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  1. Hi! New version (0.4.1) is out. Added fixes to some textures, model, configs. New - IVA crew portraits. Also: Could you please check if the sky is visible in the IVA crew portraits (bottom right), especially in stock cockpits, because in my KSP there is only black color in place of sky? I don't know if its just my KSP or its a new bug introduced in recent update xD. Its especially visible in Mk1 Inline cockpit. Next update: Il-76 cockpit and cargo parts.
  2. Hello! Im back. With new update! What's new?: New cargo plane parts (with new bulkhead profile!!!), many fixes ( @ColdJ wheels should work properly now), new Mk1 radial parts and (C-141 Starlifter cockpit - WiP - no IVA) and custom bulkhead profiles https://i.imgur.com/6ydM5jp.png (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181645-18-112-custom-bulkhead-profiles-020/ required)! I'm releasing these parts for testing purposes. If they're bug-free and You like them, then in next update I'll release more cargo plane parts (Il-76)! So: Plans for 0.5 update: IVA for C-141, IL-76 parts (WIP), more fixes to iva in many parts!
  3. Everything works fine, description / requirements referred to some very old version of tweakscale. I forgot to change that. Sry, my mistake.
  4. Updated my mod and played some Spintires and DCS in KSP xD
  5. Thanks! Currently im quite busy with some stuff in my life, but in my free time im working on new parts for the next update, some cool cargo plane parts. So in next update probably Il-76 and something american
  6. Hi, Version 0.3 is released! Added some cool new parts, fixed old textures, configs and models! Here is link to album: https://imgur.com/a/Z2aQZs3
  7. To be honest, i don't remember if currently there are any parts that need ModuleManager (xD), maybe some other depedencies require ModuleManager?
  8. Hi, Uploaded new version- 0.2. Many new parts, improvements to textures, geometry, configs, more realistic engines and much more! https://imgur.com/a/Dp74HYm
  9. Hi im looking for tool, calculator (or other way) to change drag cube (to lower drag on part by 50%) DRAG_CUBE { cube = Default, 1.8,0.5595,1.345, 1.8,0.5547,1.345, 1.237,0.9797,0.1647, 1.237,0.3695,4.101, 10,1,0.1006, 10,0.9599,0.7004, 0,-3.278E-08,-0.275, 2.5,4,0.75 }
  10. Yep, xD. Also on stock landing gear there is problem with light texture, its always enabled, even if landing gear is folded , i found that just now xD.
  11. Sorry, , but for me its not working xD. Tested on stock parts too, light color is not changing.
  12. Thx, also one more thing, is there some way to change light color in config file, in ModuleLight?
  13. Is it possible to reference multiple light sources in config file or to add mulitple lights to one object? Sth like: MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = light1 , light2 useAnimationDim = True lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 resourceAmount = 0.03 animationName = lights useResources = True }
  14. Thank you all for your responses! Im quite busy, but im still working on this mod in my free time. So for the next update: some fixes for models and configs (more realistic engines etc) and new models (some jeeps, CUCV and UAZ) and probably ill upload some crafts to KerbalX. Plan for the future: MiG-23 and F-4E - cockpits, parts, intakes, engines (very early WiP). But as i said im really busy so dont expect anything rly soon
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