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  1. DunnoAnyThing

    New KSP fan theory!

    Theory:Not named, they're "titles"
  2. DunnoAnyThing

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    Actually, I don't think anyone related to the Space-industry will be chosen. (not an opinion backed by reasoning, but it's just my feeling..)
  3. DunnoAnyThing

    The Dunatian - 2.4

    Any plans for uploading onto Kerbalx.com?
  4. DunnoAnyThing

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think so too, Tim Dodd would be the most probable one among us.
  5. DunnoAnyThing

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    BTW maybe I lost the part where the refueling method was proposed, did Elon mention anything?
  6. DunnoAnyThing

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    BTW any chance anyone in this forum *might* get a ride? (Just a wish, you know)
  7. DunnoAnyThing

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Decided that I should re-learn KSP(I was too used to using cheats and HE...), so decided to do things that newbies would do(wait, am I really not a noob? I'm not so sure). So, first thing: Mun Landing. Well, it 'does' work...but I think I should think about 'all dat numberz' next time!
  8. @ferram4 The community is continuing your work!
  9. DunnoAnyThing

    Kethane Station Discussion

    So...alive? (Actually wanted to see the whole series, but well...it's the creator who decides )
  10. DunnoAnyThing

    The Truth Can Now Be Told - Under the Rug

    Done a similar thing once, almost got them into believing conspiracy theories. Good luck with it!
  11. DunnoAnyThing

    Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK TWO

  12. DunnoAnyThing

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Yup, plus the DLC. I usually keep game versions up-to-date, but I had kept this (I don;t remember why. Somehow I forgot about it, and found out while sorting files on my PC.)
  13. DunnoAnyThing

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Updated my save to 1.4.5. This save was initially made in 1.3.0
  14. DunnoAnyThing

    Fastest Juno-powered aircraft

    Hmm, still top record's 820m/s... maybe that's the upper barrier?