reload)! Im working on my cold war- themed mod/ parts pack (with stockalike parts and a MANY new missiles/ launchers for BDAc) and reloadablerail module could be used by me to create sooo many new turrets and stuff! Btw here are some early dev photos:
  12. Im looking for some help/tutorials on creating helicopter rotor part using Firespitter plugin (especially FSengineBladed module) in unity- eg. objects placement, rotation, hierarchy, names and maybe cfg file. I've found some videos about creating basic propellers, but they're old.
  13. im looking for some tutorials on creating firespitter parts (like helicopter rotors) in unity- eg. objects placement, rotation, hierarchy.
  14. Yes, and i have many custom parts working in KSP without any problems with textures.
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