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  1. Welp it seems like this takes KSP to a higher level. Take My Money
  2. That rocket-assisted launch reminds me of JATO!
  3. Hmm if somebody made a timeline for all the events occurred...
  4. Planning to get back to KSP shortly, so just decided to fly a simple lander to Mun... ...and dropped on Jool(sorry, no photos this time )
  5. I think when this series finish, I might as well print this in a form of a book. BTW where's book one?
  6. Actually, I don't think anyone related to the Space-industry will be chosen. (not an opinion backed by reasoning, but it's just my feeling..)
  7. I think so too, Tim Dodd would be the most probable one among us.
  8. BTW maybe I lost the part where the refueling method was proposed, did Elon mention anything?
  9. BTW any chance anyone in this forum *might* get a ride? (Just a wish, you know)
  10. Decided that I should re-learn KSP(I was too used to using cheats and HE...), so decided to do things that newbies would do(wait, am I really not a noob? I'm not so sure). So, first thing: Mun Landing. Well, it 'does' work...but I think I should think about 'all dat numberz' next time!